8 Tips On How To Make Money From Your Email List

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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One of the best ways to monetize a blog or website is by building an email list. It allows you to reach out to subscribers who are interested enough to sign up for more information.

Today, I received a very interesting question from a reader. He has built a sizable list of email subscribers, but none of them are actually buying anything.

Similar to having traffic to your blog or website. If you are not able to convert them into sales, it means absolutely nothing.

The same applies to have an email list. Sure, you might have a list of over 10,000 subscribers, but what good is it, if you’re unable to make any sales?

In this article, I will be going over some tips to help you make more money with your email list. I will be writing as I think, so this list is in no particular order.

8 Tips On How To Make Money From Your Email List

Tip #1. Establish A Relationship

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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You’ll hear this quite often; the money is in the list. Most internet marketers treat this as a game of fishing. The more fishes they catch, the more money they’ll make.

That’s half true because unlike fishing, you actually have to develop a relationship with your readers (fishes).

The size of an email list is definitely important because the more people you can contact. The more likely you are to make a sale.

However, most people won’t bother opening or reading your emails if they don’t trust you.

They might have taken the first step by signing up for your newsletter, but nobody likes to have products shoved down their throat as soon as you have a way to contact them.

That’s why it’s so important to build a relationship first.

What you should do: Thank them for signing up and reintroduce yourself (establish yourself as an authority).

Also, remind them that you will be sending them emails when you have recommendations or updates (let them know to expect emails from you). *Never spam them!

Tip #2. You Want To Be Consistent, So You Won’t Be Forgotten

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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Most of your new leads will not remember you if you don’t stay on top of them. That’s why it’s important to stay consistent with your emails to remind them of your existence.

First, ask yourself, how often are you going to email your subscribers? Are you consistently emailing them? Because if you email them once every week and all of a sudden stop. They will not likely open your future emails.

Personally, I like to have an automated message sent out to my subscribers on set days of the week to remind them of my latest content.

This allows me to keep in touch with them without having to manually email them every single week.

This is what I do: When someone subscribes to my newsletter, I have a sequence of emails that get sent out automatically with helpful information and tips.

Tip #3. Send Your Subscribers To Different Sources and Make Offers There

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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It’s great to be a good blogger, but it’s even more important to be a good marketer. My recommendation is to send your readers via email to different sources such as the following:

  • YouTube Channel: Here you can provide information on an upcoming webinar that is available for free or relevant information based on your niche.
  • Start A Webinar: If you are in the make money online niche, you can provide information on how they can maximize their earning potential. At the end of the webinar, you can throw in an offer.

The point is, you want to make yourself available everywhere. It helps to build your brand and establish yourself as an authority. An email is important, but what’s even more important is letting your readers know that you are a real person.

Tip #4. Send A Survey To Your Subscribers

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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If you want to know what your subscribers want, all you have to do is ask them! You can sign up for SurveyMonkey, one of the best survey software available.

Once you’ve generated your questions (survey), you can send them out to your email list to see what they want. This allows you to better understand the needs of your subscribers, so you can better cater to them.

Tip #5. Send Them Follow Up Emails (Not Automated)

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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Most internet marketers rely too much on automation. What you should do is, on occasion, ask your readers how they are doing and encourage them to reach out to you if they have any questions.

I’ve had conversations with my subscribers and have helped some of the step-by-step to start their online business. Today, they are no longer my subscribers because they’ve become my friend.

Tip #6. Make Sure You Send Emails Relevant To Your Opt-In Offer

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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This is a no-brainer, but I’ve received emails on swimwear when I opt-in for more information on the latest computer.

When you’re sending out emails that are unrelated to your initial offer, you will get a response from your subscribers, but it’s definitely not a sale.

Do you want to know what kind of response you will be getting from your subscribers?— A click to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

For example, my opt-in page states that I am offering Divi by Elegant Themes to anyone who wants to start a blog.

What kind of response do you think I will be getting if I start sending out emails about losing weight?

Do you think my readers will buy products on how to lose weight? Not probably, absolutely not!

Tip #7. Your Email List Can Expire, Don’t Let it!

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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Your email list is an asset that can help you make money. Unlike regular assets like real estate, your email list can either improve or expire.

Once it’s expired, you will not be able to make much money from it because an expired email list is what I consider dead leads.

That’s why you should never neglect your list and always keep in touch with your subscribers. What’s the point of building an email list, just to let it expire?

Tip #8. Make Offers and Recommendations To Your Subscribers

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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The purpose of your email list is to build a relationship so you can eventually recommend offers such as products and services. It might seem scary at first because you’re afraid that your subscribers will unsubscribe if you start asking them to buy stuff.

Don’t worry because you’re not asking anyone to buy anything. You’re only recommending and it’s up to your subscribers to decide whether they want to buy it or not. If you never offer products and services, you would never make money online.

What you want to do is, promote an offer or recommendation in some of your emails. However, that doesn’t mean you should tell your readers to buy everything you promote. Instead, you want to educate your readers to help them make an informative decision.

In Conclusion

And that concludes my 8 tips on how to make money from your email list. If there’s one thing in common for all of my tips, it is to always work for your readers. 

Everything you do should be for the benefit of your subscribers and not just the money. The money is simply the result of your effort in helping your community.

I hope this short article was helpful! If you have any questions or need further assistance. Please leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you out.

How To Make Money From Your Email List
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If I were to start a blog, should I get a free email list provider or a paid one like AWeber?