The Difference Between An Affiliate Network And Affiliate Program

The Difference Between An Affiliate Network And Affiliate Program
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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday (This post is probably going live weeks after Christmas)! The fun times will remain in our memory and it’s time to get back to business. Today, I will be answering a readers email in regards to the difference between an affiliate network and affiliate program. Which one should you apply for?

In this article, I will try to cover everything that I know between the two. Even though they sound similar and serves the same purpose. They are actually very different. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is An Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network is like a directory of affiliate programs. Examples of affiliate networks would be ShareASale, ClickBank, JVzoo, CJ Affiliate, etc.

Instead of finding affiliate programs on your own. An affiliate network enables you to pick and choose within one directory.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is set up by one company. An example of an affiliate program would be Wealthy Affiliate or ClickFunnels (I am an affiliate for both).

Unlike an affiliate network, it is not a directory, so you’re not going to promote different companies within.

Which One Is Better For Newbies?

There’s nothing wrong with either or, but personally, I recommend applying for an affiliate network for newbies. The reason why is that affiliate networks act as the middleman. They make sure that you as the affiliate gets paid the commission that you deserve.

I’ve personally joined affiliate programs where I’ve made the sale but never got paid. In fact, some of these companies shut down along with their affiliate program. To this very day, I still haven’t received my money.

This doesn’t happen with affiliate networks because, in order for an advertiser to list their affiliate program, they will need to have funds ready to be paid out.

When the funds are low, the affiliate networks will actually notify the affiliates that the advertiser is currently low on funds.

Also, most affiliate networks also provide you with training and recommendation. There’s nothing worse than jumping in the pool without proper training.

The Biggest Reason Why I Recommend Affiliate Network For Newbies

Most affiliate program carries a minimum payout threshold. For example, Google AdSense requires you to earn $100.00 before they pay you.

For a complete newbie, it will take time to accumulate enough money before you get paid. If you’re trying to make all the money from one affiliate program, it will take you longer to get paid.

In contrast, if you make sales from multiple affiliate programs within an affiliate network, you can meet your threshold much faster.

What To Look For In An Affiliate Program

If you decide to go with an affiliate program, I recommend that you do your research. How long has this company been around? The more reputable the company is, the less likely you will have issues with them paying you.

Generally, these companies offer higher-quality products to your audience anyway. That’s why I don’t promote everything that comes my way. By selectively choosing high-quality products and services, you will make more money and your audience will be more happy with your recommendations. It’s truly the best of ALL worlds.

In Conclusion

Both affiliate program and affiliate network are designed to pay you a commission for referring them a customer. Both good in their own ways, but depending on who you are promoting, joining an affiliate network might be a better option.

After all, the biggest question you have as an affiliate is if you’re going to get paid. An affiliate network is more secure in that sense, but a reputable affiliate program will pay you just as reliably.

Hope this answers your question. If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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The Difference Between An Affiliate Network And Affiliate Program
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