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Survey Junkie 2020: Can You Really Earn Money Taking Surveys?

survey junkie review, survey junkie, what is survey junkie, is survey junkie a scam
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Welcome to my Survey Junkie Review! Those who have been around should know that I am not a huge fan of surveys. However, I do recommend a few survey providers for those who are looking to earn money on the side.

In this Survey Junkie review, I will go over whether it is a scam or a totally legit platform for making money while helping other brands deliver better service and products.

Survey Junkie Review


Survey Junkie earns an astonishing 3 out of 5 stars because the program is legitimate and free to join. However, it is not a recommended method if you are looking to make some serious money online. — You can earn money, but at the cost of sacrificing a lot of your time when you could’ve spent made more money elsewhere.

  • Survey Junkie


About: What is Survey Junkie? Survey Junkie is an online survey platform that pays its users for sharing their opinions. As you complete the surveys, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

Price: Free To Join

Pros: You can earn money, but the pay is quite low. Usually around $1.00 per survey. But that can add up as long as you’re consistent.

Cons: The pay is low and is not worth it if you are looking to replace your day job. 

Verdict: Survey Junkie is a good platform for those who are looking to add an additional income source to there life. However, I would only do this on my spare time and not expect too much.

Table of Contents

What Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an online survey platform where you fill out forms from third-party companies that are seeking consumer feedback to help improve their products and services.

When a survey is completed, you receive points which can then be redeemed for rewards such as cash money or gift cards. Survey junkie allows you to redeem for rewards after reaching $5.00.

Sounds simple enough, but how long does it take to obtain $5.00? The amount of points you can get per survey varies. You typically earn more points by completing the longer surveys. I’ve also reviewed a similar product called Swagbucks not too long ago.

How To Set Up Your Survey Junkie Account

1. Setting Up an Account

Getting started with Survey Junkie is extremely simple. You can either sign up using Facebook, Google, or Email. Shortly after, SurveyJunkie will ask you for the following:

  • Zip or Postal Code
  • Confirming your Country
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Gender

Survey Junkie will also ask you to complete your profile to pair you with companies who are looking for specific types of people to complete their surveys.

Survey Junkie also claims that by completing your profile, your chances of receiving more surveys with better rewards also increases.

survey junkie sign up, survey junkie, what is survey junkie, survey junkie review
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Adding The Survey Junkie Extension (150 Points)

After completing your profile, Survey Junkie will ask that you install the extension to your browser.

But doing so, you will earn an additional 150 points which are approximately $1.50. However, the extension must be active for at least 30 days.

So far, it seems that it’s quite easy to earn yourself enough to meet their threshold to cash out. But what’s really going to determine whether Survey Junkie is the payout.

Survey Junkie
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Completing The Surveys

To access your available surveys, simply head back to your Survey Junkie dashboard (if you left). From there, you will see a list of available surveys.

The surveys will also include how many points are available and approximately how long it takes to complete it. For example, 8 minutes for 40 points.

Unfortunately, there are limited surveys you can take at any given time which limits how much you can make.

sruvey junkie, is survey junkie a scam, what is survey junkie, survey junkie review
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Sometimes, you do get disqualified from a survey making it a total waste of your time.

The Pros Of Survey Junkie

  • Survey Junkie is absolutely FREE to join! Which means you don’t need money to get started. (Never sign up for a survey company that requires you to make a payment)
  • Great Redeemable Options (PayPal or Gift Cards – Personally, I prefer PayPal)
  • The website is easy to understand and navigate. (From registration, finding surveys, earning points, and redeeming points).
  • You are helping companies to better their products and services. (Survey Junkie will ask you to be completely honest when filling out the surveys)
  • Your input is completely confidential, so you will not get spammed by other companies.

The Cons Of Survey Junkie

  • You can earn more money doing other things online. 
  • You need a minimum of $5.00 (500 points) before you can redeem your money. (Most people give up before hitting the threshold)
  • Very time-consuming and boring when filling out surveys.
  • This can only be a supplemental income. (Don’t expect to get rich off of this website)
  • Survey Junkie is only available in the United States, Canada, and Australia. ( There are plans to expand to the United Kingdom and New Zealand)

What I Like And Dislike About Survey Junkie

What I Like:

Survey Junkie offers a help center with active support to answer any of your questions. It reassures that you will be taken care of if you have issues with receiving points after completing a survey. I’ve tried other survey websites and the support is nowhere near as great as Survey Junkie. 

What I Don’t Like:

Even though this website is FREE to join, it is still just a survey site. The surveys can take you anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes each, so you will need to do a lot of them before you actually reach the first 500 points to redeem for $5.00. You can only benefit from this if you have a lot of spare time.

You won’t be earning a decent living, but with dedication, you can definitely earn a few hundred dollars per month. I tried to do this for one hour straight and it was a struggle! I didn’t have fun at all, but that’s just me. You can definitely do other things online to earn much more money while having fun!

I also realized when you try to take a lot of surveys in one sitting, the payout decreases. First, you receive some surveys with a decent payout. After a few of them, you will notice the payout per survey begins to decrease.— It’s bad for you, but it’s great for companies that are seeking accurate information. When you try to complete a lot of surveys in one sitting, you’re probably not taking each survey very seriously.

In Conclusion

Overall, Survey Junkie is not a scam. And I do recommend them to people who are looking to earn a little money on the side. But I don’t recommend them to people who want to replace their job.

Why? The payout is quite generous compared to most of the other ones I’ve seen, but it’s probably not enough to make a difference in your life.

Would I spend more time on their surveys? Absolutely not! I can earn a lot more money passively by spending my time on my website creating content and promoting products and services that I trust.

If you have a niche website that you are passionate about, you will end up having way more fun and making more money in the long run.

Let’s use my website for example! Smart Affiliate Hub is my affiliate marketing business. It allows me to educate others online on how to make money. As a bonus for my effort, I am making money passively.

Did you enjoy this review? Please share this with your friends and other online marketers who are searching for ways to generate more traffic at the cost of pennies.

survey junkie review, survey junkie, what is survey junkie, is survey junkie a scam
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