It’s All About User Experience

It's All About User Experience
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It’s all about user experience. Whether you’re experienced or a complete newbie to making money online. You will come across this term as you build your online empire.

It makes sense since you are catering to people, so it’s all about giving your audience the best experience possible. Otherwise, they will look elsewhere which is a culprit to poor conversion rates.

It all starts with having a solid website to navigation. In this short article, I will go over what you need to do to your website to better your user experience. Not only will this benefit your audience, but you will also maximize your conversions whether it is to collect a lead or to generate a sale.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Make Your Website Blazing Fast

Gtmetrix Smart Affiliate Hub
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Source: GTmetrix

The load time of your website is a huge factor considered by search engines like Google. With a blazing fast website, it can help your website rank higher in search engine result pages.

How fast is your website? Check it out using Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insight, GTmetrix, etc. If your website loads under 3 seconds, then you’re in good shape! However, if it takes longer than that to load, Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insight, GTmetrix do offer tips on how to improve the speed of your website.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

mobile friendly test
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Source: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

With more and more people accessing the internet via mobile devices, it is important that you optimize your website for mobile users. Just because your website looks awesome via desktop, doesn’t mean it is for mobile devices.

Due to the size of mobile devices, you can’t have the same display as you would have on a desktop. Fortunately, most premium WordPress themes are designed for both desktop and mobile devices.

Good news is, there are free tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. This tool will give you details about your website on mobile devices. If there are any errors, it will also provide you with solutions.

Visualize Where Your Visitors Click

Visualize Where Your Visitors Click With Heatmaps
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You can’t assume how your visitors navigate your website. You can’t assume that it is user-friendly just because software or tool tells you that it is. I recommend checking out tools that offer heat maps to help you visualize where your visitors click.

With heat maps, you can see where they are clicking and if they are scrolling down to elements that you want them to click. Keep in mind that your website should be easy to navigate. The harder it is for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. The more likely they are to leave and never return.

Keep Your Website Simple

keep it simple
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A complicated website = frustration and confusion for visitors. Double check your website and survey your viewers for their unbiased opinion on what they think of your website.

Sometimes we get distracted by trying to make our website look super fancy, but we often over-do it. I’m a culprit for this in the beginning and even to this day, I am still optimizing my website and removing things that clutter my website.

Also, how is your content formatted? Are you using proper headings, subheadings, etc? Simply keeping your paragraphs short and easy to skim makes it a far better experience for your visitors.

In Conclusion

How is your website doing in terms of providing an amazing user experience? Most of your competitors are probably optimizing their website for user experience, so it’s no longer an option for you.

Having a blazing fast website that is optimized for mobile devices and easy to navigate will go a long way. Whether you are working on better your website or creating content. User experience should always be a priority if you want to increase your conversion rate for either leads or sales.

If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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It's All About User Experience
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