The Brutally Honest Six Figure Mentors Review

the six figure mentors review
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Earlier, I reviewed a product called, “The Laptop Entrepreneurs” and they promoted Six Figure Mentors and that’s why I decided to do a separate review especially for it. In this review article, you will learn if the Six Figure Mentor is a scam and if it’s really worth the money.

I’ve reviewed many articles that relate to the make money online niche. Some are scams, some are legit. However, even some legitimate programs are not recommended for various reasons. Hopefully, all of your questions will be answered after reading this brutally honest review. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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The Six Figure Mentors Review

Name: The Six Figure Mentors
Price: $29.95 up to $20,000.00
Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
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The Six Figure Mentors – Product Overview

Both Stuart and Jay are veterans in the game of making money online. After conducting research on both owners, I’ve concluded that their names are tagged to other products that are deemed as scams, so I was quite skeptical during the initial response to the Six Figure Mentors.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like your typical one-page website with red flags everywhere. They’ve actually invested money in creating a very professional website. If I was new to the make money online industry, I would definitely see them as an authority and a company that I can probably trust.

However, with the power of the internet, it has enabled us to due diligence before spending our hard-earned money. It’s probably how you stumbled into this blog post. You wanted to know if The Six Figure Mentors is a scam before making a decision.

The Six Figure Mentors – For Existing Affiliate Marketers

If you’re already an affiliate marketer. The Six Figure Mentors offer a free affiliate program. You don’t have to buy your way in, but your earning potential is limited. This is against my reasoning for a good affiliate program.

After all, as an affiliate, you are bringing customers to these programs. There shouldn’t be limitations to how much you can earn simply because you didn’t want to pay to play.

Like the company MOBE which was recently shut down by the FTC. In order to become an affiliate, you are required to pay a fee. Afterward, if you want to promote their higher-tiered products for higher commissions, you must also buy into it first. Guess what? The Six Figure Mentors have a similar structure!

What To Expect When You Sign Up For The Six Figure Mentors

When you sign up for The Six Figure Mentors, you will learn how to make money online by promoting their own products. Basically, you will earn a commission when you recruit people who sign up through your affiliate link.

Also, you will earn commissions on people who were recruited by your downline of recruits too. Keep in mind, this is structured as a multi-level marketing company because you are not really selling a product. We all know what usually ends up for MLMs.

Also, you will get pitched into buying their expensive memberships and programs ranging from $29.95 up to $20,000.00! The following image is a payout structure from their website:

As you can see, in order to earn more money from their affiliate program, you’ll have to pay for high-tiered memberships. Also, as a beginner, you’re going to have a tough time promoting their products because you don’t have a loyal audience.

That means you can spend around $42,000.00 worth of high ticket programs plus recurring monthly fees and never recoup your investments. Also, based on their payout structure, the commission isn’t that great all!

For example, let’s say you can earn 10% of the DEA BLACK ($20,000.00). That means you’ll have to sell 10 of them to recoup your initial investment. That’s $200,000.00 in sales just to make $20,000.00. Let’s not forget that you’ll have to pay for the lower cost high ticket products plus memberships.

Is The Six Figure Mentors A Scam?

In my opinion, the Six Figure Mentor is NOT a scam, but I don’t recommend spending that much money on an affiliate program that is structured like MOBE which was recently shut down by the FTC.

Even though they offer a free affiliate program unlike MOBE, the way the payout is structured, it’s almost like they’re forcing you to upgrade to higher memberships and paying for high ticket products in order to advance.

Why spend all that money when you can create your own online business which costs way less than this. As a matter of fact, I started Smart Affiliate Hub with starting expenses of under $100.00 per year.

Why I Don’t Recommend The Six Figure Mentors

Since I don’t recommend The Six Figure Mentors, it’s only fair that I explain why! Well, here we go with my list of why I don’t recommend The Six Figure Mentors:

  • You’re not really building a long-term business: Since you’re getting done-for-you affiliate pages, you are limited to what you can promote. In this case, you are strictly promoting the products provided by The Six Figure Mentors. If they get shut down by the FTC, your money goes down the drain.
  • It’s just too expensive: Yup, everything about The Six Figure Mentors is expensive. It starts off with application fees, monthly fees, annual fees, and high ticket products. This is not how a new affiliate marketer should be introduced to the world of affiliate marketing. You can get free training and cost-effective ways elsewhere.
  • Problems with done-for-you affiliate pages: These done-for-you affiliate pages are not unique because it’s provided to anyone who’s willing to spend the money. Which means you will not get any free organic traffic because it will not contain original and fresh content. So you’ll have to invest in paid ads to generate traffic, increasing your already high expenses for signing up for The Six Figure Mentors.
  • The training is not worth the money: First of all, it doesn’t teach you how to create your own online business which allows you to promote anything you desire as long as it relates to your niche. It’s also super expensive! You’ll have to pay a $297.00 enrollment fee plus $97.00 per month. Now that’s insane!

As you can see, based on my list of issues with The Six Figure Mentors. I seriously don’t recommend you sign up for this program. There are many great alternatives out there for way less money.

Here Are My Recommended Alternatives

You are free to do whatever you please, but I do recommend the following alternatives because it’s far less expensive and risky compared to The Six Figure Mentors.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer and make money online. I recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the platform that started my journey to earning a passive income online. They carry a free membership where you can build 2 websites (sub-domains) plus foundation training to help you understand the entire concept of affiliate marketing.

Just to be clear, they do offer a premium membership which is $49.00 per month if you want to get your own domain name (recommended). It will also unlock their complete training courses, webinars, Jaaxy keyword research tool, affiliate boot camps, live chat, web hosting plus more.

Or if $49.00 per month is out of your budget, you can check out my free WordPress installation service. As long as you follow the instructions included in that article, you can get started for as low as $2.75 per month!

Once you have your own website, you can then produce content like this blog post that generates traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Plus, you can promote anything you like as long as it relates to your niche.

For example, if you sign up for my free WordPress installation service, I’ll get paid a commission when you sign up for Hostgator. Or, if you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and upgrades to their only upsell ($49.00 per month premium membership), I’ll get a recurring commission as long as you remain a premium member.— I get all of this without having to spend thousands of dollars to get started. 

Thanks again for reading! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave a message down below. I do check my emails as well as comments on a daily basis. If you need help with anything, I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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the six figure mentors review
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