The Laptop Entrepreneurs Review – An Honest Review

the laptop entrepreneurs review
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Thanks to a reader for bringing this up to my attention. I checked out a website called, “The Laptop Entrepreneurs” and I wanted to see what it is all about. At first glance, it looked very professional or is it just a disguise for a genius scam?

In this article, I will be talking about The Laptop Entrepreneurs and whether or not, I recommend it to my readers. Keep in mind, this is based on my own research and you’re free to do whatever you like.

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The Laptop Entrepreneurs Review

Name: The Laptop Entrepreneurs
Price: Free Trial + Up To $20,000.00 For Memberships  + Up To $2,500.00 in recurring fees
Owners: Sandrine Hecq, Gerald Hall, Merrilee Watson, and Christopher Hall
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The Laptop Entrepreneurs – Product Overview

The best way to explain what The Laptop Entrepreneurs is all about is by calling it a training resource to teach you how to make money online. The company was launched by 4 people, Sandrine Hecq, Gerald Hall, Merrilee Watson, and Christopher Hall. They claim to be professional affiliate marketers that can help you change your lifestyle from working a regular job to working from anywhere in the world.

After diving deeper, I realized that they don’t actually sell you anything themselves. Instead, they promote a product called Six Figure Mentors (affiliate marketing). I do appreciate the fact that they clearly stated on their website that they work with a program called SFM (Six Figure Mentors).

the laptop entrepreneurs SFM
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At first, I didn’t know what SFM stands for, so I did a Google search for “Stuart & Jay at The SFM” and that revealed to me that SFM is indeed Six Figure Mentors.

The Laptop Entrepreneurs lead magnet is their 7-day video series. All you have to do is submit your name and email address to get started. In actuality, you’re not just signing up for The Laptop Entrepreneurs, you’re also signing up for Six Figure Mentors.

The training you get from The Laptop Entrepreneurs themselves is geared toward promoting Six Figure Mentors. In my opinion, I don’t recommend putting all of your eggs in one basket especially if it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars.

Note: If you decide to become a member of SFM, the founders of The Laptop Entrepreneurs will earn recurring commissions for as long as you stay as a member.

What To Expect If You Sign Up For The Laptop Entrepreneurs

As I said, you’re actually signing up for Six Figure Mentors, a program based on recruiting and selling high ticket products. This reminds me of MOBE which was recently shut down by the FTC.

They do offer a free affiliate program, but with limited training and resources, your earning potentials are limited. It’s designed this way, so you would upgrade to their paid memberships.

Like MOBE, you are also provided with a coach (salesperson) whose goal is to coach you into upgrading for memberships as well as high ticket programs. Why? Because the coach will earn a commission if you decide to upgrade or spend money on their high ticket programs.

the six figure mentors
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I was quite shocked by the cost of these memberships! Here’s a breakdown for it:

  • Student Access (One-time application fee of $29.95)
  • Essential Membership (One-time application fee of $297.00 + $97.00 per month)
  • A $2,500 per year add-on (Must purchase Essential Membership first)

The higher membership also unlocks the chance to buy their high ticket programs. Once you buy the programs, you will have the right to promote it yourself. Here’s a breakdown for the high ticket programs:

  • DEA SILVER – $3,000.00
  • DEA GOLD – $8,000.00
  • DEA PLATINUM – $11,000.00
  • DEA BLACK – $20,000.00

As you can see, there are 4 upsells that sums up to $42,000.00! You also have to purchase from the lowest to the highest level of the high ticket programs (Silver to Black). That means in order to promote all of these programs, you’ll need to cough up almost half of a hundred thousand dollars.

I am a firm believer that starting an online business is not free, but it shouldn’t cost you $42,000.00. From experience, people who buy into programs like these usually end up wasting their money. This is something I learned from MOBE shutting down.

Is The Laptop Entrepreneurs A Scam?

The Laptop Entrepreneurs is NOT a scam. But I still DON’T recommend their program to you (my readers). It’s just far too expensive for only one reason (to make money for the owners of The Laptop Entrepreneurs).

When I look for affiliate programs to promote, buy-in for the right to promote is something that I stay away from. Sure, I agree that you should at least try out the product before promoting it, but $42,000.00 is definitely not something easy to shell out especially if you are a beginner.— Besides, you can find great affiliate programs that are absolutely free to join!

Also, when using done-for-you websites that are used by all of their members, you will never get discovered by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Done-for-you websites are static which means, they don’t get updates or new content which is an important recipe to get ranked by search engines.

Without search engine rankings, you’ll have to depend on paid advertising to get traffic. Which means you’ll have to spend even more money without a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).

In my opinion, this kind of business model is known as hit and run affiliate marketing. Something that I don’t recommend at all. Instead, you should focus on creating your own online business.

Sure you won’t have access to those super expensive high ticket products, but you can promote things that you are actually passionate about. You can also take advantage of content marketing like this blog post to drive traffic to your blog organically (free because you probably found this on Social Media or Google).

Instead of spending $42,000.00, you can save that money and start an online business of your own for less than $100.00 per year! Interested? Continue reading for more information. (:

Save $42,000.00 And Start An Online Business For Around $100.00 Per Year

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Or check out my free WordPress installation service and just use my website as a resource to learn how to make money online from my blog posts. Regardless of which route you take, you will not have to spend $42,000.00 to get started.

If you have any additional questions or have a product that you would like me to review. Please leave a comment down below and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

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the laptop entrepreneurs
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10 thoughts on “The Laptop Entrepreneurs Review – An Honest Review”

  1. Hi Eric. Thank you for your review. I was thinking about signing up for the laptop entrepreneurs, but after reading your blog I am going to stay away.

  2. Hello Cara,

    You are very welcome! I'm glad you did your research to save yourself time, money, and inconvenience. There are far better ways to make money online.


  3. Eric thank you for the laptop entrepreneur review. I had a feeling it was a scam, but I wanted to make sure.

  4. I almost signed up for the laptop entrepreneurs. I found this article to see if they are real or scam. You saved me time and money, thank you Eric.

  5. Dear Eric I found your article on google after discovering the laptop entrepreneurs. I wanted to know if it is a scam. I am so glad that I found your post so I don’t waste my money.

  6. Hello Ling Ling,

    Thanks for being here and I'm glad you found the information offered here on Smart Affiliate Hub helpful! Stay tuned for more product reviews and make money online tips and secrets.


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