Free Content Vs Paid Content – Vanessa Lau

Free Content Vs Paid Content

A business is not a charity. – Vanessa Lau. How much free content should you give away before charging? As a content creator, is it going to cost you money if you’re giving most of your information away for free?

By the way, I am not getting sponsored by Vanessa to share her video. I’m just a strong believer in sharing is caring especially when it’s good information.

Indeed, a business is not a charity, but as stated by Vanessa. The more generous you are with your content, the more leads you can attract back into your business.

This is exactly how blogging works. You create free content that entices people to sign up for your newsletter.

Your newsletter can then bring subscribers back. Whether it is to showcase your latest blog post or to promote an affiliate offer that you can earn a commission for.

Your free content says a lot about your business. If your free content is below average, chances are, your paid content will only be average.

Anyways, do watch the video because it contains a lot of great information!

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free content vs paid content
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