Will Jobs Get Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?

Will jobs get replaced by artificial intelligence
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It’s quite scary to think that our jobs might eventually get replaced by artificial intelligence! For most working class, this is a serious threat and should not be taken lightly. Will jobs get replaced by artificial intelligence?

After all, job security is what helps people bring home money to live. But in my opinion, most industries are not safe from artificial intelligence.

I faintly remember watching movies as a child about robots, flying cars, automated services, etc. It all seemed so distant and unrealistic at the time, but it’s coming sooner than I could’ve ever imagined.

Many of those Sci-Fi televisions have successfully predicted the future! It’s quite exciting and scary if you ask me. Most recently, I watched a movie called I, Robot with famous actor Will Smith.

What caught my attention was the USPS delivery person; a robot! Even though it was only in the movie for a split-second, it really stuck to me.

Australia is testing their robot mail man! Click here to learn more!

Is your job at risk? I found an interesting website that gives you statistics on whether your job is at risk! Click Here To See If You Are At Risk!

Are you worried about losing your jobs to machines and robots? Well, you should because we are deemed inferior in the discussion of humans versus machines/robots.

Why are robots/machines superior to us humans?

It’s quite simple, they have no pain, more efficient, more precise, does NOT take breaks, and much more cost-effective compared to humans.

Don’t you think we are there yet? Check out this video:

The robots and machines are not advanced enough to replace most of us yet, but it’s getting there. It’s undeniable that most of us are at risk of losing our jobs.

Did you know, we’ve been using machines this whole time? Yup, you’ve operated a piece of machinery if you’ve been a farmer, construction worker, etc.

We as humans wield these machines to help us with our daily tasks. At this moment, most machinery requires human operation because it can’t do anything without an operator.

What happens when the operators are replaced by robots? You lose your job of course!

As technology continues to develop and advance, fewer people will actually have a job. This is happening everywhere even games!

Yup, check out gaming, for example, people utilize bots to gather resources and to advance their character statistics. It is much more efficient than having a person to manually do it.

Here’s another example, what is a HOT TOPIC on cars? Auto-pilot, auto this, auto that!

One day, we will see cars driving around on its own picking up passengers and replace Uber, Lyft drivers entirely! — My prediction(:

shopping online
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In my opinion, the internet is considered a digital robot that is slowly replacing jobs!

The internet is a great place to find entertainment, to shop, to do research, and just about pretty much anything. Most major retailers are slowly closing their shops to compete with online shopping giants like Amazon.

It makes sense because shopping online is a convenience! Instead of spending hours at a local retailer searching for the thing you like. You can get it online. The only thing you lose is the experience of walking around at your local shopping center.

There are jobs out there that are considered safe from losing their jobs to robots and machines. You’re probably safe If you are a nurse, doctor, sports coach, singer/songwriter, cosmetologists, etc. — Unfortunately, most of us aren’t in those industries.

Does that mean you’re doomed to failure? Absolutely not. You can prepare yourself now and plan ahead for the future to protect you and your family.

When things go bad, you find ways to overcome it. You use the negative side of things and turn it around and make it positive. A good example would be, internet shopping.

What is the point of having money? To buy things of course! Shopping will always be around because we don’t get things for free. When we want something, we spend money to get it.

You can plan ahead now and prepare yourself by becoming an affiliate marketer.

When you shop online, what do you usually do before actually buying the product? For most people including myself, I like to do research to make sure it’s exactly what I want.

There are many variants to a product. For example, when you want a laptop, there are hundreds of different models and specs for you to choose from.

That’s why you do internet research before you buy it.

What you can do to secure your finances is by becoming an authority figure that informs people of products that they are researching for. Learn more about affiliate marketing.

It’s easier said than done, so how do you become an affiliate marketer?

First, you must create your own website because you need to establish a presence. You want people to know about you and you need a place to promote products and services. That’s how you’re going to make money.

I have a recommended platform that provides you with the necessary tools to succeed. You don’t need any prior knowledge with website building and hosting because that is taken care of for you AUTOMATICALLY.

You still have to do manual work through such as creating your website name and adding content to it.

