Treat Internet Marketing Like A Serious Business

Treat Internet Marketing Like A Serious Business
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One of the biggest reasons why most people fail at making money as an internet marketer is that they don’t treat it like a real business. When you first step into this industry, you’ll hear about the low success rate, but don’t let that discourage you! What I like to do is defy all odds and instead of feeling discouraged, I use the failure rate to my advantage.

Before I got into internet marketing, I was doing my research and checking out other internet marketers to see what they are doing. The examples of success are right there in front of you! The people who are on the first page of Google or other search engines are definitely doing something right.

What are they doing right though?—They are treating their website as a real business!

Starting an internet business as an internet marketer is quite easy and inexpensive, but that’s also the reason why most people fail to make money doing so.

The Cost Is A Blessing And A Curse

The Cost Is A Blessing And A Curse
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Unlike a regular brick and mortar business, where you must invest hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars. An internet business can be started at an extremely low cost.

For example, you will need to get a domain name ($10-$15.00 per year) and a website hosting service, starting as low as $3.00/month.

It’s definitely a blessing for those who want to start a business when they couldn’t afford to start a regular brick and mortar business, but it’s also a curse because most people won’t take it seriously.

The problem is the investment cost. When you’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have too much to lose, so you have no choice but to take it seriously. Whereas an internet business, it’s just too expensive, so you won’t feel like you’re losing much even if you quit.

It’s quite unfortunate because most internet marketing business is far more profitable than your average brick and mortar business with much less upkeep cost.

The Solution To Become More Serious About Your Internet Business

invest money into your business
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If you are serious about making money online, you should not worry about spending money on it. Even though Smart Affiliate Hub was inexpensive to start. I’ve invested hundreds of dollars so far on premium themes, plugins, email list provider, advertisement, etc.

The more you invest in your online business, the more seriously you will take it. By the way, I am not telling you to waste your money on things that you don’t need. What I’m saying is, spend money when it’s necessary!

At first, my friend thought I was crazy for spending money on a website that doesn’t guarantee a return on investment, but here’s the thing.

There are no businesses that guarantee success! There’s always a risk when it comes to running a business, but if you treat it like a million dollar business. Your odds of success increase tenfold.

Try it for yourself! Treat your internet business like a real business and you will find yourself more productive!

A Real Business Takes Time To Grow

a real business takes time to grow
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Even though there is a huge difference in upfront and upkeep cost between an internet business and a brick and mortar business. It also comes with a huge similarity!

Part 1: Customers

Both types of business require time to grow. You can ask any business owner what they want most for their business. I can almost guarantee the answer is customers. Without customers, a business would never be able to survive.

Your internet business will also require customers (traffic). It doesn’t matter what you have to offer if nobody is going to see it. It’s not easy to build a readership at first because nobody knows you.

Part 2: Repeat Customers

Besides having customers, you also need to have repeat business. That’s where email marketing comes in. Did you notice that whenever you purchase something online, you’ll receive follow up emails regularly? Sometimes they offer you a discount or promotion. The goal is to get you to return and spend more money.—There’s nothing wrong with this approach because you’re probably interested in what they are offering anyway. Click here to learn how to collect emails for email marketing!

Are You New Or Currently An Internet Marketer?

Whether you are new to the industry or an existing internet marketer. There’s nothing wrong with getting more training! Download my free eBook (PDF) by clicking on the banner provided below. It comes with a 7-day action plan along with recommended services that I personally used to grow Smart Affiliate Hub.

Join me and thousands of other internet marketers at my recommended platform today! It’s absolutely free to join with no obligation to upgrade to the premium membership.

Do you think you would be more successful if you treated your internet business like a million dollar brick and mortar business?

Like always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Please leave a message in the comment box below. Also, share this with your peers! Thanks again(:

Kind Regards,

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Treat Internet Marketing Like A Serious Business
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  1. Jessie courtney

    very good post! i agree if you treat your internet marketing business like a serious business. you will be more productive and make more money.

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