Your Job Is Going To Be Replaced By Automation

Your Job Is Going To Be Replaced By Automation
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Today, I was watching an ancient Chinese movie where men would use a rickshaw to transport their clients from place to place. This really got me thinking about how technology has changed the entire world.

Ever since technology started becoming a huge part of our life. The machine has always triumphed over the human. That’s because a well-engineered machine is far more accurate, efficient, precise, and cost-effective than the human counterpart.

The car has now replaced the rickshaw and the calculator has been replaced by the abacus (a counting frame used in China, Europe, and Russian). The list goes and on. It’s undeniable that there are plenty of things that human does better, but slowly, we are losing our status in the job industry.

The Current Job Industry Is In Jeopardy

Right now, most machines still require a human to operate. However, as technology continues to grow, fewer people are needed to man these machines. Eventually, it can be fully automated. If you think about it, we are not far from that because the car manufacturers are partially automated such as putting parts together, welding, and painting.

Eventually, all it would take is a small handful of experts and engineers to oversee the operations from these fully automated machines. This is far more cost effective and efficient because you don’t need to pay these machines a salary, medical benefits, etc. Also, the machines won’t complain about taking a break and be able to work around the clock.

Let’s say the machine does the painting and sanding. What does this mean for the painters? Well, they will be out of a job because they won’t be needed anymore.

Mc Donalds Are Using Self-Serve Kiosks

Just a few days ago, I went to Mc Donalds to buy breakfast and to my surprise, they now have self-serve kiosks which you can use to place your order. The cashiers are still there, but it’s a matter of time before they replace the cashiers completely.

According to Mc Donalds, they are not planning to replace people’s job with automation, but to open the doors to other opportunities such as table service. But who knows what the future says about it.

The next time you go to Mc Donalds, do see if they have installed the self-serve kiosks.— What this means for Mc Donalds is that they don’t have to pay a worker $10.00-$15.00 per hour when a machine can do it for much less!

The Same Will Happen To Other Jobs

Right now, in the auto industry, electric cars and autonomous driving are hotter than the hottest volcano. It’s only a matter of time before Uber, Taxi, Lyft etc start replacing their drivers.

Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick has already stated that his long-term goal is to have self-driving cars doing the work instead of actual drivers. Even big corporations are recognizing the future of jobs. That’s why you should take it seriously too.

What Does This Mean For The Make Money Online Industry

Well, it’s a little different when it comes to making money online. If you are selling a product or service, you should ask yourself if it can be automated.  For example, if you offer an SEO Audit service, do consider that people can simply create scripts to automatically audit websites without a human. (This already exists such as SEOptimer).

Even though automated SEO audit services are not perfect or as precise as an expert. But it’s free, so most customers wouldn’t mind using the free product rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on an expert. That means if you are offering SEO audit services, you’re going to lose lots of potential customers.

Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers Will Flourish

People read blogs and product reviews for real opinions. Ones that are not generated by the computer and that’s why automation cannot replace actual writers.

On October 11, 2018, I reviewed a product called Spin Rewriter. It’s supposed to help you rewrite content that you’ve found on the internet. Now the problem with such a product is that it can never generate content like a human because a computer has no feelings.

Why do we read from certain authors? Its because we like his or her writing style. That’s why some authors would sell out their books almost immediately while others would have their book sit on the SUPER DEAL counter collecting dust.

As a blogger or an affiliate marketer, you will always have a place in this industry because people will always shop as long as money is relevant. It makes sense because why do we need money? To buy stuff.

With the internet, more people are shopping and doing research before making a purchase. As a blogger or affiliate marketer, you can make money by reviewing and recommending products and services. For example, if I’m in the market for a refrigerator, I would check out refrigerator reviews to see what the experts think about it.

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That’s all for now! Hopefully, you learned a thing or two from this article. If you have any questions, comments, or concern. Please leave a message down below and I will try my best to help you out!


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Your Job Is Going To Be Replaced By Automation
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