Before you begin, I want to clarify that my recommended platform is not a way for you to get rich fast. If you are looking to make lots of money in a short period with little to no effort; it’s not for you.

It takes time to build authority on the internet, so you can create and add content to your website while you are working on your current job. — I don’t recommend quitting your job right away because you’re going to come back and blame me for it.

Did you enjoy this article? Please share this with your friends and other online marketers who are interested in securing their finances and becoming an affiliate marketer.

Do you have something to add to this article? Please kindly leave a comment on the comment section below.

Will jobs get replaced by artificial intelligence
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26 thoughts on “Will Jobs Get Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?”

  1. FANTASTIC! I am so glad that someone out there is covering this topic. It is scary but far to real and people need to understand it. Thank you for the infomative post. Do you have any other suggestions for taking advantage of the power of the internet giants to create income?

  2. Hello Hammer11B,

    There are many ways you can make money using the internet. Allow me to name a few for you: Monetizing through Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, become a YouTuber, Drop Shipping using Shopify, creating your own eCommerce website in addition to your existing local retail business, Freelance writing, graphic designing, online tutoring just to name a few popular ones.

    Personally, I prefer affiliate marketing simply because of how inexpensive it is to start, but it does take quite some time to start generating money. That's why I recommend beginners to keep their jobs and work on this at home.

    It's better to be ahead of the game when artificial intelligent finally takes over most of the jobs.

    Kind Regards,

  3. This article is really an eye opener for me and I can't help but agree how true and amazingly scary how it is going to be. We have seen the revolution of convenience stores slowly being replaced by vending machines, and even car park attendants being replaced by autopay machines. I have never thought about cars being auto-pilot, picking it up its own customers. It is a scary thought but not something that can't happen in the future. Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best options we have right now as a backup for our day to day jobs. We can't risk worrying and starting to find for a backup only on the day that we did lose our job. It will then be too late.

  4. Hey Eric!

    The pace at which technology is moving forward is crazy. That video of Sophia the robot freaked me out and fascinated me the same time haha. It looks light something from a Sci-Fi movie, but it's already here.

    You are definitely right, this is one reason for getting in to affiliate marketing I had not considered before. I've always seen a 9-5 job as a false sense of security anyway, since you can be made redundant at any time without any warning. And then what? So having an online business (or a business in general) is a way of taking control of your life and finances.

    Great article, keep them coming!

  5. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this article because there is so much information and detail about whether machines will replace people's jobs. Using the internet, there is a lot of job replacements already! I like your hypothesis about robots driving people, it made me think a lot. Lastly, I believe there will be jobs for humans obviously, but artificial intelligence is going to boost the economy. Thank you for sharing this information!

  6. I like the way you stated that jobs are at a possible risk of being lost. Yes I did see i,Robot, and seen the usps robot. I was wondering with the robots doing everything, someone was getting paid for their work. So, having an online job as in a blog gives a great way to express yourself, share your ideas and experiences.

  7. Hello lasnow01,

    I don't believe robots will complete take over completely. There will still be jobs out there such as engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. I prefer to plan ahead and protect myself and my family. 

    The one thing that would never go away is the desire to shop or buy something. Unless money becomes obsolete, bloggers and internet marketer will always have a way to make money.

    The internet marketing or blogging industry is highly competitive and only a small percentage makes a ton of money. 

    The reason why is because those people have developed their own brand, they have their own email list of people who are interested, and they have climbed up the ranks of search engines.

    The online is filled with shoppers and people who are searching for things to spend their money on. It's our job to inform them of products and services. If you don't go for the gold, someone else will. 

    Have you decided to start a blog or website of your own?

    Kind Regards,


  8. Hello Marques, 

    Thank you very much for your input! You are absolutely right, there will be jobs for humans, but it will be very limited. Maybe with the introduction of robots actually replacing human jobs, we will find alternatives to work for money. 

    However, I don't really like the odds of competing with robots because they are far more efficient than I am without a doubt.

    Shopping will never go away unless money becomes obsolete, so making money online is a great way to ensure your finances. It's definitely not easy though, but there's no job out there that's considered easy.

