Your Online Business Needs A Website And Here’s Why

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Today, a friend of mine asked if he could start his online business venture by simply utilizing Social Media. I thought it was a great question and that’s why I decided to turn it into a blog post.

Whether you want to open an eCommerce store, become a freelance writer or a professional blogger, I believe that your business needs a website and in this article, I will go over exactly why!

Social Media Is Great, But You Have No Control Over

The internet is the modern way of communication. With Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you can really put yourself out there and get lots of attention.

Social Media is great, but you have no control over it! Therefore, depending entirely on Social Media to run your business is very risky.

A Social Media Platform Can Disappear At Any Moment

Let’s think ahead and imagine that the Social Media platform that you used to build your multi-million dollars online empire shuts down.


Let’s say that the Social Media platform decided to change its rules. Before, your business was extremely profitable, but now you’re taking a huge loss in your revenue.

What do you see in common between these two scenarios?— The answer is, you have no control over it.

Use Social Media, But Don’t Depend On It

Again, I am not saying you should shy away from using Social Media because it’s a big part of increasing your online presence and getting your name and your brand out there.

What you should not do is have Social Media be the center of operation for your business. Instead, make it so Social Media becomes a funnel that channels people back to your website (where you have control).

Your Website Is The Foundation Of Your Online Business

With a website, you can now do a bunch of things that you normally wouldn’t be able to do with Social Media alone.

  • You are not bounded by the rules of Social Media, so you are free to do your business.
  • You can also offer products and services directly on your website.
  • Your website is the face of your business, so it’s a great tool to build value.
  • You can run a blog to take advantage of content marketing which brings in traffic organically through search engines.
  • You can now build your own email list which helps with repeat business.
  • Most importantly, your website is all about your business.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to having your own website. It’s not free like Social Media, but can you tell me any other businesses that only require the cost of a domain name ($15.00/year) and web hosting cost ($5.95/month) to get started?

Setting Up Your Website Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Good news is, you can get your domain name plus web hosting from the same location. Right now, my blog is hosted by HostGator. Let me know if my website is running slow for you because I’ve been trying really hard to optimize my website for speed.

Hostgator offers a 1 Click WordPress installer making it very easy to create your own website or blog. If you want to have a fast website (better for rankings and user-experience). I suggest that you choose WordPress Hosting because it’s faster and it comes with an easy to understand control panels to help you manage your website.

If you have any questions on how to set up your website, feel free to send me a message via Contact Us and I’ll do my best to help you. Or you can simply reach out to HostGator’s Live Chat. I usually get my answer within 5 minutes from them.

Kind Regards,

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