Writing To Wealth Review 2021: A Real Work From Home Opportunity?

writing to wealth review
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The pen or in this case, the keyboard is stronger than the sword. No longer can you build an empire with just a sword in hand. However, with a bit of creative writing, you can grow a blog of your own and make money online.

However, can you really make money with the system called Writing To Wealth? Or is it another useless product designed to drain your wallet?

I’m going to start us off by saying that I’ve never had to pay to get a job. So anything that sounds job-related, but requires payment first is a no-go in my opinion.

That’s not to say that you can’t find writing jobs online. In fact, there are legitimate websites that you don’t have to pay to get started. After all, they’re the ones looking for writers and you’re providing them with your service.

In this article, I will try to provide you with a detailed review of Writing To Wealth and whether or not I recommend them as an opportunity.

Writing To Wealth Review 2021

Name: Writing To Wealth
Website: http://www.writingtowealth.com/
Price: $34.00
Owners: Unknown
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Writing To Wealth – Product Overview

In a nutshell, Writing To Wealth is a website that provides you with a list of available writing jobs where you can earn as much as $300+ per job. Each writing job will vary from writing blog posts for blog owners in need of this service or writing short articles.

Jobs are updated daily which also includes holidays and weekends, so there’s always something to do to make money. They also provide you with a bonus package:

writing to wealth bonus package
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I’ve never used software to do research or to write my articles, so I’m not too excited about their bonus package. After all, doing the research yourself will better your understanding of the subject.

And without proper training, you’re better off venturing off to the following websites to find writing jobs for free:

Just to name a few these are all legitimate websites that you can become a writer for free. There’s no reason for you to buy a job, so to speak.

The Horrible Truth About Writing To Wealth

The truth to the matter is, Writing To Wealth is only there for your money. They don’t provide you with training on how to write, search engine optimization, keyword research, etc. All they’re providing you with our online writing opportunities that you can find for free.

As a blog owner myself, I wouldn’t hire someone who knows absolutely nothing about writing blog posts. To prepare yourself, you should at least understand the basics such as keywords, internal and external links, etc. Otherwise, your potential clients will not become returning clients.

On top of understanding the basics of writing online, your reputation will also be considered an important factor. When you sign up for different writing platforms to perform your job, you will be labeled as a newbie. So why would someone hire and pay you top dollars when they can find a more experienced writer?

The point is, you can definitely earn money from writing jobs, but not as much as Writing To Wealth claims. First, you will need to build your foundation on each writing platform. This is why having proper training is so important.

So Is Writing To Wealth A Scam?

I’ve concluded that Writing To Wealth is not a scam. But I am not pleased with their style because it makes you feel like you can make money quickly and easily. When in fact, writing content for someone else requires proper training, time, and practice.

It’s not like writing an essay for class. People are willing to pay you money because they’re expecting the content that will rank and drive traffic to their website.

You can certainly make some money with Writing To Wealth. Do keep in mind, that in order to qualify for any writing jobs, you will have to apply for them. If the person hiring decides that you don’t qualify then you won’t get the job.

It’s pretty much like applying for a job in the real world. You’ll have to submit your online resume (work that you’ve done in the past). Here’s why: Plagiarism is serious and nobody wants to hire a content writer that copies from other bloggers and risk getting penalized by search engines.

So even though Writing To Wealth is not a scam, I still don’t recommend it because, without proper training, you’ll find it difficult to land a job. So why spend $34.00 when you can find jobs for free?

Why Writing For Yourself Is Better In The Long Run

So the disadvantage of writing for yourself is that you won’t get paid as quickly. However, like a regular job, writing for someone else will limit what you can earn.

When I write a blog post for myself, it won’t generate that initial income, but it does pay me over time because it’s my content. Whereas, if I were to write for someone else. I would only make that initial income and nothing after.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

writing to wealth review
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