Solo Build It Review 2021 ( Is It A Scam?

Solo Build It Review
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Great platform with lots of great training, but some are outdated. Comes with a 90 day risk-free, so feel free to try it out first.

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The Brutally Honest Review 2021

  • Website:
  • Name: Solo Build It (Formerly known as Site Build It)
  • Claims: Teaches you how to create a profitable online business.
  • Price: $19.99 Monthly or $299.00 Annually
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Founder: Ken Evoy

The Fake Reviews On Solo Build It

During my research on Solo Build It, I noticed that there were many fake reviews that bash others in order to promote Solo Build It.

However, I do accept the fact that there are lots of fake reviews circulating no matter what product you are looking for.

I am an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate as well as many other products, but I will NOT trash talk others just to promote my own.

Solo Build It offers you a 90-day risk-free, so I’d try it out and explore the resources and tools they provide. As long as it offers a money-back guaranteed, there’s no harm in exploring what they have.

You can also try my recommended platform which is completely free to start with NO trial period called Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to take advantage of ALL the features; a premium member is a must.

Don’t base your decision entirely on a review especially if you can try it out first (for free). You should finalize your decision based on experience. (Personal Experience).

What Is Solo Build It?

Solo Build It is a company that claims to help anyone build an online business in a simple manner where the hard work is done for you.

It is completely beginner-friendly as long as you follow their step-by-step instructional action guide. Sounds great right? Well, let’s see if Solo Build It truly lives up to its words.

Breaking Down What Solo Build It Offers

Solo Build It offers 2 types of memberships, a monthly ($29.99) or annually ($299.00). It’s not as expensive as many other platforms and it provides you with the following:

A website includes hosting: Solo Build It makes it easy to create a website and allows you to choose different templates to customize your website based on your niche.

They have incorporated WordPress into their system which is great because they used to build websites on the HTML platform which is considered old school.

In-depth training: Solo Build It provides you with training on how to get indexed on search engines, gain website traffic, and how to monetize your website to make money.

The System Is Broken Down Into 4 Steps (C-T-P-M)

CTPM for Solo build it
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  • C which stands for Content: You’ll learn how to add relevant content to your website.
  • T which stands for Traffic: You’ll learn how to get traffic to your website. This part directly correlates to content, but also through the use of keywords to increase your content search results.
  • P which stands for Pre-Sell: This is where you plant the seeds in your visitor’s head to prepare them for a sale. This also directly correlates to content because it’s part of building authority. People buy from those who they believe know what they are talking about.
  • M which stands for Monetize: This is where you want to be, to make money. This is achieved by doing all the above. When you look like an authority figure, you are more likely to create more sales and leads. It’s almost like saying, “Fake it until you make it!

Keyword and Niche Research Tool: With the use of the Keyword and Niche Research Tool, you can find and choose a niche for your online business. (What do you want your business to be about?)

You can also use this Keyword and Niche Research Tool to find keyword phrases (low competition) that people type into search engines that relate to your niche.

A keyword & niche tool: This tool helps you pick a niche or subject matter you want to build your online business under. Typically, people will choose something they can relate to and/or an already existing physical business they want to take to the online world.

There are a few of these tools in the market and the one that I use for my websites is known as Jaaxy Keyword and Niche Research Tool.

Verifying Success Through Alexa (Traffic)

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I noticed a section where they mentioned “Verifiable”. This is done through Alexa which tracks a website based on the amount of traffic.

The results are given in the form of a score which indicates how well the website is performing in terms of traffic. Most people use it as a form of bragging right, but there’s one flaw!

Alexa ranking is NOT a great way to judge a website because Alexa bases its rankings on websites that have the Alexa toolbar installed. What if the website doesn’t have the toolbar installed? That means Alexa cannot accurately tell how much traffic the website is actually getting.

Let’s say you have 1000 visitors per day, but you don’t have the Alexa toolbar installed. The website with 100 visitors per day with the Alexa toolbar installed would outrank you. How is that fair? Well, it isn’t.

This is where I don’t understand why they use Alexa as a form of verifying the success of websites built using their platform. Is it just another bragging right?

The Pros And Cons Of Solo Build It

The Pros of Solo Build It

  • Solo Build It provides a lot of great training, tools, and resources for beginners looking to create an online business.
  • Solo Build It comes with a forum where you can interact with each other for advice.
  • The price is very competitive for what you get. It is much less than most competitors.
  • It comes with Website Building and Hosting! (Very convenient)
  • Newsletter manager (Email Leads are very important for an online business!)
  • Autoresponder for your newsletter.
  • Finally allows you to build your website with WordPress.

The Cons of Solo Build It

  • The Forum Support isn’t great.
  • Although, you are given a lot of great training. Some of them are outdated.

My Final Thoughts On Solo Build It

Overall, it’s a great platform to start and I’m glad they’ve integrated WordPress into their system. However, some training is still outdated.

It’s not too bad as long as they update their training because Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithm. It’s very important to stay on top of that especially if you claim to help people build successful online businesses.

Would I recommend Solo Build It? Absolutely! Try it out and see if they meet your expectations within the first 90 days. If not, jump ship and try something else.

Did you enjoy this review? Please share this with your friends and other online marketers who are searching for ways to generate more traffic at the cost of pennies.

If you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment on the comment section below.

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