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Welcome to my Perpetual Income 365 Review 2021. Are you wondering if Perpetual Income 365 a scam? Can you really succeed in affiliate marketing using Perpetual Income 365?

Is there truly a secret Netflix algorithm to make perpetual income every month? Most people are under the impression that making money online is simple and requires no prior knowledge. That is partially true! 

In this Perpetual Income 365 review, I will break down exactly what Perpetual Income 365 is all about. Hopefully, I can help you make an informative decision before you invest in Perpetual Income 365.

Perpetual Income 365 Review
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About: What is Perpetual Income 365? It is platform that teaches its members how to make money online through affiliate marketing. 

Price: $47.00 per month with lots of upsells.

Pros: Very beginner friendly and saves you a lot of time from building on your own. 

Cons: I don’t like done-for-you systems. First, you don’t learn anything and you’re depending on an outside source to help make you money. Which means you don’t have the same control as when you build everything on your own.

Verdict: Overall, I don’t recommend Perpetual Income 365 for those who really wants to learn how to do affiliate marketing. But they do offer a 60 day money-back guarantee if you want to try it. 

Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam?
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Overall, I am not a big fan of Done-For-You systems. Perpetual Income 365 happens to be one of them. Personally, I won’t use them since I prefer to build my own website from scratch.

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What Is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is a platform that allows its users to make money online through affiliate marketing. 

It’s biggest eye-catching claim is on its landing page, “How Ordinary People Are Manipulating This Secret Netflix Algorithm To Make Perpetual Income Every Month.”

Perpetual Income 365 is a done-for-you system. Which means you don’t have to do much in terms of getting started. Simply pay the cost and most of the steps are done-for-you.

The Perpetual Income 365 package consists of 2 (done-for-you) landing pages, web hosting, an email followup sequence that lasts for 31 days, and lastly a solo ad traffic guide.

The creator of Perpetual Income 365 is Shawn Josiah, he claims that his system can help you generate income every month without prior experience. Now that is a very bold claim to make especially in the make money online industry.

However, based on his experience as a 7-figure earner in affiliate marketing, I’d say he is pretty credible for what he knows. Unfortunately, being in the make money online industry myself, it sounds far too simple and should be taken with a light grain of

How To Get Started With Perpetual Income 365

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First, you are required to sign up for ClickBank (an affiliate network) and purchase email marketing service from GetResponse. Once both services are purchased, you can connect them to your 2 landing pages. Once you’re done, you can begin promoting your done-for-you websites from Perpetual Income 365.

Next, you’ll need to pay for your own traffic. Similar to other done-for-you systems, they are not designed to drive organic traffics from sources like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Perpetual Income 365 will recommend a few solo ad traffic services and the cost will vary anywhere between $40.00 to around $100.00 per 100 website visits.

Paid traffic is the quickest way to generate traffic, yes, but the quality of the traffic is what matters most. Places like Google, Facebook, and Instagram offer targeted ad services.

You see, even if you are getting traffic to your website, it won’t help you generate an income if they are not interested in your offers.

Let’s say in the perfect world, you get visitors to visit your landing pages and opt-in after finding interest. They will be automatically redirected to the Perpetual Income 365’s sales page.

If they make a purchase, which will cost them $47.00, you’ll receive a 50% commission per sale so that’s $23.50 with barely any effort.

What if someone doesn’t buy? Remember your landing page is also used to get people to subscribe to your email list. Your subscribers will receive email campaigns (done-for-you). That way if they didn’t buy at first, the email campaigns are designed to entice them to buy in the future.

What I Like About Perpetual Income 365

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First of all, writing 31 days’ worth of email sequence is a lot of work. I’ve done it many times, but my only recommendation is to modify the email sequence that you are provided to make more unique. Overall, the free email sequence will save you a lot of time.

Secondly, I kind of enjoy having landing pages built for me. That alone will save the majority of the work and get you going toward promotion immediately.

The Perpetual Income 365 has an easy to understand dashboard. For beginners, the simplicity of Perpetual Income 365 will help them understand how to use their system. It also comes with a short introduction video for each step.

And lastly, I like how Perpetual Income 365 is a ClickBank product, which means you are entitled to a 60-day money-back guaranteed policy. This is just in case you don’t find any value in products promoted on ClickBank.

