What is a 2 Tier Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income online if you know what you are doing. There are many ways for affiliate marketers to make money. Let me list a few just to get started!

  • Promote a product or service through a written or video review. Links are included somewhere within the review that sends traffic to the retailer. Once an action is taken such as a purchase, the affiliate marketer earns a commission.
  • Writing helpful information to establish a brand. Instead of sending traffic through the use of affiliate links, you can collect emails to promote relevant products and services after.— Don’t spam your subscribers with useless information!

There is however another method to generate income through affiliate marketing and it’s called 2 Tier Affiliate Programs. In this article, I want to go over specifically what a 2 tier affiliate program is.

What Is A 2 Tier Affiliate Program?

2 tier affiliate program
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A 2 tier affiliate program is a system that allows you to not only earn a commission from your own sales but also the sales from people you’ve referred. In other words, you’ll earn a passive income just by bringing people into the program.

Here’s an example:

Spongebob refers Patrick to join ClickBank as an affiliate marketer. When Patrick promotes a product within ClickBank and makes a sale. Spongebob will receive a certain percentage each time.

Where Can I Find 2 Tier Affiliate Programs?

I don’t work with many of these, but there are two that I know of that works: ClickBank and ClickFunnels. I started working with ClickFunnels recently and their commission for their 2 tier affiliate program is 5% and available via their affiliate boot camp.

Yes, this number seems very insignificant alone, but it makes a huge difference when you have hundreds or thousands of people under you.

Here’s A Commonly Asked Question That I Get

Why do you promote ClickBank or ClickFunnels? Well, here’s my answer! I promote ClickBank and ClickFunnels because I’ve personally used them and they’ve helped me generate passive income in the past.

When you join the program, you will also gain access to affiliate products that you can promote to earn money on your own.

When you make money, I make money, so my success depends on your success. That’s why I offer lots of free information to help you succeed.— This is the most honest answer I can give you.

Is It Considered Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

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In all honesty, yes! I do see it as multi-level marketing. It really depends on the business you are working with. There are many companies out there who use this method designed to steal your money; a pyramid scheme.

In a typical pyramid scheme, you as the promoter earn a commission from your recruits as well as their recruits and their future recruits. Crazy right?

I actually don’t recommend products or services like this because you’re basically using others as scapegoats.

You see, pyramid schemes don’t last forever. Eventually, the amount of people who can be recruited becomes exhausted and those who are at the very bottom will not be able to make money.

This is why I ask everyone to be careful with the affiliate programs that you join.

ClickBank is well-known for their affiliate programs and tons of products for new affiliates to promote. It’s absolutely free to join, but from my experience, most affiliate products being offered are sketchy so do your research.

You see, I believe in complete transparency with my audience and I would hate to stick them with a product that serves no value. It’s not a good way to do business if you want repeat customers.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, offers an all-in-one business solution. It has actually helped thousands of companies around the world grow their business by helping them generate more leads and sales. The potential commissions earned is great, so it’s the best of both worlds!

Can You Make Lots of Money From 2 Tier Affiliate Programs?

The truth is, it depends! If you take the time to coach your referrals and teach them how to actually make money; you’ll make more money. If your referrals don’t take action, you will not make any money.

Treat 2 Tier Affiliate Programs as a Bonus

As an affiliate marketer, you should not rely on 2 tier affiliate programs to earn a full-time income. It can happen though, but it requires a tremendous amount of work.

Let’s use John Chow, for example, I’m pretty sure he earns over $10,000 per month alone on just the 2 tier affiliate program from MOBE (shut down by the FTC).

My Final Thoughts

A 2 Tier Affiliate Program is a nice incentive for you as an affiliate marketer, but in the end, you should focus more on promoting quality products that solve a problem for your audience instead.

If you want to just get started as an affiliate marketer like me, you can check out my recommended platform to build your website, hosting your website, and learn about affiliate marketing.

As a free member, you are limited to what you can do until you’ve upgraded to the premium membership. It does cost $49 a month, but hey, it’s still cheaper than tuition at school(: Click here to learn more about my recommended platform.

Or if $49.00 per month is too steep, you can check out my free WordPress installation service. It will cost you much less, but you do miss out on the training and resources.

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Do you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.

What is a 2 Tier Affiliate Program
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2 thoughts on “What is a 2 Tier Affiliate Program?”

  1. I found this article very interesting because I had never heard of 2-tier affiliate marketing before. I found the author's transparency and openness very refreshing. If I were interested in this type of work, I would trust Eric Chen to assist me in getting started.

  2. Hello Carol,

    Thank you for your kind words! I believe honesty is the best recipe for long term success. I intend to strive with online Self employed for many years to come, so I wouldn’t want to jeapordize my reputation.


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