Quick Article Pro Review! Why I Don’t Recommend It.

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Writing articles can be tedious especially if you’re the only writer. That’s why some people search for solutions without breaking a bank to hire freelance writers. It’s okay to outsource for help, but only if done properly. There are programs out there designed to help you write content and that is a big no-no.

In this article, I will go over a problem that a reader showed me via email called, Quick Article Pro. In the email, he asked if it’s okay to use software to help create content for you. Instead of answering this question over and over again in the future, I decided to just write an article about it. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Quick Article Pro In A Nutshell

To completely dissect what http://www.quickarticlepro.com/ is all about. I will go over the 3 products that they offer:

Product #1. Quick Article Pro: Designed to take away the content production part of your job and do it for you. Basically, you select a topic and the program will produce the content for you. Price: $49.99

Product #2: Quick Article Submitter: Designed to submit articles you produced with Quick Article Pro and distributes them across directories. According to their website, they’ll submit your articles to more than 400 directories (updated regularly). This is designed so you can get lots of traffic and sales without having to do the marketing. Price: $49.99

Product #3: Quick Article Spinner: This is the program that takes content and re-words it. For example, with this program, you can basically copy my articles and have the program reword it and turn into a completely new article. Price: $49.99

As you can see, according to the features, it’s best if you purchase all 3 which can cost you up to $149.97. However, right now, they are offering a deal if you were to purchase their bundles:

  • Quick Article Submitter + Quick Article Spinner = $89.95 (Savings: $10.03)
  • Quick Article Pro + Quick Article Submitter + Quick Article Spinner = $99.95 (Savings: $50.02)

Obviously, the best deal is the bundle with everything which can save you 50 bucks! Now they do have free trials, so you can try it out before spending your money.

I Would Never Buy It Myself

Yup, I just told you that I would never buy it myself because I know programs like these are not worth it. Chances are, you will get penalized by Google and other search engines for stealing contents. Besides bad rankings, you can potentially get nuked by Googles (say goodbye to organic traffic or listings on Google).

To give you a deeper explanation as to why I would never buy any of the Quick Article Pro software, I will go over each of them individually.

Why I Don’t Recommend Quick Article Pro

According to their description, you are basically getting a program to do the research for you. You basically enter the topic and allow the program to find all the relevant information. Now the problem is, you’re getting content, information, etc from someone else without their knowledge or consent.

This is also known as plagiarizing. We all know that black hat methods like this don’t last very long. If you’re going to play with fire, you’re eventually going to get burned. Do it right the first time, so you don’t have to suffer the consequences in the long run.

Why I Don’t Recommend Quick Article Submitter

Now unlike the first program, the Quick Article Submitter is designed to submit your articles to over 400 directories. Here’s the problem… most directories are dead with low ranking authority.

After all, it’s supposed to get you more traffic and sales, but what good is it if nobody is actively using those directories? Also, the directories will usually have low ranking authority, so good luck getting your articles visible on the higher pages of search engines. In other words, the Quick Article Submitter is just a gimmick and a total waste of money.

Why I Don’t Recommend Quick Article Spinner

Similar to the first program, Quick Article Pro, the article spinner is designed to reword the original content. So basically, you’re stealing other people’s work and rewording it to make it your own.

Note: You can certainly spin your own content, but you’re probably not going to create your own content if you’re using programs like these.

When using article spinners, you’ll realize that the content produced is hard to read because it’s computer generated. Even if by any chance, the spun article ranks high on the search engines. That will not last very long because it’s all about user experience.

Computer generated content will always do poorly because people will have a hard time deciphering what the article is about. It’s almost like listening to robot voices on YouTube videos.

My Final Thoughts On Quick Article Pro

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I am NOT going to recommend this program to anyone because you are basically stealing content, rewording it, and using it for yourself. The whole idea of making money online through blogs is to have a voice of your own. To help your readers solve a problem.

By using programs like Quick Article Pro, you are doing the complete opposite. You’re also putting yourself at risk of getting nuked by search engines which will then destroy your website. What’s the point after getting removed from the search engines?

Instead, you need to stop searching for the easy way out. Successful people didn’t become successful because they found the magic bullet. They worked hard day and night to get to where they are today.

  • Produce your own content because your readers would like to hear from you.
  • Produce high-quality content that provides a positive user experience.

If you need help to generate content. I recommend that you check out my article on how to create highly relevant content that actually drives sales.

Kind Regards,

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Quick Article Pro Review
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2 thoughts on “Quick Article Pro Review! Why I Don’t Recommend It.”

  1. A very insightful article on Article Pro and others Eric. I have heard of these two, but upon your review of them, I will not go near them. You are quite right about UX. That is what it should be all about. I expected things to have advanced beyond the robot like text by now, but they obviously haven't.

    Thanks for this helpful post


  2. Hello Simon,

    Thanks for stopping by! Absolutely. Many people are trying to game the system, but Google is not stupid. They know in the end it's all about the user experience. As long as you focus on user experience, you are pretty much immune to any of their algorithm changes.


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