How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

how to make money as a stay home mom
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Do you want to learn how to start a blog as a stay at home mom? I remember growing up with my younger brother, my mother would stay home while my father would make money to provide for the family.

She enjoyed our company, but at times she would stress about not being able to contribute financially.— To my mom, it was a blessing and a curse. 

In Chinese culture, men are supposed to work and financially support the family while women are supposed to stay at home and take care of household chores. This is far from the truth in today’s society. We all believe in equality and I’m a firm believer that we can all contribute.

In my opinion, once you have kids, it’s nearly impossible to work a full-time job as a mother unless you can afford to hire a nanny. The problem with hiring a nanny is that you’ll miss out on the development process of your children.

And personally, that’s the most important part of being a parent.

Also, depending on where you live, your husband’s income can only go so far. With the cost of living constantly on the rise, having a supplemental income is extremely impactful. So, in order to have the best of both worlds, you will have to find a way to generate income working at home and be able to spend time with your lovely children.

Over the years, many mothers are starting their own blogs and making money. One extremely effective way to leverage a blog is through affiliate marketing. In short, you’ll earn a commission by referring a customer to the affiliated company. This is totally legitimate and big companies like Amazon offers such a program. To start such a venture is as easy as picking up a journal.

Starting A Blog Is As Easy As Picking Up A Journal

starting a blog is as easy as writing a journal
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Many years ago, starting a blog can be quite challenging because you needed to know a little about HTML, CSS, etc. Fortunately, times have changed, and starting a blog is as easy as picking up a journal.

You can get started for free by using platforms such as WordPress, Wix, or Blogspot. Personally, I prefer WordPress because it’s not as complex as the other platforms.

Just recently, I discovered that you can create a website using Google Sites. If you are looking to create a long-term brand for yourself, I wouldn’t use Google Sites.

When I first started, I created my first website through Wealthy Affiliate. They offer both a free and premium membership plan. I highly recommend checking them out if you want to get your feet wet and learn more about affiliate marketing.

How To Start A Blog

For your convenience, you can use the form below to create your own blog. It’s under Wealthy Affiliate, the same platform that I started with. You don’t need to buy anything as long as you remain a free member. In fact, I don’t recommend upgrading to their premium membership until you check out there tools and courses.

Choosing A Domain Name

Before you choose your domain name, you’ll want to think of a topic that your blog is going to be about. Your domain name doesn’t have to contain your topic keywords. There are many bloggers who use their own name as their domain name.

But you don’t want to use the domain name Basketball Warehouse when your blog is going to be about household supplies.

As you can see, my website name is Smart Affiliate Hub. What I provide here on my blog is how to make money through affiliate marketing. I also review other related make money online products to debunk whether it’s legitimate or a scam to my readers.

Regardless of which platform you decide to use, you will always have to select a name for your blog or website. The free version of WordPress, Wealthy Affiliate, Wix, or Blogspot will provide you with a subdomain name (example:

If you decide to be a long term blogger, I recommend you to pay for a domain like me, so your website URL will only contain ( Don’t rush when it comes to choosing your blog’s name because the name will become your brand. Here’s a tutorial I wrote on how to choose a domain name.

Invest In Your Blog To Help It Grow

invest in yourself, invest in your blog
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After a while, you will slowly see yourself blogging for fun because it has become a habit. This is when you want to invest in your blog. If you haven’t registered an actual domain yet, you should do so now because this will take your blog to the next level.

My recommended platform comes with a monthly fee of $49 (Click Here To See What It Comes With), but it comes with a lot of perks that have helped many moms in the world to create a sustainable full-time income online.

Maybe one day, you will make more than your husband while staying at home.

Once you have your own personal domain (Example:, you can now use it as a brand name to create social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, etc).— Social media will allow you to connect with other people and ultimately lead to more traffic (People) to your website.

Why I Recommend Joining My Recommended Platform: Besides the obvious that I’ll earn a commission. You will also receive additional training on how to monetize your blog through search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, you will also open the door to networking opportunities with people just like you! It does take time to start making money through blogging, but once you’re starting to see revenue, it will only continue to increase!

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions in regards to how to make money as a stay at home mom. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below!

How To Make Money As A Stay Home Mom
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2 thoughts on “How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I like how this can apply for work at home dads as well. Maybe my wife can try this out as well. Imagine both parents working at home...the best of both worlds. Spending time with family while making money.

  2. Hey Jordan,

    This is one of the reasons why I work online. I don't like being tied down to a job, nor do I want someone to dictate my life. Working a regular job has made me realize how little freedom we have. Sure, nobody forces you to go to work, but you need money to live... so in a sense... you are forced to work.


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