Consistency Is The Key To Online Success

Consistency Is The Key To Online Success
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Since I launched Smart Affiliate Hub, I’ve been averaging 1 blog post per day. It wasn’t always like this though! It wasn’t until February 2018 when I decided to stay consistent with my blogging frequency. It’s definitely something that I regret not doing from the beginning.

I did a case study between my blog and my friend’s blog. We both started around the same time… well, I started about 2 months before he did. My blog currently gets approximately 30x more traffic than he does because I consistently publish new content.

In my opinion, consistency transcends to other parts of your online business. You want to be consistently growing your email list. You want to consistently push out new blog posts for your readers. You want to consistently build a relationship with your readers. You want to be consistent with increasing your income.

Consistency Is The Key To Online Success

If you take a look at Facebook or any business out there. If the founder was not consistent with building the business. Do you think he or she would have succeeded?

Facebook was not built overnight. It was built over a long period of time with people who were willing to consistently update it to better their user experience.

The same applies to your online business. At first, your online business will be far from the business that you had in your mind.— Legitimate online success is a marathon, not a 50-meter dash.

Why You’re Not Successful Yet

Well, if you’re not at the level of success that you desire. You must reflect on what you’ve been doing so far. Are you consistently putting in the hours each day doing income producing activities? Are you allowing others to distract you from reaching your goals?

You see, it’s not your fault because the internet is filled with distractions. For example, sometimes I would catch myself watching a YouTube video or reading tweets on Twitter. However, I am pretty good at staying focus and tuning out those time suckers that doesn’t do me any good.

Good Platform Paired With Consistency = Success

Most people fail to make money online and that’s the truth. I am not going to sugar coat the truth about this industry. However, it’s not because making money online is a scam. It’s because most people start off without knowing how to do it.

Not only that, there are lots of get-rich-quick schemes, so when people find real ways to make money online. They don’t want to work for it. Take my recommended platform for example. If you are willing to go through the training courses and apply what you’ve learned consistently on your blog. You will eventually become successful.

The problem is, most people have a hard time staying consistent. I am definitely one of those people, so it really comes down to how badly do you want to succeed?

Are You Willing To Work Consistently For Free?

I remember telling myself that I will work out 5 days a week for the next half a year. I pretty lost track and gave up after 2 weeks. Hence, why I’m still not physically fit.

Hopefully, you don’t have that kind of attitude toward making money online. My blog made pretty much nothing for the first couple of months.

When I first integrated Google AdSense to my blog, it made a nice $0.07. Nowadays, I don’t really use Google AdSense on my blog. As a matter of fact, I might turn it off completely soon.

Working for free is the price you’ll have to pay at first, but it’s worth it because once you’ve become an authority in your space. You’ll start making money in your sleep.

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Are you willing to work consistently toward your goal? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Kind Regards,

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Consistency Is The Key To Online Success
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4 thoughts on “Consistency Is The Key To Online Success”

  1. hi eric chen. very good advice. i can see you are very consistentt with your blog post. good job eric chen.

  2. This is very useful for anyone who is looking to start a business online and for people that already have a business online. Too many people have shiny object syndrome these days, they choose one opportunity after another and never really give their current business the necessary time and attention to succeed. You are absolutely right that consistency is the key to success. You have to put in the work if you want to succeed. Even though in the beginning you are putting in the endless hours for free, but eventually it will pay off. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Hong,

    I certainly have the shiny object syndrome at times too! Luckily I stuck with my blog and ignored other distractions. I rather succeed at doing one thing rather than failing and becoming the jack of all trades.


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