Why Making Money Online Is Easier Than Ever

Why Making Money Online Is Easier Than Ever
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I would never have predicted that my future career would be on the internet. In fact, I lost hope for making money online after wasting countless hours completing online surveys years ago.

Fortunately, I grew up in the internet era. I was exposed to such technology at a very young age, so it wasn’t hard for me to learn the technical aspect of starting a blog.

At first, my family wasn’t too convinced that it is possible to make money working from home. Which I don’t blame them because they are accustomed to getting an education, working a job, and climbing up the corporate ladder. As a matter of fact, most of them have never used a computer before.

Not that there is anything wrong with working a standard 9 to 5 job. It’s just that I feel the need to explore my options and possibilities.

The fact that the internet is such a crucial part of our life now. Making money online is also easier than ever. Here are some resources that have made it so much easier and why you should get started today.

#1. WordPress

WordPress is a widely used platform for website owners and bloggers alike. When I thought about creating a website in the past, you had to learn HTML, CSS, etc.

With WordPress, you can create beautifully designed websites through themes and plugins. It’s astonishing how much the internet has evolved.

Smart Affiliate Hub was created back in 2017 and ever since I’ve never touched a single line of codes. The content management aspect of WordPress is absolutely fantastic.

That’s why I never tried to use blogger.com because you don’t own the domain name which means they have the right to shut down your website leaving you with nothing.

#2. Email Marketing Services

Having an email list is like having a virtual ATM. Now we are all accustomed to sending out emails to our friends, clients, etc. But what about an email list with 100s of thousands of email addresses?

Are you going to manually dispatch an email to all of them? Are you going to track who has opened and who has not? What about writing follow-up emails that get sent out according to how long they’ve been a part of your email list?

Just thinking about doing it manually gives me a massive headache. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it manually because there are email marketing service providers like AWeber.

With services like AWeber, you can now set up sales funnels, automated email sequences, list segmentation, and much more.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

Thanks to the evergrowing internet, companies are now offering paid commission programs for marketers to bring them, customers.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to deal with inventory, stocking, customer service, etc.

What you do need is the right content, paired with affiliate links, and the right audience. Let’s say someone is searching for a new refrigerator and you happen to have written an article or made a video on YouTube about refrigerators.

You’ll earn a nice commission if someone checks it out, clicks on your unique affiliate link, and buys.

With many companies including Amazon offering their own affiliate program. You can promote just about anything you can think of and generate a nice income that can potentially replace your full-time job.

 #4. Online Payment Processor

Taking payments online is now easier than ever. One of which that I’ve used since the beginning is called PayPal. There’s a lot of love and hate for their services, but you should be fine as long as you’re legitimate.

Even if you can’t use PayPal, there are other services that accept international payments. And since you’re making money online, you’ll be able to receive money from people all over the world.

#5. Become A Freelancer

Can’t bother managing an online business of your own? There are services that allow you to earn a side income by providing your services to business owners.

I have a friend who is a great graphics designer, so if a company is looking for a new logo, he would be able to take care of that.

Whether you’re a good graphics designer, web designer, voice actor, video editor, writer, etc. You can find yourself a job by becoming a freelancer.

To maximize your earning potentials, you should set up your own website, but if you’re brand new and looking to increase your reputation. I recommend working for companies like Fiverr to get your feet wet.

Just Get Started

Regardless of which approach you take. The key ingredient to making money online is to just get started.

Nothing happens until you make the first move. So if you’re interested in doing what I’m doing. Feel free to download my eBook on affiliate marketing.

Due to the barrier of entry (low starting cost), it is extremely competitive, so it’s better to get started soon rather than later. Especially with so many tools and options available, there are just no excuses.

If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you out!


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Why Making Money Online Is Easier Than Ever
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