    The good news is, you have an endless opportunity to make money online. You're not getting paid on a salary, you're getting paid for your work.

    Have you decided to start your own blog or website?

    Kind Regards,


  9. Hello Nic,

    Thanks for your input! The internet has always been a gold mine, but most people are unfamiliar with how to do it. I remember playing online games as a child and there were players creating private servers and charging kids like myself for perks and rewards.

    Now check out the big names for shopping! Everybody is starting an online eCommerce store because they have to compete with online giants like Amazon. They are all looking for affiliates to generate more business, so why not become one and take a piece of that golden pie?

    It is inevitable that artificial intelligence will be a part of our economy at some point. Those who takes matter into their own hands and prepare themselves will be very successful. 

    Have you decided to start your own online affiliate marketing business?

    Kind Regards,


  10. Hello Kenny,

    I agree completely with you! Personally, I like the idea of having robots work for us, but that's because I'm lazy. However, the reality is... what happens to our jobs?

    Growing up, I was watching a lot of Sci-Fi televisions and most of the things shown, I told myself, that's never going to happen. Guess what? It's happening and some are already here such as the rolling floor at airports. I forgot which cartoon it was, but they were depicting that in the cartoon when didn't actually exist at the time.

    It's time to stop lying to ourselves and plan ahead. You can create an online business while working your regular day job if you're afraid of not generating enough money in the beginning.

    I remember working my day job 8 to 9 hours per day and going home to work on my website for another 5 to 6 hours. It's do-able, but it depends on you.

    Have you decided to start your own online business?

    Kind Regards,


  11. Hey nice article, i do agree with the whole robots taking over jobs aspect, i recently left my full time factory job of 6 years to pursue other things because i wasnt happy. Online jobs seems to be popular if you are able to keep at it and succeed. im really hoping that i can turn a career out if this in the near future, keep up the good work with your site!

  12. Interesting and very actual subject. Of course, we can't compete with robots in many areas but humans are still indispensable. Finally, human are still creating robots and not vice versa. How very true that convenience is an important factor in shopping. I wonder if it is a question of laziness or effectiveness. However, what impressed me most is the way you lead us to affiliate marketing. It was very smooth and by end of your post, I got hooked and ready for affiliate marketing. Excellent work!

  13. Very informative article. And also I feel strange to think the way in which revolution and evolution are taking place. I think, time will come when there’ll be no need for human to performs works. Everything will be on auto-pilot basis. This is good as well as bad.
    Anyway, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn legitimate online income. It involves low investment and it’s ideal for anyone. For now, we should not think about 2050. Think just for present and work towards it.
    Thank you.

  14. Artificial intelligence and machines will replace your jobs a title that many people are already afraid of.

    I can see doctors who waste people's time in waiting rooms being impacted by this also.

    Not to mention everything else that isn't creative or critical being offset by a system so technologically advanced that people will only be responsible for staying out of the way.

    What's even more fascinating is when chips start being implanted to give people super brains that change us from being easily killed and able to adapt at a much higher rate.

    But machines that do affiliate marketing won't be here tomorrow so take advantage of this asap.

  15. Great article Eric.

    Robots and automation is going to be the future meaning a lot of people are going to find it hard to make a living when their jobs get replaced.

    The robot mailman is a good example of what to expect.

    People should really consider your suggestion and learn how to create a website and their own business.

    What would be some good products or markets to get into with affiliate marketing?

  16. This is what I wanted to find! I am glad that you covered this topic! In my opinion, that is pretty scary! That so called robot "Sofia" is the first step to destruction of this planet! If anyone read the Bible know that this is not good at all. I dont want to think how many robots will be created for the next 5 or 10 years and it is truth that someday robots will get over humans, unfortunately!

  17. Hello Daniel, 

    Thanks for your feedback! Personally, I rather plan ahead for myself because nobody knows what will happen in the future. At the moment, I enjoy writing for this website and I enjoy educating people with my findings. It's really a win win situation for me(:

    I don't want to be kicking tires and regretting when the time actually comes. That's why I recommend people who are serious about creating a long-term career for themselves to consider running an online business. 

