Spin Rewriter Review – Yay or Nay?

Spin Rewriter Review
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Similar to a previous article that I reviewed called Quick Article Pro. I am going to get straight to the point and say that I do not recommend the use of article spinners, rewriters, etc. Which means my input on Spin Rewriter will be exactly the same. I’m telling you just in case you don’t want to read this entire article. ????

In my opinion, people read from those they like. That’s why some authors sell out their books during the initial release why others have books that nobody cares about. The same applies to a blog. Your work is what makes you unique. In this article, I will be giving you my honest review on Spin Rewriter. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Product Overview

Founder: Aaron Sustar

Price: $47.00/month – $77.00/year – $497/lifetime

My Opinion: Compared to Quick Article Pro, Spin Rewriter rewrites content and provides you with different versions. In my opinion, it is quite intelligent, but unfortunately, nothing beats creating your own unique content. After all, you’re a person and the software is simply a computer program.

What tends to happen is poor content ranks poorly. Also, articles generated by these software tends to deliver poor user-experience which increases bounce rates and decreases conversion.

My Rating: 1 out of 5 stars. Even though Spin Rewriter is NOT a scam. I cannot recommend it to any of my readers simply because it will not help them make money online in the long run.

What Is A Better Alternative? The best alternative actually costs no money at all and it’s you. Yes, it requires more effort, but it’s probably less effort compared to working a regular 9 to 5 job.

Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Spin Rewriter

Reason #1: Quality Issues

The core function of Spin Rewriter is to take content (whether it’s your own, or somebody else’s) and rewrite it to produce a completely new article. However, the biggest problem again is that it’s not created by a human. It’s almost like using computer-generated voice-over! It delivers low quality and a poor user experience.

Reason #2: Doesn’t Make Sense If You Create Your Own Content To Spin

Where are you going to get content, to begin with? If you’re trying to spin your own content. It’s only going to create more copies talking about the same thing but in different variations. Also, I noticed that as you spin each article over and over again. The quality tends to drop like flies. So what is the point in this if you’re going to create your own content, to begin with?

Reason #3: Copyright Infringement

There is a possibility that you’ll get hit for copyright infringement if you decide to steal content from others (I don’t recommend this at all) and use Spin Rewriter to recreate a new article. If you think about it, there are probably 100s of thousands of users using this very software. What do you think will happen if another user spins the exact article and uses the exact same variation as you did?

Reason #4: Google Is Not Stupid

Definitely, don’t try to game Google because Google knows how to play the game. Over the year, millions of bloggers have had their websites penalized because they were trying to trick Google.

They are still around because they deliver positive user experience. Trying to game Google will only get you in trouble. It’s like playing with fire… eventually you’ll get burned. Just don’t do it!

My Final Thoughts

I’m sure it’s pretty obvious by now that I have nothing good to say about Spin Rewriter. I cannot recommend this product as long as it produces negative results for SEO and more importantly user experience.

After blogging for a full year now, I understand how difficult it is to write your own blog posts. And, I also understand the temptation there is to take the easy way out.

But believe me, producing your own content is going to help you build an audience. You and your work is going to be the reason why people come back to your website. That’s something a software cannot replicate.

With practice, you will be an excellent writer! Before starting Smart Affiliate Hub, I was not a frequent writer or typer. The only time you’ll catch me typing is text messaging.

The good news is, anyone can do it! If you can text message, write emails, or tweet on Social Media, then you have more than enough skills to become a blogger.

With time, you will not only become a professional blogger for your own blog, but you’ll also be able to generate passive income through blogging and affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more about how to make money online (the right way). You can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, an all-inclusive platform that enables you to create your website and learn the fundamentals of making money online. Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate here.


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Spin Rewriter Review
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