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The Best Resources For SEO Information
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With so much information on the internet, it’s easy to stumble upon low-quality websites. When it comes to SEO, it’s important that you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest information.

In fact, I’ve learned a lot from some of the best and that’s why I want to provide you with a list of SEO websites that I find extremely helpful. Hopefully, this can help you with your online business as well.

My Top Resources For SEO Information


Get up to date information from SEO blogs that I follow! These are blogs that I conduct my research to provide you with up-to-date information.

  1. Search Engine Land: As the name implies, you can find great news in regards to the search engine and search engine optimization.
  2. Moz Blog: I’m sure most of you have heard or used Moz before. Check out blog posts from Moz staff as well as other experts here!
  3. Search Engine Guide: Learn all about SEO for small businesses.
  4. Search Engine Watch: You can find everything under the moon when it comes to SEO.
  5. Quicksprout: If you want to learn about internet marketing and SEO, Neil Patel is your guy.
  6. Neil Patel: This is another website owned by Neil Patel. Again, a great source of information for SEO and marketing.
  7. Search Engine Journal: Another amazing SEO news blog that gives you up-to-date information.
  8. SEO Black Hat: Learn about Black Hat, White Hat, and Grey Hat SEO here.
  9. Google Blog: Get information from Google’s main blog.
  10. Online Marketing Blog: Here you can find information on content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, social media, and more
  11. John Chow: An inspiring internet marketer and blogging who made his wealth through blogging and affiliate marketing.
  12. Zac Johnson: Learn affiliate marketing tips from this expert!
  13. Search Engine Roundtable: Another great blog if you want to learn all about search engines.
  14. Matt Cutts: An engineer that works at Google and also serves as the head of Google’s webspam team.
  15. Wolf Howl: A blog that talks about the truth behind SEO.
  16. SEO: As the name implies, it’s all about SEO. You can get up-to-date information from SEO experts here.
  17. Alexa Blog: Learn about SEO from the famous Alexa.

SEO Tools:

SEO is a lot of work and it takes a long time. Here are some tools that I personally use that can help you rank well on search engines!

  1. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool: Find short-tail and long-tail keywords to help you rank your content on search engines.
  2. Google Search Console: See how Google looks at your website! This is an awesome tool provided to you by Google.
  3. SEO For Firefox: A must-have tool for your Firefox browser. It gives you competitive research data on search engines.
  4. Meta Tag Analyzer: Analyze websites for keyword density.
  5. Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool: A free keyword research tool by Neil Patel.
  6. SEOptimer: Optimize your website for SEO using this free analyzer tool.
  7. SEO Analyzer: A free tool by Neil Patel to analyze your website for SEO.
  8. BuzzSumo: Analyze what content performs best for your competitors. An excellent tool to use on top of your SEO strategy.
  9. Ahrefs: An amazing backlink tracker! Find out who is linking to your competitor’s blog. Use this information to create better content and reach out to those to link to yours instead.
  10. SEOmoz’s Tools: Find some of the best SEO tools in the market. It’s not free, but totally worth it.
  11. Google’s Keyword Planner: Looking to use Google ads to market your business? Get an idea of how many clicks you can expect to get from certain keywords.
  12. SpyFu: Find your competitors’ most profitable keywords for paid and organic search.
  13. Digital Point: A collection of SEO tools that you can use for free.
  14. Wordtracker: Another free keyword research tool for internet marketing.


Forums are great places to connect with like-minded individuals. What I find really helpful is that you can ask questions and have the community response to it.

  1. SEO Chat Forum: An extremely popular forum that talks about SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and other internet marketing topics.
  2. Warrior SEO Forum: Have a question regarding SEO? Have an SEO expert get back to you on it.
  3. Moz Forum: One of the best places to talk about SEO with other members of the community.
  4. SEO Mastering Forum: Learn about SEO and website promotion trends and techniques.
  5. Digital Point Forum: One of the most active SEO forums in the world.
  6. Apex Forum: Discuss black hat SEO, white hat SEO, and other marketing methods here.

Other Resources:

Besides blogs, tools, and forums. I also use these websites for valuable SEO information.

  1. Marketing Terms: Here’s a dictionary to help you understand all of the marketing terms that you’ll come across.
  2. Search Engine Colossus: Check out this international directory of search engines. Search in different languages especially if you want to target internationally.
  3. Wordstream SEO FAQ: 33 Frequently asked questions and answers about SEO.
  4. Google SEO Guidelines: Learn what SEO is about by Google themselves.
  5. Simplifying SEO: As the name implies, learn about SEO in a simplified way.
  6. Moz SEO Beginner’s Guide: A detailed guide on SEO for beginners by Moz! There are a few chapters, so take your time to absorb all the information.
  7. QuickSprout Advanced Guide To SEO: An advanced guide to SEO by Neil Patel. Like the Moz SEO Beginner’s guide, there are a few chapters as well.

In Conclusion

That concludes my list of the best SEO resources for information. With the evergrowing world of SEO and changes in search engine algorithms, it is important that you stay up-to-date with the right information.

There are many great resources out there, I’ve only listed the ones that I’ve personally dealt with. Out of all of them, I started my journey to making money online through a platform called, Wealthy Affiliate.

To help you understand the fundamentals of internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, PPC, etc. Wealthy Affiliate comes with up-to-date information including videos to help you get started.

The good news is, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join a platform that already comes with a ton of valuable information. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Do you know other awesome SEO resources that I didn’t mention in this article? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

The Best Resources For SEO Information
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