How to Find People to Write for Your Blog

How to Find People to Write for Your Blog
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There’s only so much you can do on your own when it comes to blogging. Not only are you trying to come up with content ideas and actually writing the blog posts. You’re also trying to market your blog posts to reach out to a larger audience. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day, so how much can you actually accomplish on your own?

That’s why if you look at the Huffington Post, they have multiple writers generating new blog content on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, they produce thousands of blog posts per day. This makes the Huffington Post the biggest blog in the world!

Well, I’m in no way telling you to be the next Huffington Post, but many successful bloggers are beginning to outsource for writers. This allows them to grow their blog more efficiently. By dividing the job, the founder of the blog can now spend his or her time marketing it.

In this article, I will go over some tips to help you find people to write for your blog! Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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Tips To Help You Find People To Write For Your Blog

Tip #1: Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to find experts in all fields. It allows people to introduce themselves, list their experiences and expertise, as well as networking. It’s a great way to seek out potential content writers. If you’re not a regular LinkedIn user, chances are, your friends are using it regularly. Ask your friends and have them suggest people to you.

Tip #2: Ask Your Friends

It’s easy to find content writers, but it’s not easy to find someone you can actually trust and rely on. After all, your blog is your money maker. Would you trust and jeopardize your business with some random person? Can you trust a random person to produce high-quality content consistently? That’s why I always recommend asking your friends first.

Tip #3: Use Forums and Niche Related Communities

There are many experts out there who have great knowledge, but lacks a website. You see, not every expert have their own website, so why not collaborate with them? Forums and communities are great places to seek out these individuals. They’re obviously happy to share their knowledge, so why not give them a voice on your blog?

Tip #4: Search For Related Blogs

When searching for potential bloggers, why not find them on other people’s blog? Search for a blog that is related to your own, so you can find bloggers that talks about the same thing you talk about. While you’re at it, you can also get a taste of their work before you reach out to them. Take their work as a demo, so you can rule out the bad bloggers.

Tip #5: Allow Guest Bloggers

There are many people who started as a guest blogger and eventually became a long-term blog author. If you allow guest blogging on your blog, do consider giving out opportunities to those who are doing a great job producing high-quality content consistently.

Tip #6: Check Your Blog Comments

Some comments you receive are from actual bloggers. In every blog, there’s always someone who is incredibly knowledgeable and produces well-written comments. Why not reach out and see if he or she is interested in collaborating with you?

Tip #7: Offer A Job

If you plan on paying your co-authors, why not tell people that you’re hiring? A simple search on Google will give you information on where you can hire these writers. Fiverr is one of them, but do read everything because I have had some poor experience on another one of my websites. That’s why I produce all of my content here on Smart Affiliate Hub.

If you run a sizable blog or email list. You can reach out and offer opportunities to your readers. Also, another thing to keep in mind!

In Conclusion

Searching for a co-author is like searching for a partner. You’ll run into people who you are not compatible with and that’s okay. Simply move on until you find the right ones.

In the case of blogging, it’s all about finding someone who is willing to meet your demand and produce high-quality content on a consistent basis.

Do you have a special criterion for your bloggers? If you do, what do you look for when it comes to qualifying someone to become your additional blogger?

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How to Find People to Write for Your Blog
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