SEO vs PPC – Which One Should You Do?

seo vs ppc
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Do you want to increase traffic to your blog? After talking to a few other online business owners. I came up with SEO vs PPC. Just in case you didn’t know. SEO is search engine optimization and PPC is pay per click. So which one is better?

During my short interview, I asked the group who uses SEO what they think about PPC and vice versa. The SEO group thinks that organic traffic is the best way. Whereas the PPC group thinks that SEO takes far too long to generate results.

Both arguments are valid because I have used both methods to generate traffic to my blog. PPC is definitely more predictable and can be measured from the data you collect within hours of setting up your PPC campaign. Conversely, SEO is not as simple as paying for traffic. Nobody fully understands what Google or other search engines are looking for.

We base SEO on things that seem to work, so the results will vary. You might get viral traffic from a viral content, but that can all go away within a couple hours or days.

Instead of choosing one, why not work with both? PPC will get you traffic now, but SEO will get you traffic over time. That’s why I tell all of my readers to not ignore SEO. Do you want long-term success or short-term success?

It Is Expensive To Ignore SEO

it is expensive to ignore seo
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As you can see, I produce content daily. I also optimize each content, so it can rank higher on the search engines. When someone searches for a specific keyword, Google will analyze the relevance of your blog posts and rank you accordingly. If you appear on the first page, you’ll capture most of the traffic. The traffic you get through the search engine is cost-free!

If you go the PPC route, you’ll get traffic faster, but you’ll have to bid for terms that relate to your website. For example, if you want to show up for the keyword, “make money online” the cost per click is about $1.49. It might not sound like a lot to you, but the cost will add up lots of clicks.

Let’s say you received 96 organic visitors through SEO today, that equates to 2,880 organic visitors per month. If you want to duplicate the same results through PPC, you will have to spend at least $4,291.20 per month.

***SEO will take some time to achieve those results, but it will definitely save you lots of money in the long run.

When I told this to the PPC business owners, they were laughing at me because they were still profiting from their PPC investment. However, my income is almost pure profit.

Sure it sounds impressive when you’re telling someone that you’ve grossed $200,000.00 that month. However, it’s not so impressive anymore when in reality it cost you around $150,000.00 to make it.

What are you input on this? Do you use SEO, PPC, or both? Please leave your answer in the comment section below.

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