The Free Mentality Will Cost You!

the free mentality
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We all like free things. If someone tells you otherwise, he or she is lying to you. However, don’t let the word FREE fool you. Often times, the price of free can cost you. In this short article, I would like to go over the true cost of free when it comes to internet marketing or making money online and how the free mentality WILL cost you!

When seeking for a make money online opportunity, you’ll often encounter other individuals just like you searching for the free product that will turn them from rags to riches. Unfortunately, this is the kind of mentality that keeps you from becoming rich.

If you take a look at the top 1 percent of the world that are wealthy. They got rich because they chose a different path to life. They didn’t settle for a mediocre job like everybody else. Instead, a big part of their income comes from business profits and capital gains.— According to

Starting A Business Is Not Free

Now that you understand how the top 1 percent of the world accumulates their wealth. It’s time to replicate it. Now, don’t worry, you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a business.

Nowadays, there’s something called online businesses and there are many ways to go about. Here’s a small list that I prepared for you:

  • Affiliate marketing (referring customers to a vendor to earn a commission).
  • eCommerce (opening an online store selling products at retail, while you buy at wholesale).
  • Blogging (creating quality content and earning money through advertisements)

*Before we get any further, I want to state that blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. You can have both advertisements and affiliate offers on your blog.— That’s typical affiliate marketing, but I do recommend building your email list and promoting affiliate programs through emails for repeat customers.

Even though there are various ways to make money online. There is ONE thing in common. They all require an initial investment. There’s no free meal in this world and it speaks true for online businesses too.

I Started For Free, But It Ended Up Costing Me Money

I thought it was free to start an online business
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Yup, I actually started my online business for free thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Even though I no longer host my website on their server. I still recommend them to all beginners. It’s one of the most simplified ways to get started even if you are not tech savvy. You’ll get the education you need to get started.

Keep in mind though, there is a catch for the price of free!

This is where the free mentality will cost you…

If you expect everything to be free from here on out. You’re better off just giving up now. You’re going to be investing a small amount of money to get your business going and that’s the truth.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great platform, but to fully take advantage of their resources. You will need to upgrade to their premium membership which will cost you $49.00 per month (the first month discounted to $19.00).

This is not unreasonable because how can the platform that teaches you how to make money, NOT make money? Would you trust this platform and do you think it will stay in business for long if everything is free?

*Still cheaper than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on bricks and mortar business right? Even bricks and mortar business is not a guaranteed success. You’re probably going to lose money for the first few years.

You Will Not Take Things Seriously If It’s Given For Free

Do you remember growing up as a kid, your parents would take you shopping and you would just buy anything you desire (almost anything). Well, that’s because it was free for you.

Chances are, you don’t really care much about the things you bought because you’ll just get your parents to buy something else next time!

Now, moving forward in time, hopefully, you’re not asking your parents to buy you things anymore. You’ll have to shell out hard earned cash to get the things you want. That’s why you are now more selective with what you buy.

You make sure that you really want/need it before you buy it. Therefore, you take what you buy more seriously. You know that it’s going to cost you money and that you don’t want to buy it again.

Starting A Business For Free Is Basically Starting A Business To Fail

I am not kidding you! If you don’t invest money in your online business. You’re not going to take a seriously because you don’t see a loss if you give up. Basically, it’s easy in and easy out.

Whereas if you invested money in your online business such as a domain name, web hosting etc. You’re going to take it more seriously because you’ve spent money.

If you’re starting a business for free, you’re probably not going to spend money on resources and tools to help scale your business. Consider that you’re competing against thousands or maybe even millions of other online businesses in the world.

Do you want to be at a disadvantage? Well, a free business is basically the dollar store competing against multi-million dollar empires.

My Final Words

Success is all in your mind. Don’t allow yourself to get consumed by the free mentality because nothing is free. Even if it’s free, it’s going to cost you time and time is money.

If there’s anything you should get for free it is to free yourself from the free mentality. Acknowledge that you’ll have to invest money in yourself before others are willing to invest in you.

If you want people to spend money on the products that you promote. You must first let them know that you’re worthy and being cheap is not a good impression.

Hope this short article helped and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. I’m always happy to help even if it’s for free. ????

Kind Regards,

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I thought it was free to start an online business
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4 thoughts on “The Free Mentality Will Cost You!”

  1. Hello Maria,

    Thank you for your kind words! It's absolutely true when you put a value on something, you will take it more seriously. I learned this when I bought my first car, it was expensive and I had to pay for it, so I took great care of it.


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