6 Steps To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

6 Steps To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur
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To become a successful entrepreneur requires a great deal of dedication and hard work. There’s no magic bullet that allows you to obtain overnight success. If you take a look at the most successful entrepreneurs, they all carry similar characteristics.

They all have the passion, mentality, and determination to become successful. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you will have to think like one. In this article, I will share with you, 6 steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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6 Steps To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Step #1. Ask Yourself Why You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

why do you want to be an entrepreneur
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Before you do anything, you must first give yourself a reason to do it. How are you doing financially right now? Do you want to make more money?

Well, it’s obvious that you want to make more money otherwise you wouldn’t even consider in becoming an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, how much money do you want to make (be realistic)?

While you’re asking yourself that question, take out a notepad and write down the things that you want to achieve in life. It can be your dream car, fancy home, private airplane, island, etc.

For me, I just wanted to make enough money, so I can spend more time with my family. Whatever the reason may be, you want to write it down so you know exactly why you want to become an entrepreneur.

Step #2. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Don't reinvent the wheel
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I remember watching YouTube videos of highly successful entrepreneurs. I wanted to be just like them! I want to be able to afford the things that I desire most in life. So the question is, how do I become successful like them?

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, why not do what they do? I’m not that smart, so I’m not going to be able to come up with new inventions. If I try to reinvent the wheel, I would never get started.

Let’s use your local business owner for example, why do you think there are so many options when you’re searching for a restaurant to dine in? That’s because people are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They are focusing on what works and pursues it.

If you are passionate about something, chances are, you can start an online business that relates to it. For example, I like blogging and I heard that people can make money online with a blog, so what did I do?—I started a blog.

Step #3. Do Whatever It Takes To Make It Happen

do whatever it takes to reach success
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During the beginning of my venture, I was working 9 hours per day, sometimes way over that. It was a struggle at first, but I wanted to be successful so I was doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

To this day, I am still trying my very best to provide a new blog post for my readers on a daily basis. Rarely would I skip a day or two unless I have a family emergency. Even then, I have a plan set up to ensure that my blog produces a new blog post every single day.

My advice for you is to batch your work, so you don’t have to worry about producing new content every single day.—When you read this article, it’s most likely written a couple days ago.

Note: I am not implying that you should blog every single day or work as hard as me. You don’t want to overwork yourself because you’ll eventually burn out. Do take breaks if you need it! Listen to your body(:

Here are some additional tips to prevent yourself from burning out:

  • Take breaks whenever you need it! I usually give myself half an hour in between articles. This gives me plenty of time to relax, so I don’t overdo it.
  • If you’re running out of content ideas, step away from your computer and do something fun! This will help clear your mind and the ideas will come naturally.
  • Dedicate a space for work! I have a set up in my bedroom, so whenever I’m tired. I can easily lay in bed and take a quick power nap.
  • Reward yourself for your hard work! Similar to giving treats to your pets. You should give yourself a reward for your accomplishments. Psychologically, it motivates you to work even harder next time.

Step #4. Have An Open Mind To Learning

always be open to learn more
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No matter how successful you are, there will always be someone more successful. You don’t want to be stubborn because it will prevent you from reaching higher levels of success.

I remember working for a company when I was 18 years old, I quickly climbed the ladder to management simply because I was open to learning. Whereas most of my older co-workers were stuck because they’re not open to learning. They believe whatever they do is the only way.

Don’t allow yourself to get into that phase because you will miss out on lots of opportunities. I get emails all the time from my readers and sometimes I would learn a thing or two from them even though they’re the ones asking me questions.

Step #5. Avoid Having The Shiny Object Syndrome

avoid the shiny object
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Regardless of what you do, there will always be new opportunities and you’ll find yourself stuck in the cycle of failure if you give in to every single one of them.

After I joined my recommended platform, people in the same industry were telling me about alternatives that are better. I did end up giving one a try but quickly realized that it was actually preventing me from becoming successful.

So in the end, I decided to stick with my recommended platform because I liked their training and transparency. If I gave in to the alternative, it would’ve deviated my journey to success.

Note: I’ve heard stories of people wasting thousands of dollars because they were constantly searching for something that claims to be better.

Here’s a little scenario for you:

  1. Bob decides to buy a product that teaches him how to make $300.00 per day on auto-pilot.
  2. Bob tries it out for a day or two, but then something else caught his attention.
  3. Bob found another product that teaches him how to make $1000.00 per day on auto-pilot.
  4. Bob was intrigued by this product and decides to buy it as well.
  5. The cycle of buying the next best thing continues and in the end. Bob spent thousands of dollars, but have yet to recoup any of the money back.

Not only did Bob spent thousands of dollars. It was on products that provided false claims! I do review how to make money online products, so you can learn how to identify scammers online by clicking here.

Tip: Forget about the next best thing! You don’t want to be the jack of all trades. Focus on one thing and succeed at it first before you try something new.

Step #6. Never Wait Until Something Is Perfect

perfection is stagnation
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The truth is, nothing is perfect in life and you’ll never succeed if you’re too focused on perfection. For example, when I first started this blog, it was complete garbage. Even to this day, I am still improving my blog to make it better.

Your focus should be to get in front of your customers as soon as you can. Even though you’re not perfect, you can always continue to improve over time.

That’s why companies like Google and Facebook constantly updates their platform. They know it’s not perfect otherwise they wouldn’t have to do anything.

As a consumer, I would much rather do business with a company that is always trying to improve rather than a company that never improves because they feel like their company is perfect.

Forget about perfection, just continue to be better and improve the experience for your customers (:

In Conclusion

The 6 steps above means absolutely nothing if you’re not open to take the advice. Hopefully, you learned something new and I’m sure that I have not covered everything possible. If you have additional tips, my readers and I would be honored to hear from you.

If you have a quick moment, please share your tips and secrets with us by leaving a comment below!

Kind Regards,

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6 Steps To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur
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