When Do You Want To Retire? This Will Change Your Mind.

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When Do You Want To Retire? This Will Change Your Mind
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Can you picture yourself retired and living at your dream home? Waking up in the morning with no urgency because work is now behind you? What about traveling the world and doing what you love with no hesitation?

Unfortunately, for the average American, retirement is right around 65 years old. By then, your body is probably frazzled by the years of labor. It’s going to be difficult to enjoy yourself, let alone travel the world.

In fact, I’ve known people who continued working past the standard retirement age. In fact, it’s quite normal, but the problem with being normal is being average.

If you go ahead and ask anyone around you if they would retire early if they could. I can almost guarantee you that most would retire early if they were financially free. After all, why do you work? To make money of course. You wouldn’t work for free, right?

Are you just tired of waking up early in the morning, rushing to work in rush hour traffic? What about meeting the demands of your boss? Or dealing with annoying customers who no matter what you do are never satisfied?

With that being said, retirement sounds like paradise and the earlier you get there, the more time and energy you have to do what you love. I rather spend my young age running around at a beach than to sit around because I can’t move without struggling to catch my breath.

With this in mind, when do you want to retire? There’s no right or wrong answer. If you want to retire at a later age, that’s okay because there are people who love their job. However, if you want to retire early, you must take action now.

What Many People Are Doing Today

With new opportunities like driving for Uber, many people are now driving on their days off or maybe even full-time to generate extra income. One of the best advice I’ve heard about finance is, it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep.

For this reason, most people cut back on their expenses to grow their retirement fund. Basically, you suffer now, so you can live better in the future. Personally, I am not a big fan of this.

What pushes me toward making money online is that fact that I don’t want to cut back on my expenses. I am not living an extravagant life by any means, but if I reduce anything else, I wouldn’t have a life.

With the internet, it enables me to make money online even when I’m not physically present. My blog works for me 24/7, so I can either sleep or do the things I love.

Blogging Keeps Your Mind Sharp And Can Change The Way You Think About Retirement

What keeps our mind sharp is by actively using our mind. For a retired person, regardless of age, your mind will become dull simply because you don’t think as much.

It’s like a brand new car that you let sit around for a long time. Eventually, it will require a jump start to get the car running. Conversely, if you are actively driving your car around even if it’s a few years old, it will still start up with no problem.

When it comes to blogging or making money online, it will change the way you think about retirement. Especially if your blog is based on something you’re passionate about. In fact, if you like what you’re doing, you won’t see it as a job.

That’s why many successful bloggers never talk about retirement. And because you’re actively using your mind, it actually keeps your mind sharp. Life is driven by purpose, so if you don’t have a purpose in life then life has no purpose for you. I don’t know if that makes sense, it literally just crossed my mind. Click here if you’re interested in starting a blog.

After reading this article, when do you want to retire? Personally, I wouldn’t even think about retiring because what’s better than doing what you love with the freedom of time, money, and location freedom?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below! If you need help with anything and I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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When Do You Want To Retire? This Will Change Your Mind
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