Will Jobs Get Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?

Will jobs get replaced by artificial intelligence
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It’s quite scary to think that our jobs might eventually get replaced by artificial intelligence! For most working class, this is a serious threat and should not be taken lightly. Will jobs get replaced by artificial intelligence?

After all, job security is what helps people bring home money to live. But in my opinion, most industries are not safe from artificial intelligence.

I faintly remember watching movies as a child about robots, flying cars, automated services, etc. It all seemed so distant and unrealistic at the time, but it’s coming sooner than I could’ve ever imagined.

Many of those Sci-Fi televisions have successfully predicted the future! It’s quite exciting and scary if you ask me. Most recently, I watched a movie called I, Robot with famous actor Will Smith.

What caught my attention was the USPS delivery person; a robot! Even though it was only in the movie for a split-second, it really stuck to me.

Australia is testing their robot mail man! Click here to learn more!

Is your job at risk? I found an interesting website that gives you statistics on whether your job is at risk! Click Here To See If You Are At Risk!

Are you worried about losing your jobs to machines and robots? Well, you should because we are deemed inferior in the discussion of humans versus machines/robots.

Why are robots/machines superior to us humans?

It’s quite simple, they have no pain, more efficient, more precise, does NOT take breaks, and much more cost-effective compared to humans.

Don’t you think we are there yet? Check out this video:

The robots and machines are not advanced enough to replace most of us yet, but it’s getting there. It’s undeniable that most of us are at risk of losing our jobs.

Did you know, we’ve been using machines this whole time? Yup, you’ve operated a piece of machinery if you’ve been a farmer, construction worker, etc.

We as humans wield these machines to help us with our daily tasks. At this moment, most machinery requires human operation because it can’t do anything without an operator.

What happens when the operators are replaced by robots? You lose your job of course!

As technology continues to develop and advance, fewer people will actually have a job. This is happening everywhere even games!

Yup, check out gaming, for example, people utilize bots to gather resources and to advance their character statistics. It is much more efficient than having a person to manually do it.

Here’s another example, what is a HOT TOPIC on cars? Auto-pilot, auto this, auto that!

One day, we will see cars driving around on its own picking up passengers and replace Uber, Lyft drivers entirely! — My prediction(:

shopping online
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In my opinion, the internet is considered a digital robot that is slowly replacing jobs!

The internet is a great place to find entertainment, to shop, to do research, and just about pretty much anything. Most major retailers are slowly closing their shops to compete with online shopping giants like Amazon.

It makes sense because shopping online is a convenience! Instead of spending hours at a local retailer searching for the thing you like. You can get it online. The only thing you lose is the experience of walking around at your local shopping center.

There are jobs out there that are considered safe from losing their jobs to robots and machines. You’re probably safe If you are a nurse, doctor, sports coach, singer/songwriter, cosmetologists, etc. — Unfortunately, most of us aren’t in those industries.

Does that mean you’re doomed to failure? Absolutely not. You can prepare yourself now and plan ahead for the future to protect you and your family.

When things go bad, you find ways to overcome it. You use the negative side of things and turn it around and make it positive. A good example would be, internet shopping.

What is the point of having money? To buy things of course! Shopping will always be around because we don’t get things for free. When we want something, we spend money to get it.

You can plan ahead now and prepare yourself by becoming an affiliate marketer.

When you shop online, what do you usually do before actually buying the product? For most people including myself, I like to do research to make sure it’s exactly what I want.

There are many variants to a product. For example, when you want a laptop, there are hundreds of different models and specs for you to choose from.

That’s why you do internet research before you buy it.

What you can do to secure your finances is by becoming an authority figure that informs people of products that they are researching for. Learn more about affiliate marketing.

It’s easier said than done, so how do you become an affiliate marketer?

First, you must create your own website because you need to establish a presence. You want people to know about you and you need a place to promote products and services. That’s how you’re going to make money.

I have a recommended platform that provides you with the necessary tools to succeed. You don’t need any prior knowledge with website building and hosting because that is taken care of for you AUTOMATICALLY.

You still have to do manual work through such as creating your website name and adding content to it.

Before you begin, I want to clarify that my recommended platform is not a way for you to get rich fast. If you are looking to make lots of money in a short period with little to no effort; it’s not for you.

It takes time to build authority on the internet, so you can create and add content to your website while you are working on your current job. — I don’t recommend quitting your job right away because you’re going to come back and blame me for it.

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Will jobs get replaced by artificial intelligence
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