How To Promote Your Blog When You Have No Money!

Welcome to my article on how to promote your blog when you have no money! Did you just started blogging and can’t afford to pay for traffic? As a new blogger, you’re not going to have the same budget as an established online business.

You see, many already established online businesses can afford to spend thousands or even millions of dollars per year to market their website. 

Fortunately, for small bloggers like myself, there are alternative ways. That’s why in this article, I am going to show you how to promote your blog when you have no money!

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How To Promote Your Website
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Step #1. Create Social Media Accounts For Your Blog

Get started now and create Social Media accounts for your online business. This allows you to grow your audience-base outside of your online business.

Most people who have a smartphone will have access to some sort of Social Media. It will allow others to share and promote your content with their network.— You’ll be surprised by how many people your articles can reach if people start sharing them!

Step #2. Consistently Post Your Content On Social Media

Whenever you finish writing a blog post or publish a new YouTube video. The next thing you should do is post it on your Social Media accounts. Let your audience know that you’ve created new content and they should check it out!

When you share your content on Social Media, it redirects Social Media traffic back to your website. It takes about 30 minutes or so of your time and you will definitely see an increase in traffic.

Social Media traffic doesn’t convert nearly as well as organic traffic, but it’s extra traffic that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Step #3. Join Relevant Groups And Communities

Head over to your Social Media platforms and join communities that are within your niche. Most people will tell you to promote your content whether it is text-based or video-based by sharing it with your followers.

That’s only part of it! What you should do is not only share your content but also leave comments and interact with others. I mean, that’s the purpose of Social Media right?

Oftentimes, you will find people asking questions that are related to your niche. My best word of advice is to answer them!

Show your audience that they are important to you. By doing so, they will more likely visit your website which increases traffic and potentially sales conversion.

One of my recommended places to share your knowledge on practically anything is a website called Quora.

All you have to do is go to their website and search for something that is relevant to your niche. You can leverage their traffic by answering questions that are commonly asked related to your niche.

This will allow you to establish yourself as an authority!

Alternative To Social Media

How To Promote Your Website
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When you first start your online business, Social Media might not be your strong point because you don’t have a large enough audience-base. That’s okay! It takes time to build anything worthwhile.

This is what I recommend, while you’re growing your Social Media, do continue to perform the 3 steps I provided you above. Also, at the same time, join forums related to your niche.

You can do a simple search on Google such as “Losing Weight Forum” and you will find a decent list of communities that you can join for free.

The goal is to increase your online presence. You want people to know about you. You want people to talk about you. When someone has a question related to your niche.

You want people to know instantly that you’re the person with the website that has the answers.

Optimize For Both Search Engine And People

How To Promote Your Website
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SEO is not the fastest way to get traffic to your website, but the traffic you get converts very well. You are competing with thousands of other websites similar to your own.

In order to take advantage of free organic traffic through SEO, you must-have content for the search engines to rank.

Now to add-on to SEO, the content that you produced should also be focused on delivering value to your readers. Search engine sents bots to your website to gather information.

People are the ones that consume your content. So if your content is solely-based on pleasing search engines, you will fail.

In Conclusion

As you can see, regardless of what you decide to do to promote your website. There is one key component that you MUST have. The answer is content.

The purpose of your content is to answer questions or solve a problem that your audience may have. Without quality content, you will have nothing to show and that means no traffic.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll have the knowledge of promoting your website for free at your disposal.

So why do people pay to promote their website? The truth is, paid traffic is way faster than Social Media or SEO.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave them below and if you find this educational, do share it on your Social Media accounts and help Smart Affiliate Hub grow!

how to promote your website for free
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