Should You Add Google AdSense On A New Blog?

Should I Add Google AdSense Ads On My New Blog?
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A commonly asked question in the blogging community is, “Should I Add Google AdSense Ads On My New Blog”? That’s why I would like to address this question here today.

For those who didn’t know, Smart Affiliate Hub was approved for Google AdSense 14 days after launch. That’s crazy, isn’t it? A small blog like mine was approved for Google AdSense in such a short time frame.

I’m sure lots of new bloggers out there wishes that their blog gets approved this quickly. However, let me tell you why it’s actually a bad idea to have Google Ads on your blog too early in your career.

My friend has been asking me what the heck happened to all of your Google Ads? Well, I minimized it and will eventually remove it completely. If you take a look at my blog right now, I only have ONE Google Ad running.

In 2003, years after the dotcom crash. Google single-handedly revived the internet by introducing Google AdSense. During the time, it was one of the best ways to make money online.

Every blogger was trying to monetize their blog with Google Ads, but it’s not the best way to make money online today.

In this article, I am going to go over why you should not use Google AdSense for your blog. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Why You Should Not Use Google AdSense For Your Blog

First of all, I don’t hate Google AdSense, I just don’t think it’s a universal monetization method for everyone. Especially for those who are just starting out as a blogger.

The purpose of this article is to properly educate new bloggers and friends, so they don’t end up getting disappointed and eventually quit.

Many new bloggers believe that all you have to do is create a blog post and allow Google Ads to make the money. It’s definitely not as simple as it sounds.

Also, the money you can make from Google Ads is certainly not enough for anyone with low traffic.

Reason #1. Google AdSense Drives Traffic Away From Your Blog

When you first start a blog, you should be focusing on building a readership (traffic). Google AdSense will help you to do the opposite.

Do you want to know why?

When someone clicks on an Ad, they’ll get sent to the advertiser while leaving your website. Unlike links that you can control.

A Google Ad does not open in a new tab. Which means, once they leave, they’re not likely to come back.

In order to really make money using Google AdSense, your readers will have to click on an Ad. That means, in order to really make money, your readers will have to leave your blog.

Google takes a small percentage of the money, so by earning a few cents or maybe a dollar or two, you’re potentially losing a reader, a subscriber, a sale, etc. Is it worth it? Absolutely not.

Reason #2. Google AdSense Will Decrease Email Opt-In Rate

In a blog, you only have so much space to show your readers what they’re in for. Email marketing is one of the strongest marketing strategies to build a relationship and to make sales outside of your website.

However, the hardest part is capturing emails from your readers. A shiny Google Ad that screams, click me, will not make it easier for your readers to opt-in.

Instead: You should focus on building your email list, so you can build a relationship with your readers. It doesn’t matter where your readers decide to go after they’ve subscribed to your newsletter.

Start Your Email List!

Claim your 30-day free trial with AWeber. The same email marketing provider that I use.

Reason #3. Google AdSense Will Decrease Affiliate Marketing Conversions

The same problem as reason #2. You’re going to have a lower affiliate marketing conversion because of the shiny Google Ads. Affiliate marketing is where the good money is being made.

Why jeopardize it with something that earns pennies on the dollar?


Once you have subscribers, you can send now them information on products and services that you feel will benefit them. Example, If you run a fitness blog, you can send now send them fitness related products with affiliate links.

Reason #4. Once You Get Banned, You Can Never Get Back In

Once you get banned from Google AdSense, you can kiss it goodbye because you’re not going to get back in the program again. This can be a problem because if you’re running lots of Google Ads on your website.

It’s probably your biggest source of income. Like I mentioned in reason #2 and #3. It’s hard to make money with other methods if you have shiny Google Ads all over your blog.

In Conclusion

These are my reasons why you shouldn’t add Google AdSense to your blog. However, there is nothing wrong if you decide to do so.

If you decide to add Google AdSense early on in your blogging career. Do so in a way that you are not bombing your readers with ads.

I’ve seen new bloggers place Google Ads all over their blog and blog posts. It makes it very difficult to read or to gain value. When you place Google Ads everywhere, it’s quite obvious that your intention is to maximize your click-through-rate.

What’s your opinion on adding Google ads on a new blog? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

Kind Regards,

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Should You Add Google AdSense On A New Blog?
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2 thoughts on “Should You Add Google AdSense On A New Blog?”

  1. Hello Eric,

    Thank you for this post! You've highlighted some valuable points about Good Ads. Have you experienced the ads slowing down your site?


  2. Hi Sigrid,

    You are very welcome! I only have one Google Ad on my blog, so even if there is a slowdown. I wouldn't really notice haha! Is it slowing down your website?


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