    The results are slow, but check out Facebook for example. They didn't achieve success overnight. It's the countless trials and errors that made them who they are today. 

    Have you considered starting your own online business?

    Kind Regards,


  18. Hello Chris,

    Even though robots will replace most jobs. I am still a bit optimistic about the whole situation. Maybe when the day finally arrives, there will be alternative jobs for people who were replaced by robots. 

    Personally though, the word maybe is not very promising. That's why I decided to build an online business instead. Who knows, maybe robots will replace us. Maybe it won't! 

    One thing that's for sure is the desire to shop and spend money. There's so many things to buy, but we don't always have the money for it. 

    Whether you are currently an educator, construction worker, lawyer, or a fast food restaurant employee. There's never too much money to be made. 

    Have you considered starting your own online business?

    Kind Regards,


  19. Hello Eric,

    Thanks for your feedback! Very interesting point you brought up about implanting chips to give humans super brains. I've actually never thought about that! 

    Affiliate marketers will be around for as long as shopping and money exists. The internet has changed the world in terms of getting information, educational research, shopping, etc. 

    That's where we come in! We are the providers to our respective niche audience. We deliver information that they seek. 

    It's definitely beneficial to start sooner rather than later. Building your website and gaining authority is a time process; a marathon. 

    The longer you wait, the more competitive it becomes.

    Are you considering in starting your own online business?

    Kind Regards,


  20. Hello Himbru,

    I don't think humans will be completely replaced, at least not in my life time haha. What happens is when robots completely replace humans, we wouldn't be able to generate money.

    Money is what keeps the economy flowing. If there's no money to spend, it will ruin the economy. 

    For the meantime, I much rather prepare myself by securing my position on the internet, so when worst come to reality, shopping and money should still be around. When that happens, I will still be needed and will still be making money.

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, but not the only way. However, like you said, it is the most affordable way to get started as a beginner. It can definitely generate you some sizable income if done right.

    Have you decided to start your very own online business?

    Kind Regards,


  21. Hello Alex,

    You are absolutely right! Humans will always be needed because who's going to maintenance these robots, who's going to create them and work out the bugs and glitches?

    The one question that i asked myself when writing this article was, what is the point of making money?

    I mean, we all go to work for a reason... it's money! Why do we need money? So we can spend it. As long as shopping and money is part of our life. Affiliate marketing will always be a powerful career to generate handsome income. 

    I'm glad you're ready for affiliate marketing. Have you already started on your own website? If you need any help, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

    Kind Regards,


  22. Hello Justin, 

    Wow, that takes a lot of courage to leave a job of 6 years! However, it's probably best that you look for a career change if you're not happy. 

    Making money online is definitely one of the most popular and sought after. Who doesn't want to live their dream life? Waking up whenever you want without having to answer to a boss. Working at the comfort of your home. Waking up in the morning to realize that you've made money while sleeping. The list goes on and on... 

    Before you get started, I want to give you a personal tip. Don't expect a lot in the beginning because you have not invested enough.

    Look at Facebook for example, they didn't reach their success overnight. They've gone through countless of trials and errors before becoming who they are today. 

    Give a lot and expecting little in return is the best recipe for affiliate marketing success. Your goal is the provide helpful information that would benefit your visitors. That's it! Forget the money factor, that will follow as long as you're genuine about helping people.

    If you need help starting your own online business, please don't hesitate to reach out to me for help.

    Kind Regards,


  23. This is quite scary and cant be ignored. I wonder if one day there will be robots that helps us go to work. For the meantime, i think making money online is a great opportunity. There are too many scams though, so it's quite hard to find a legitimate source.

  24. Hello Lisa Mai,

    It is scary and that's why I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to make money online. I love waking up in the morning and seeing an increase in my affiliate or adsense revenue.

    Kind Regards,

  25. This is so true and even though we still have time and won’t lose our jobs any time soon. The any time soon is slowly becoming an understatement. AI will eventually replace us...

  26. Hello Barry,

    Exactly, and that's why I have Smart Affiliate Hub. The internet is growing rapidly and having an internet presence is going to be extremely beneficial.


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