What Is An Evergreen Niche? Evaluate Your Website!

what is an evergreen niche?
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Are you looking for a niche topic that’s going to stay profitable for years to come? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. There are some topics that are only trendy for the moment and there are topics that stay trendy all the time. Niche topics that stay profitable for a very long time, if not forever are known as an evergreen niche.

Break down of the word evergreen:

  • Ever (Definition: At any time; always)
  • Green (Definition: Besides the obvious name for a color. It can also mean fresh and new!)

After breaking down ever and green, let’s put it back together and what do you get? A niche that is always popular and never gets old. This can happen when a particular topic never gets boring and not interesting. In other words, it will always be highly discussed even if the topic has been around for a very long time. Evergreen Niche is the everlasting apple for online business owners, but how do you know if your niche market is considered “evergreen?”

A Huge Give Away That Your Niche Is Evergreen

An evergreen niche will always relate to a problem that we all have regardless of the time in age!

  • How to make money online (Who isn’t interested in making more money and increasing their wealth?)
  • Health-related (dieting, nutrition, health problems, health remedies, yoga, etc)
  • How to deal with relationships (Dating, Friends, Peers, etc)

An Evergreen Niche Usually Has An Endless Line Of Products To Promote

When you find an evergreen niche, there will almost always have updates to improve it and that’s how they keep it “evergreen (fresh)”. That’s why you should never focus on older products, but to keep up-to-date with the products instead.

For example: Would you still buy the FIRST iPhone, iPod, and iPad? Probably not because most people move on to the latest model as soon as it’s released. What does that mean for you?

Even though the apple products are HOT, you wouldn’t be able to target the majority of your niche audience if you only promote older products. You need to constantly research and cannot rely on a single product to earn you money forever! The product you promote might be popular yesterday, but you need to get on it as soon as a better one comes out.

How does that benefit you? With more people seeking solutions, there will be more products for you to promote. These people are also more likely to make a purchase if you’ve presented them with good information.

Example: When people shop online, they don’t just type “product name”. Often times, they will search for the best this, best that!

At that point, the person is no longer looking for just the product. They have a question and the question is: “What is the best ?”

What Is Not Considered An Evergreen Niche

An Evergreen Niche is a topic that usually has NO expiration date. The following are topics with an expiration:

  • Seasonal Sales (Usually last for a certain period)
  • News Articles (Changes Frequently)
  • Clothes and Fashion (Seasonal)

These are topics that people move on from for the latest thing, so that means the traffic you can get from this topic is minimal at best.

What Is Considered An Evergreen Niche

Making Money Online: This is a highly competitive topic that will always be discussed as long as money is required.

This is a popular niche that is tackled by experienced online marketers and usually requires a tremendous amount of knowledge in order to succeed.

You can make money through this niche in numerous ways:

  • Affiliate marketing (Create a Website, Promote Products, and Earn a Commission): Obviously not as easy as it sounds because it requires a lot of time and dedication.
  • Writing E-books (Sell them on your website or popular markets like Amazon)
  • Dropshipping (Use Shopify to promote products that you don’t have to physically own): This requires a lot of dedication and time because you have to constantly manage the orders that are coming in. You will also have to deal with making sure the product gets shipped out to your customers.
  • E-commerce (Similar to drop shipping, but you are selling products that you own) Freelancer (Write for people and get paid for it)

Weight Loss: This is one of the biggest and most popular evergreen niches. People are always looking for ways to better their physical health. You can promote weight loss through the following methods:

  • Dietary supplements (Food, Pills, etc)
  • Weight loss tips (Exercises, setting up plans for people)

Body Building: After weight loss, it’s natural that bodybuilding comes next. Bodybuilding is another form of improving the physical body. You can promote bodybuilding in a very similar manner as weight loss.

Emergency Supplies: Plan for the unexpected. People are always looking to better prepare themselves in the case of a natural disaster.

There’s nothing worse than going to the store with other unprepared civilians looking for supplies when a natural disaster has already taken place. Chances are, these stores wouldn’t even be open for the most part!

Solar Power: Energy is essential to a family and the cost of fuel is always on the rise. That’s why people look for alternative solutions such as solar power.

Self Defense: This is always in demand because people are always looking for ways to protect themselves. If you are currently or have trained in the arts of self-defense. This can be a very profitable niche for you!

  • You can offer self-defense online training courses
  • You can recommend legal self-defense weapons

Dog Training: I’m a pet owner myself, and dogs are popular with hundreds of people adopting dogs; training is critical. You can make money through the following methods:

  • Offer advice on breaking bad habits
  • Promoting toys and pet food

Hiking Recommendations: There are many people who love to hike, but don’t know where to go. If you are an adventurous person. You can make a good amount of money by promoting the following:

  • Hiking accessories (what you use for your hikes)
  • Hiking location recommendations by documenting your travels

Dating and Relationships: Are you the love or relationship expert? If you are, then prepare yourself to answer to thousands of people seeking your advice.

  • You can promote products such as books to help your readers better their love life and relationship.

My Final Thoughts

If you are looking to make money online, it is critical that you choose a niche market that will be profitable for years and years to come. From the start, you are taught how to utilize SEO and building authority. Those are all about building long-term success, so why not back it up with a niche that will last. Did you enjoy this article? Please share this with your friends and other online marketers who are searching for ways to make money online. If you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment on the comment section below.

what is an evergreen niche?
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