How To Build An Authority Blog

How To Build An Authority Blog
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Do you want to learn how to build an authority blog? With millions of blogs on the internet, having authority will help differentiate yourself from others.

Whether you’re trying to make money online or to build an audience. Having an authority blog will accelerate the end result. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is An Authority Blog Or Website?

An authority blog or website is a trusted information source on the internet. It usually comes with lots of traffic because the search engines rank them highly.

Here are a few common traits for an authority blog or website:

  • Many visitors both new and returning.
  • High-quality content (blog posts, videos, etc)
  • Many user engagements such as likes and comments.

I’m sure you know a few authority blogs or websites with the above traits. Are you ready to build your own authority blog or website?

How To Build A Blog Or Website With Authority

Centralizing your focus is the key here. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin and that’s why most blog or website authorities focus on a specific niche.

For example, let’s say your niche is about the best basketball on the market. Your content (blog posts, videos) should focus on the best basketball on the market.

Once you have your website set up (start a blog using my free course), you want to create content that caters specifically to people who are interested in your niche.

You’ll also want to update your website or blog with content frequently because search engines are always looking for the latest content.

Choosing Your Domain Name is an important decision to make in the early stages of your blog. You certainly don’t want to have a domain name like abc223e.zy

What I recommend is something short and easy to remember. It’s even better if it can give an idea of what your website is going to be about.

High-Quality Content is the core of your website or blog. Even if your blog is beautifully designed, without content, it’s nothing but an empty shell.

Remember, quality is always going to outclass quantity. A common misconception that I hear from beginners is that you want lots of content. That’s partially true, but what you want is quality as well.

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If you write High-Quality Content that actually helps people. You are more likely to get recommended and your articles are more likely to get shared. Results are as follows:

High-Quality Content » More Organic Traffic » Higher Search Engine Ranking » More Potential Revenue

How Often You Should Blog Or Add Content

I personally try to add an article once a day, but sometimes I do skip a day to rest my mind. However, I do recommend adding a new article or content once every 2 days to keep your website updated.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in your blog or website. If you don’t think you can consistently publish one new article per day, don’t do it.

Stick with a blogging schedule that fits you!

The more time you’re willing to put into your website, the faster you will see the results. Let me give you an idea of what my schedule is like!

My Schedule

I work at a car dealership for a minimum of 9 hours (5 days a week). Once I get some downtime, I would go on the computer and work on Smart Affiliate Hub.

During my lunch hour, I would eat while working on my website (no time wasted). Even after work, I’m working on my website until 1-2 am in the morning, sometimes even up to 5 am.

It’s not really healthy, but working on Smart Affiliate Hub is something I enjoy doing.

Thursdays and Fridays are my days off from work, so I dedicate these 2 days working on my website at home. Most of you would consider this as no life, but I see this as using my time wisely.

Most of my friends are working on Thursdays and Fridays anyway, so instead of staying home and watching YouTube. I choose to be practical and focus on my website.

Depending on your niche, there are lots of areas you can cover, such as reviews, places to get these products for a deal, etc!

In other words, consistently add new content for your audience to help them solve their problems.

How Adding Contents Can Help Build Authority

The more content you have on your website, the more keywords that you’ll potentially rank for on search engines. This will help you generate more organic traffic.

You will start to build and gain authority, once you start gaining more traffic and showing the search engines that you are constantly providing value in the form of content to your audience.

We all start from zero, but you will have more of an advantage if you actually follow through with what this article says versus someone who has no idea how to get started.

Let’s use my website for example on how content helped me: was established on October 16, 2017 – I was Google indexed after 2 days of publishing my articles and Google AdSense approved after 14 days.

I wasn’t getting any significant amount of traffic at the time, but I was slowly seeing an increase in visitors. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve an increase in traffic if I didn’t consistently add content.

Buying Traffic Instead

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Have you thought about purchasing traffic instead? If you are looking to apply for Google Adsense in the future, this is going to affect your approval rate because Google does NOT like fake traffic.

One of the best legitimate ways to gain traffic, rank higher, and gain authority is by writing High-Quality content.

I’m going to be very straightforward here… if you are not patient and expect to make money right away. Online Business or any type of business would not work for you.

You need to first build your foundation, offer your services, gain viewers, maximize your exposure by gaining authority on the search engines, and then you can start earning a lucrative income after it’s all said and done.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you! If you have any questions, please contact me personally or leave a comment below.

How To Build An Authority Blog
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