What You Should Blog About To Make Money Online

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The idea of making money online through blogging sounds great right? It certainly does, but what should you blog about that would actually help make you money?

I remember my first blog here on Smart Affiliate Hub. It was fun and exciting at first, but slowly I started to run out of ideas. Fortunately, I had some great mentors. That’s why I am now sharing with you what you should blog about to make more money and never run out of ideas!

What You Should Write About

#1) Problems Related To Your Niche. This is one of my favorite because there will be questions and problems no matter what it is. I try to take notes of comments left by my visitors. If it’s a question, I try to use it as a topic for another blog. This gives me more opportunity to learn and help more people in my niche.

By doing so, I can eventually become the go-to figure in my niche market. You can replicate this in any niche you like(:

Note: In my opinion, this is one of the best types of audience that you want to target. Why?

These are people who are seeking information and they will more likely return and share your website if your article is a solution to their problems.

#2) Write Relevant Product Reviews. Do you shop without doing research? I know I don’t and the majority of the people I’ve encountered would never buy something without researching first. People doing research are in the market to buy, so you can convert these people into actual buyers if you write quality product reviews.

Note: This is a great way to get targeted buyers because why do you think they are looking for a product review?

You guessed it! They are thinking about buying it. Now it’s your job to help them make an informative decision. However, this doesn’t mean you should recommend and tell people to buy every product. What if it’s a bad product and you don’t believe in it?

Should you not write about it or write about it anyway? The answer is, you should still write about it, but provide an alternative.

You can learn how to write good product reviews by clicking here.

How To Apply Both Options To Your Niche Website

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For the purpose of this article, I will be using my own niche “How To Make Money Online”. However, you can do the exact same thing for your own niche website.

Example #1. Problems Related To Your Niche. This would be a piece of cake if I was already studying marketing and website search engine optimization, but what if I’m not?

You can refer to popular blogs and websites that are related to making money online. What I like to do is read comments on each blog to get an idea of what to expect from my visitors. That alone can give me plenty of ideas to work with when considering what to write about.

As a matter of fact, I have a few ideas that I am planning to write about over time. This means I won’t have to think about what to write next time because I’ve already planned for it.

Example #2. Write Relevant Product Reviews. First, you need to branch out and see what is available out there. I search for methods to make money on a regular basis. Some are great, but some are just terrible and a waste of money! My recommendation is to actually purchase the product or service before reviewing.

What if you can’t afford to buy it? Well, in that case, you want to do a ton of research and keep in mind to be as honest as possible.

You can always get a refund if the product is not worth it or use it as a tax write off for your business(:

A good place to do research on a specific product is Amazon and more specifically customer testimonials! Nothing beats what a consumer thinks about a product.

However, that doesn’t mean you should review every single product you find. You want to review ones that are popular because the popular ones = most interested. What is the point of review a product if very few people are interested in buying it?

Use Jaaxy Keyword and Niche Research Tool To Check For Competitiveness and Popularity

I recommend consolidating a list of products that you are thinking about reviewing. Afterward, you can input each products name into Jaaxy Keyword and Niche Research Tool (individually).

Note: If a product doesn’t get many monthly searches from people, you can take it off of your list. You only want to review products that get a decent amount of monthly searches. You also want to ensure the competition is low because it will be very difficult to rank high on search engines if the competition is fierce!

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Keep in mind, sometimes just because the product you search for is super competitive. You can always try using the long-tail keyword method.

For example, if you search Google AdSense by itself. The competition might be huge, but it might be less competitive if you use keywords like “Make Money with Google AdSense”. – This is just an example!

Thanks for reading!

Running an online business is a learning process, so don’t feel discouraged if you’re not making money as fast as others. You will slowly see an increase in traffic and sales if you use the two options mentioned above when blogging.

If you follow through with this article, not only will you see an increase in traffic, but you will also start seeing the RIGHT traffic coming to your website.

What’s the point of having traffic if nobody is buying right?

I’d like to be as transparent as possible with my visitors and only state what I believe is the truth. Running an online business is no easy task and not many people succeed.

One of the biggest obstacles is blogging and most people run out of ideas very quickly and quit. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to come up with what to write about for many years to come!

Did you find this article helpful? if so, I would really appreciate if you can share it with your friends on social media. Also, please leave a comment below if you have any questions(:

Kind Regards,

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