Why Are Walmart Wages So Low? How Do You Live On That Income?

Why are Walmart wages so low? Walmart Careers.

This question has been stuck in the back of my head ever since I was told not to shop at Walmart.

Hate Reading?

This all started when I worked for a local union, they would advise their members to avoid supporting companies like Walmart.

After doing some in-depth research, Walmart starting wages have risen quite significantly for the past few years.

However, many of their labor-based workers are barely making it. According to the Washington Post, the average hourly pay is $14.26.

If you multiply that by their 34 hours (considered full-time at Walmart), that’s around $25,200.00 per year. Which is well below the poverty line.

Now I am not saying don’t work for Walmart if that’s your only mean of generating an income. But also expand your horizons by seeking other opportunities as well.

Walmart Is Worth Billions By Keeping You Broke

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According to CBS News, Jim Walton, Rob Walton, and Alice Walton are all listed as the top 20 billionaires of 2018. They are so wealthy, Walmart has more money than some countries.

The question is, how come their wages are so low? Well, it’s simple…to keep their employees broke, so they will continue to work for them.

The truth is… more money = more opportunity. For example, the people who are making $1,000,000 dollars per year are not working a job.

They are not working for money because money is working for them.

The people who are making $1,000,000 dollars per year have investments and income-producing assets such as properties or businesses.

I was told at a very young age… It’s not how much money you make… It’s how much money you can save.

Well, instead of saving money, I thought about using that money to make more money. Hence, why I invested money and time into Smart Affiliate Hub.

Am I rich? No, I am not rich, but I have choices.

Okay, so back to Walmart…

I believe Walmart targets a certain group of people to hire as their employees. Usually, the working class who are struggling to get by; people who feel like they don’t have a choice.

Do you know what it’s like to live paycheck by paycheck? I know I do… and that’s exactly what Walmart or most of your employers want.

They pay you enough, so you don’t quit, but not enough so you can’t leave to find better opportunities.

Is it fair? No, but I guess that’s how businesses work… that’s how our society works…

It’s Pointless To Protest Against Walmart

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I’ve heard of many stories about Walmart employees getting fired after protesting about wages. They obviously don’t care about what you think.

If they wanted to give you higher wages, they would’ve done so a long time ago. Walmart is not unionized which means you don’t have someone fighting for wages.

Instead of protesting against Walmart and trying to change them, why not change yourself?

Before you get mad at me for saying this…

I understand that not everyone is computer savvy and understand how to build a website and start a blog, but that’s why I’m here to help you.

You have to change yourself to be better by opening the doors to more opportunities. I had zero knowledge of website building, blogging, SEO, etc when I first started.

What kept me going was the drive to succeed. We can all do it. It’s just how badly do you want it.

You Have To Make Things Happen

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You don’t need an education, degree, skill set, or a lot of money to become financially successful. As long as you have the desire to make money and a good mindset.

It’s possible to work at home and make way more money than working at Walmart and other companies.

Here’s the drawback… It requires work.

However, you don’t have to do physical labor to achieve it. If you have time to use the internet to watch YouTube videos then you have time to make money online.

The choice is yours… continue living the way you live or say no to yourself and change your life now.

Don’t Give Yourself Excuses

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Like anything in life, if it requires effort then there are excuses as to why you can’t do it.

You see, the only person stopping you from success is you.

I remember telling myself that I don’t have the time or I’m tired. Well, guess what ended up happening? I ended up sitting on my couch watching Spongebob Squarepants.

In the end, I asked myself this, “If I have time to watch television then how come I can’t make time to make money online?”

I guess it’s because of the uncertainty of success.— At least there is a possibility of success if I tried though right?

The next time you give yourself the excuse as to why you can’t do it. As yourself this… “How badly do I want to succeed?”

Start A Blog Today (Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative and cost-effective ways to make money online. You simply promote a product using your affiliate links.

And earn a commission when someone takes action such as making a purchase. You don’t need to deal with inventory nor customer service.

As simple as it sounds, it does require real work. You can’t expect to start making money the very minute your blog goes live.

The good news is, you can start a blog at our own leisure. You can still go to work as long as you’re willing to put in a few hours per day to build your blog.

Again, if you have time to watch television, then you’ll have time to start an online business that generates money from multiple income streams.

If you are interested in learning how to start a blog for affiliate marketing, feel free to check out my course; absolutely free to check out.

Did you enjoy this article? Inform your peers by sharing this article on your social media so they can also take advantage of this opportunity to work at home and free themselves from their employers.

If you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment in the comment section below. I do go over every comment and I will try my best to help you out!

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10 thoughts on “Why Are Walmart Wages So Low? How Do You Live On That Income?”

  1. Hey this is a really good article, i was wondering how long have you been doing this? I have been with wealthy affiliate for 3 months and im trying hard to improve my site and rankings. I was wondering would your Ebook offer me anything that could still help me? Keep it up!

  2. Hello Justin,

    Online Self Employed is about 5 months old (:

    Since you have a website of your own already. My eBook should be able to offer you some tips, but the 7-day action plan is probably not needed. 

    The secret to improving your site ranking is quite simple: Domain age, quality content, encourage comments, likes, shares, etc. - Basically things you need to be doing anyways.

    You can also send me an email with your website URL and I can provide you with personal feedback(:



  3. I really enjoyed this article and i agree with it all. I am striving for success and to be able to live a good life. I just quit my full time job of 6 years back in november because i felt that i was stuck and miserble, and i was also taken advantage of so i left. I am glad i decided to give affiliate marketing a go! Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello Justin,

    I agree and I'm also glad that I took action to creating an online business that generates money while I'm sleeping. You see, the way it works with Walmart applies to any type of business that you work for. It's sad, but true and most people don't want to make the effort to change.

    Kind Regards,


  5. very true. my friend work at walmart. i tell him to quit because he dont earn money. the manager make good money but very hard to make it to manager level.

  6. Hi Abram,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Walmart. I did a search a while ago and it seems Walmart managers are making a decent living, but how many of their workers are barely getting by? That my friend, is the real question.


  7. Walmart or any other business does not want to keep you poor. They could care less about you. They don't care if you are poor or rich. They want to get the work done at the lowest cost possible so the stockholders can make more money.

    They can pay the low wages because if you don't want the job they can find a dozen other people who will work for those wages. That will only change when there are more jobs than available employees. That has happen in the past and can happen again if the economy continues to improve.

    Reality is that Walmart has low end jobs that is being replaced by automation. If your only option is to work at Walmart then you need to find a way to improve your skills. You can learn skills online such as blogging, building websites, and marketing. With these skills you can earn an income many times larger than what Walmart pays. It does take some hard work and a small investment.

  8. Hello Steve,

    Thank you very much for your input! You have brought up a very good point about automation. The same applies to places like Target and Safeway. Recently, I paid visit to those stores and I realized they've added more Self checkout services. All they really need is one employee to oversee the operation. This is quite frightening for people who hold the title as cashiers! 



  9. This is the reason why I don't shop at Walmart. I remember an employee and I were chatting at the baby clothing aisle and I felt bad for their work conditions. It made me sick, so I decided to never go back there again.

  10. Hello Jordan,

    Wow, what an experience you had aye? I've spoke with a few Walmart employees and selected few are starting their own online business. We all have choices, it's up to you to decide what you want to do.


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