What is a Call To Action? How To Create It!

what is a call to action?
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Are you new or currently running an internet business? Call to action (CTA) is a statement designed to get the attention of a person, so he or she can take action. It is a marketing strategy commonly used to let potential customers know what to do next if they are interested in your offer.— Sometimes call to action buttons are placed at the end or throughout the entire sales page.

Regardless of what you’re promoting, leaving out a call to action can potentially cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Never assume that your audience knows exactly what to do next!

Here are some common Call to Action phrases!

The purpose of a call to action is to get your readers to take action (do something). That’s why the common call to action phrases are verbs!

Here’s a list:

Act Now!Buy NowClick Here30 Day TrialView This Video
Sign Up!Order NowWatch This VideoAdd To CartFree Case Study
RegisterShareFree To Sign UpCheckoutFree Quote
SubscribeFollowGet StartedStart HereFree Sample
DonateDownloadFree DemoTry It For FreeNewsletter

As you can see, the list of commonly used call to action phrases speaks action now! It lets your readers know that if they want to proceed with your offer, they must do it now, not later.

You can also increase the sense of urgency by adding certain words to your call to action: (Offer expires, Limited Supply, Special Price Ends Soon, etc)

When Do You Use Call to Actions?

Typically, call to actions are used in a sales page with terms such as “Buy now!” Sometimes a sales page is not enough to make the sale because the product or service is simply too expensive.

Use Email Marketing!

What I like to do is provide something for free in my Call to Action, so I can collect my reader’s email. This allows me to communicate and build trust over time.—People buy from people they trust. For example, “Download my free eBook today!”

Note: If you want to build a long-term sustainable business. Please offer relevant product or services! If you’re telling your readers to subscribe for a free eBook on how to make money online. Don’t send them an eBook on how to lose weight.

The Importance of Call to Action

what is a call to action?
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I know you’re ready to create your call to action, but before you get too far ahead of yourself. You need to understand the importance of a call to action. Similar to any type of sales, you can’t assume what your customers will do next. You have to ask for the sale.—The call to action does exactly that!

When creating pages and posts on your website, you need to have a clear call to action for your readers. They shouldn’t have to go through a maze to find out what to do next.

I can definitely relate to this because I’ve researched a particular product and found an article that had enough information for me to make an informative decision.

There was one problem though…

There was no clear call to action, so instead, I ended up going straight to the vendor to purchase the product. The author of that article could’ve made a sale and received a commission for it.

Tips To Creating Your Call to Action

Now that you have a clear understanding of what Call to Action is. It is time to create your own! Here are some tips that will help you increase conversion.

What is necessary for a call to action?

  • Clearly and accurately explain what your potential customer needs to do. (Buy now, Subscribe, Download, etc)
  • What are the benefits of taking action? (Free stuff, saving money, etc)
  • What will your customer get for taking action? (eBook, product, services)
  • Why should they take action now? (Limited time)

Call to actions are found in internet marketing campaigns. Click here if you want to learn more about internet marketing campaigns, so you can apply what you learn here about clear to action.

Track and Adjust Your Call to Action

It’s always recommended to track and adjust any form of marketing strategies. You should change your call to action once in a while to see which one brings in higher conversion. Personally, I like to do a track and adjust once a month. If I don’t see much results from my marketing campaign and call to action, I would switch things around.

Download my free eBook Today!

As you can see, I have a call to action at the very end of this article. It’s absolutely free to download in exchange for your email. It comes with information on the business model that I personally used to make money online.

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Was this article helpful? I’m open to constructive criticism. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave a message below and don’t forget to share this page with your friends on Social Media(:

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What is a Call To Action?
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4 thoughts on “What is a Call To Action? How To Create It!”

  1. The article was awesome Eric. In particular, I like the tips part of what is a call to action. It makes sense and is easy to read and to understand. However, would you recommend that I do them red or green? As I have always believed that red is a sign to stop or danger, whereas green is for go or safety. Although I see many top marketers using the red ones?

  2. Hello Simon,

    Good question! I prefer red because it's more eye-catching compared to green. Regardless of someone's screen brightness, red will always be visible. That's why they use red for stop or danger. It's very apparent and effectively grabs the attention of people.


  3. Great Post. I wasn't familiar to this but now I am. Ill be using this on my websites as well.
    Thank you,

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