What Is Lead Nurturing? Why It’s So Important!

What Is Lead Nurturing Why It's So Important!
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The last time you shopped for a car, do you remember exactly why you decided to buy? After all, there are so many dealerships in the area, why did you end up buying the car from your salesperson?

Well, the answer is simple, you developed a relationship with that salesperson. You started to trust and believe in that person, so you feel comfortable spending the money.

The statement, people buy people is very true.

A similar concept applies to online businesses. Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with your leads at various stages of the sales funnel.

Here are 3 different phases:

  • Thinking phase
  • Research phase
  • Buying phase

The purpose of lead nurturing is to focus on marketing and communication based on the needs of each lead.

Here are some examples of why you need to nurture your leads:

  • Someone who is thinking about the product is not ready for pricing. They just want to know how the product will benefit him or her.
  • Now someone who is researching about the product is ready for pricing because he or she is probably comparing it with other similar products.
  • Lastly, someone who is ready to buy needs to be closed. They know about the price and the product, but they just need someone to push them over the edge to buy.

A great tool for this is called ClickFunnels, not only does it allow you to nurture your leads, but it will also provide you with stats and scoring systems, to help you better cater to each individual based on their needs.

Interested in trying out ClickFunnels? Click on the banner below to start your free trial.

Use ClickFunnels Actionetics To Learn About Your Leads

You can certainly manage and learn about your leads if you have very few, but that also means you won’t make a lot of money. Now imagine if you have 1,000 leads. There’s no way you can be efficient if you have to manually learn about each individual.

That’s where ClickFunnels Actionetics comes in.

Actionetics allow you to create and send automated emails to your leads. With Actionetics, you can filter your email list based on certain criteria.

What I am really pleased with ClickFunnels Actionetics is that it allows you to track each lead with an action score. With the action score, you can figure out how to better target your leads.

2 Things To Consider When Marketing To Your Leads

#1. Lead Qualification

Not all leads are equal. Some are more qualified than others when it comes to purchasing power. By understanding how to qualify your leads, you will be able to convert more leads into customers.

For example, where are your leads coming from? United States web traffic is usually more expensive compared to India because people in the United States have more purchasing power.

Most email marketing service providers will include where your subscribers are coming from. Obviously, you shouldn’t discriminate people from other countries, but by segmenting your list, you’ll be able to convert more people into buyers.

At the end of the day, you’ll want leads who can afford to buy otherwise you won’t make any money.

#2. Lead Interest

Are your leads showing certain signs of interest? This is an important question to ask yourself. This will help you determine if they are thinking about buying or ready to buy but needs more information.

People who are thinking about buying:

  • Checking out websites and blogs for information.
  • Searching for general information rather than something specific.

People who are ready to buy but needs more information:

  • Checking out pricing pages.
  • Watching specific YouTube reviews.
  • Reading product reviews from different blogs.
  • Searching for a specific brand or product.
  • Signing up for webinars.

By understanding the interest of each subscriber, you’ll be able to determine if they are serious about buying or simply consuming information (not ready to buy).

For example, people who are only checking out websites and blogs for information. You’ll want to continue helping them out with information to build value and trust. These people are not buying because you have not built enough value.

However, once your leads are beginning to sign up for webinars and checking out pricing pages. You can start sending them product demos (free trial) and pricing pages.

How To Use Content Marketing To Nurture Your Leads

Content marketing is the process of creating relevant and high-quality content (blog posts, infographics, videos) that gets the attention of the right audience.

With the internet, people are spending more time on the web searching for answers to their questions or solutions for their problems. That’s why content marketing is super effective no matter what stage your leads are in the sales funnel.

#1. Email Marketing

One of the best ways to deliver content to your audience is through email marketing. According to Merkle, 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email.

If you haven’t started building an email list, here’s my guide on How To Build An Email List With AWeber.

#2. Personal Or Branded Blog

With the right SEO and marketing strategy, your personal or branded blog can the face of your company. As you can see, blogging is the heart of my online business.

It consists of 2 things:

  • A landing page that helps me gain an email subscriber. There, my email campaign gets sent out with more information and products that I recommend.
  • Lots of blog posts with free content. Everything you read here is free and it’s just my way of saying hi, let’s be friends because I’m here to help you.

Having a personal or branded blog is a great way to build a relationship with your audience. At the end of the day, people will more likely buy from someone they trust even if it costs more money.

For example, why do people buy iPhones? They are more expensive than some laptops in the market. The answer is quite simple! People trust Apple and its products.

#3. Social Media Marketing

Now Social Media marketing is a bit different. Each platform works differently. For example, Pinterest is great with infographics, images, etc. While Videos do well on Facebook. Here are killer steps to boost your Social Media strategy.

Remember, it all boils down to your content, so before you use Social Media. Make sure you have high-quality content to back it up. Otherwise, people will just leave and remember to never return.

Another important tip to remember is that Social Media works both ways. The keyword is Social, so do socialize on each platform through likes, shares, comments, etc.

Why I Recommend ClickFunnels

It’s easy to manage 10-50 leads, but that’s not going to get you very far. But trying to manage thousands of leads will require a team and even then it’s difficult.

And that’s why people use ClickFunnels. It’s a sales funnel creation software that nurtures your leads. It’s like having a virtual salesperson keeping up with each and every one of your leads throughout the sales funnel.

By using ClickFunnels as your marketing automation, it will improve your efficiency and drive more sales.

In Conclusion

It’s a waste of time and money trying to sell to everyone. The truth to the matter is, not everyone is going to buy from you right away. If you’re not nurturing your leads, your competitors probably are.

Which means, over time, you will lose sales to your competitors because they are nurturing their leads from various stages into eventual buyers.

I hope this was informative and helpful! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section down below and I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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What Is Lead Nurturing Why It's So Important!
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2 thoughts on “What Is Lead Nurturing? Why It’s So Important!”

  1. Eric. very good explanation on what lead nurturing is. That's why I use clickfunnels for my business. there is no way I can follow each of my prospects and guide them toward a sale.

  2. Hi Sam Walker,

    Thank you for your kind words! ClickFunnels is a great product for lead nurturing. In fact, it comes with so many tools to help you accomplish various business goals.


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