What Is Hit and Run Affiliate Marketing?

hit and run affiliate marketing
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Most people fail to make money online because they follow a basic affiliate marketing model known as hit-and-run marketing.

Before we even dive into more details, let me just state that hit-and-run affiliate marketing does NOT work.

In this article, I will go over what hit-and-run affiliate marketing is and what you really should be doing instead if you want to be successful at making money online.

What Is Hit and Run Affiliate Marketing?

Well, first of all, I would like to give credit to John Chow for coming up with this term. He is definitely one of the best internet marketers I have ever seen.

Anyways, a good way to explain the hit-and-run affiliate marketing model is by comparing it to gambling at a casino.

You put your money on red or black in a casino’s roulette.—There’s no guarantee that you will win, but there’s a CHANCE.

For internet marketing, the person who is executing the hit-and-run strategy is doing the following:

  • Choosing an affiliate offer. It could be a product from Clickbank or ShareASale.
  • Next, you send traffic to the sales page using Google or Facebook ads.
  • Finally, you’re hoping that the traffic that you’ve sent converts into customers.

Here’s a perfect world scenario for you:

After spending $5,000.00 on ads, you’ll generate $10,000 in gross income with $5,000.00 in profit. Sounds great right?—Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

Why Hit And Run Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work

hit and run marketing does not work
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Reason #1. The Customer Doesn’t Belong To You

The reason why hit-and-run affiliate marketing does not work is because the customer doesn’t belong to you. You’re basically spending money to make a sale, but the customer belongs to the advertiser.

Typically, you will earn what internet marketers call, the front end sale. Basically, you make that initial sale, but anything else the advertiser sells afterward does not belong to you. You see, the real money is in the sale after the sale.

Reason #2. You Must Pay To Play

Since the whole hit-and-run affiliate marketing business model is based around paid advertisement. You’ll have to either pay for Google or Facebook Ads, solo ads, or other means in order to generate leads to the affiliate offer.

In order to stay profitable, you must set aside a budget that you are willing to spend per day, week or month. This is not a sustainable business model because most people DON’T profit from this approach. Therefore, once you run out of money, your income stops as well.

Reason #3. You’re Hoping To Make Money

HOPE is not a good business model or mentality. You don’t hope to become rich overnight. You don’t hope to become successful in your field. You must take action if you wish to succeed with anything in life.—Leave the hoping to gamblers and lottery players.

That’s why I don’t like the idea of hit-and-run affiliate marketing. It does NOT work, but some people are promoting this method as a way to make money fast.

Reason #4. You Are Competing With The Advertiser

When you’re setting up your ads, you have to keep in mind that you’re also competing with the actual advertiser. For example, website hosting service providers.

If you create a banner ad on Google for Hostgator, how much money can you afford to pay per click and still stay profitable?

Whereas Hostgator themselves can afford to spend much more than you because they are going to make money on the back end while you will only make whatever is in the front. That’s what I mean by the real money is in the sale after the sale.

Oh Wow, What I Should I do Instead?

Big Tip For You: Create your own customer base if you want to build a long-term sustainable business.

Instead, you should be focusing on building your own brand. Instead of throwing money into the ocean. Why not use that money and invest in yourself?

If you take a look here at Smart Affiliate Hub. I don’t do paid advertisements very often. Instead, I put my focus on developing my blog and creating new content for my readers like you!

This allows me to build relationships with my readers. If I have something to recommend to them such as a product or service. They are more likely to take my advice.


If you want to be successful at making money online. Stop focusing on making money.

Instead, focus on how you can help your readers while promoting products and services that you trust.

Are you interested in doing what I do?

Build A Website Like Mine!

Start your online business journey by learning from the exact platform that taught me everything I know.

A Proven Affiliate Marketing Model That Works

Get the hit-and-run mentality out of your system and absorb the information on a proven affiliate marketing model that works!

  • Purchase a domain name and set up your blog.
  • Sign up for an email marketing service such as AWeber.
  • Select an affiliate offer(s) that is relevant to your niche.
  • Create email sequences or automatic follow-ups when someone signs up for your newsletter.
  • Create a lead magnet to capture your reader’s email address (your proposition needs to be amazing!).
  • Set up a newsletter on your blog or create a squeeze page that offers your lead magnet.
  • Send traffic to your squeeze page via Google or Facebook Ads (alternative below).
  • Build your email list over time by creating helpful content that ranks on search engines like Google.
  • Once you have your email list set up, let the autoresponder work for you.

The Benefits of An Email Autoresponder

The purpose of your email autoresponder is so you don’t have to manually contact every subscriber. The point of working from home is to live life with more freedom. I don’t want to spend hours and hours of my day sending out emails. Imagine if you have a subscriber list of over 100,000 emails?

If you are interested in building your own customer base, I’d recommend that you sign up for the 30-day free trial with AWeber. It’s the same provider that I used to maintain my email list.

In Conclusion

If you want to be a successful internet marketer. It is important that you focus on building your own brand and your customer base.

You must think like a true business person. You don’t want to have a customer once! You want to have repeat business and that’s how businesses stay in business.

Don’t Forget To Sign Up!

Get your 30-day free trial with AWeber. Start building your email list now!

Let me know if you agree with me!

Kind Regards,

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hit and run affiliate marketing
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