What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing? How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and lucrative ways to start a business online if you want to gain access to the ultimate lifestyle: Time, Money, and Location freedom.

I went over the 3 types of affiliate marketing a while ago. Today, I want to touch base on specifically high ticket affiliate marketing. The reason why is that most affiliate marketers would much rather take the easy way out.

They believe that selling a high ticket product requires significantly more work.— Truth is.. it does, but not significantly more work.

The truth is, it requires the same amount of work whether it is a low ticket or high ticket item. For example, when it comes to blogging, you create a niche website, write an article or review, and recommend the product or service.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to make a better decision as to your product promotion approach. This article is written with the intention to help you make more money online.

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What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

As the name suggests, high ticket affiliate marketing is a term used when the affiliate marketer earns $1000 or more per sale. Whether it is a low ticket or high ticket product, the process is exactly the same.

Keep in mind, unlike your regular day job, your income depends on the amount of work you put in. You are not locked into a set wage, so how much money you make depends on you.

The High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Philosophy

Earn more while selling less is how it works when it comes to high ticket affiliate marketing.

Here’s an example:

Subject 1: Sells 10,000 low ticket products to earn $10,000.00

Subject 2: Sells 1 high ticket product to earn $10,000.00

Sure, the high ticket product is more difficult to sell compared to the eBook, but it’s not 10,000x harder.

How To Find High Ticket Products

There are many affiliate programs on the internet such as Clickbank, Affiliate Junction, ShareASale, etc.

They are all free to join, but unfortunately, they don’t offer high ticket products that can earn you thousands of dollars in commissions per sale.

That means you will have to sell a lot more products in order to earn a substantial income.

While a high ticket product will earn you thousands of dollars or more per sale, it’s not easy to find one that actually benefits both you and your audience.

If you are interested in promoting all sorts of affiliate products including a high ticket product, you should sign up for ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

Why Most Affiliate Marketers Are Not Earning Enough Money

An affiliate marketer’s job is to inform and provide solutions to their audience problem(s). However, at the end of the day, they still have people to feed.

They need to somehow earn enough to make their time worthwhile.

Many affiliate marketers quit because of (A: Not Making Money) or (B: Not Making Enough Money).

This is quite common because the products they promote or should I say the ONLY products they promote are considered low ticket.

Imagine if the product you’re promoting cost roughly $50.00 and as an affiliate marketer, you earn a 10% commission per sale.

You’re only making $5.00 per sale! Let’s say your goal is to earn $5000.00 per month, which will require a total sale of 1000 times per month.

You see, the concept of affiliate marketing is very simple: Create a Niche Website > Join an Affiliate Program > Promote Their Products > Customer Buys The Product > You Earn a Commission.

Most affiliate marketers venture to places like Amazon, Clickbank, ShareASale, etc.

These are free to join, but here’s the problem: What usually ends up happening is, you’ll earn a small commission for your sale and that’s it!

Diversifying your approach is the only way if you hope to achieve a livable income stream.

My Final Thoughts

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is like a basket and the number of eggs (products) you can promote is endless. Why fill up your basket with only low ticket products when you can have a variety of products for your audience?

Not everybody can afford to spend money on high ticket products right?

Word of Advice: Making money is important, but don’t forget about your audience. You can’t make money without your audience, so in the end, you want to make sure what you’re offering is to their benefit.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Do you have something to add to this article?

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