What I Don't Like About Perpetual Income 365

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First, I’m sure you know this by now, I don’t really like Solo Ads. You don’t know the quality of these traffic sources and it’s literally a gamble. What if they don’t buy? You’re basically hoping that you’re spending money to acquire this traffic to make a profit.

Secondly, you won’t learn much from the Perpetual Income 365. Since the majority of Perpetual Income 365 is done-for-you. What if Perpetual Income 365 goes away? Even though it seems like a decent product, but you never know.

I would never recommend someone to place all of their eggs in one basket. Also, promoting something that you know nothing about just to make money is not the way to go.

Another thing I don’t like about Perpetual Income 365 is being blacklisted if you claim a refund. Perpetual Income 365 is a ClickBank Product, so you are entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee.

I guess he does it to prevent people from abusing the system since it is a digital product. There’s no way he can take back the information that is given after purchase.

But still, someone who claims a refund is probably not interested in the product, to begin with. So in my opinion, blacklisting them will do nothing. And blacklisting a buyer for a refunds claim is not something I typically see from a seller.

How Much Does Perpetual Income 365 Cost?

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There is no set cost when it comes to Perpetual Income 365. It all boils down to how much you want to spend. The more money you spend on acquiring traffic, the more money you can potentially make. Again, there’s no guarantee here.

But based on what I do know:

Perpetual Income 365 Fee: $47.00 per month

GetResponse Email Service Provider: $12.00 per month (30-days free trial available)

Solo Ad Traffic: $40.00 to around $100.00

The cost of operation is not low, but if you are successful at generating sales, you can cover the cost of operation per month. But keep in mind, you’ll probably need to earn over $100.00 per month to do so.

Perpetual Income 365 Bonuses

According to Perpetual Income 365, they offer bonus materials that are worth around $997.00

Bonus #1: Recurring Revenue Master Plan

The recurring revenue master plan is a 25 page eBook that is designed to teach you how to earn $200.00 per month through recurring income.

Bonus #2: Tiny Subscriptions, Big Profits

The Tiny Subscriptions, Big Profits is a 17 page eBook that teaches you how to gain huge profits from tiny assets like your tiny email list.

Bonus #3 – Income Commander

Lastly, the income commander is a 63 page eBook that teaches you how to make money online with zero knowledge.

Upsells To Be Aware Of

Like many online businesses, upsells are what keeps them sustainable. However, I don’t agree with all upsells because it all comes down to the quality.

Perpetual Asset ($127.00): This will allow you to install 5 extra landing pages. This is a good option especially when it comes to testing which pages are the most effective.

5 Clicks Profit Activator ($197.00): This will enable you to customize your landing pages to give it a more unique feel. I wish this was free though and it should’ve been.

Email ATM ($297.00): The Email ATM will re-write your email sequences, automatically cloak your affiliate links to avoid your emails being listed as spam. It will also instantly broadcast your emails to your subscribers.

I’d say as long as you cloak your affiliate links and ensure that you’re providing relevant information to your subscribers, you’ll be fine doing it on your own using GetResponse or other email service providers. The Email ATM is just insurance.

The Perpetual Income Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • Perpetual Income 365 is not too expensive compared to many make money online products.
  • It is extremely easy to understand what to do even for beginners.
  • Perpetual Income 365 is a risk-free program since it is covered under the 60-day money-back guaranteed policy.
  • There is no email sequence creation on your part since it is done-for-you.
  • Saves you time from building your own landing page.
  • No need to pay extra for website hosting!

The Cons

  • Solo Ad Traffic is questionable when it comes to quality leads.
  • You won’t learn how to create your own sustainable online business.
  • If Perpetual Income 365 goes away, so will your income.

In Conclusion

So far, it doesn’t indicate to me that Perpetual Income 365 is a scam. But keep in mind, there is no guarantee in success when it comes to making money online.

Personally, I prefer to put in the effort to build my own platform and foundation. However, if you are not up for building your own, then Perpetual Income 365 is a great option for you.

Perpetual Income 365 is absolutely risk-free to try since they do offer a 60-day money-back guaranteed policy. My best recommendation is to try it out for yourself and if you don’t like it, request a refund.

Every choice we make in life is a risk, sometimes you just have to take the risk to get the greater gains. I hope this Perpetual Income 365 is helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you out.

Perpetual Income 365 Review
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