What You Can Learn From The Coronavirus

What you can learn from the coronavirus
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The coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted every part of the world in both health and finances. With most people out of a job, it is crucial that you learn from this crisis. That’s why I decided to discuss what you can learn from the coronavirus in today’s article.

In the next few weeks, hopefully, things will turn over a new leaf and the governments around the world will be able to bend the curve. However, how prepared are you when it comes to returning to your normal life?

What Will Happen To Most People

Returning back to work will help end the financial struggle to a certain extent. But let’s face it, how many of us actually enjoy our job? In fact, every time I mention the word job, I hear complaints. Earning peanuts while helping someone else build their empire.

Here in San Francisco, California, many people are living paycheck by paycheck. Mostly due to the cost of living in the bay area. But what about bad spending habits? I’m for one, a culprit for having occasional bad spending habits.

Lastly, after being unemployed for months, many will continue life and eventually forget about the hardship that the coronavirus has brought upon them. What most people fail to realize is the need to prepare for the future.

How many of you have saved up a substantial amount of money for events like the coronavirus? How many of you were prepared for it?

How The Coronavirus Can Make You A Stronger Person

It is okay to not be prepared for the coronavirus or other natural disaster. But it is not okay if you don’t learn from such an event and better prepare yourself for the future.

It is time to learn a new skill and to build a side hustle. No, I’m not asking you to start a blog or make any purchases through my affiliate offers. I understand that not everyone is compatible to start a blog, you need to enjoy writing.

Even working as an Uber or Lyft driver on your day off is better than staying home watching television. (Ps. I am not being sponsored by Uber or Lyft. I am just providing an example).

Ridesharing jobs are flexible, so if you’re too exhausted from your regular job. You can simply take a break and resume your job as a rideshare driver whenever you’re fully rested.

Most importantly, your side hustle can help add money to your emergency funds. Money that you won’t touch unless it’s for an emergency.

My Message To You

Follow your government’s order and do your best to contribute to your community by protecting yourself. Whether it is to practice social distancing or shelter in place.

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, I noticed many college students ignored social distancing. It’s totally reckless, arrogant, and irresponsible.

Nobdy is immune to the coronavirus. Even though you’re young and might not die from it. You have to consider those in your family. I’m sure many of us have elders living at home.

You don’t want to be the reason why someone in your family passes. Partying can wait, but the life of your loved ones cannot be replaced.

Another message I want to share with you again is to fix your finances if you are financially struggling during this crisis.

Yes, eventually the coronavirus will be a thing of the past. But history has proven that eventually a new pandemic or natural disaster will strike again.

Lastly, don’t overstock, but keep a good amount of face masks, disinfectants, hand soap, hand sanitizers stored.

That way you don’t have to panic buy when you actually need them. Most stores will be sold out when that happens.

With that said, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Stay home, play video games or start a side hustle.

We will get through this together and hopefully learn a few things from this incident and better prepare ourselves for the future.

What you can learn from the coronavirus
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