Next Job At Home Review 2021: Is It A Scam?

next job at home review
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Welcome to my Next Job At Home Review 2021. Are you struggling to make ends meet? Were you recently laid off and in search of a new job? Thanks to a reader, I discovered Next Job At Home. Now there are many job posting websites out there. Some are legitimate and some are scams.

If you’re wondering if Next Job At Home is a scam, then you’ve come to the right place! From my past experience, it’s a good idea to doubt all opportunities even if it contains the word job. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Next Job At Home Review 2021

Name: Next Job At Home
Price: Free
Owners: Issac Klein
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What Is Next Job At Home?

At first glance, Next Job At Home looks like a legitimate website. It seems like a great opportunity for those who want to work at home on their own terms.

According to their homepage, Next Job At Home promises to deliver 100% work at home jobs, free services, new jobs sent daily, and they’re all established & reliable.

They also mentioned that their jobs and advertisements are screened for quality assurance. Simply use their form to sign up for their newsletter. Afterward, you’ll start receiving new job offers directly in your mails inbox.

The signup form seems to be free, but that doesn’t mean the job offerings are legitimate. I also noticed Google Ads on their website. Normally, it’s fine, but most agencies or legitimate websites don’t use Google Ads on their front page.

To better determine whether or not Next Job At Home is a scam. Let’s lookout for known red lags on scam products or services. Please continue reading!

Red Flags Discovered For Next Job At Home

The easiest way to determine if a product or service is a scam is by searching for red flags. It’s almost impossible to not find red flags if it’s legitimate.

Unfortunately, the majority of them make money online products and services out there are designed for one purpose; to take your money. Most are straight out scams and some are low quality that won’t do you any good.

Let’s check out the red flags that I’ve found on Next Job At Home:

Red Flag #1. Dates Don’t Match

next job at home wrong post dates
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I wanted to see what kind of job offerings they have and that’s when I discovered that the dates don’t match up. If the website is not competent enough to provide accurate data. How can I trust their offers? How do I know I’m not wasting my time applying for a job that is no longer available?

Red Flag #2. I Don’t Like ZipRecruiter

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ZipRecruiter is what they use to list their jobs on Next Job At Home. For those who have never used ZipRecruiter, they’re notorious for listing outdated jobs.

The problem with ZipRecruiter is that they don’t remove their jobs. This means you’ll find the same jobs over and over again on their listings.

Even though you can still apply for them, you’re probably not going to get the position because most of those companies are no longer searching for applicants.

Since the job offers at Next Job At Home are powered by ZipRecruiter. You can expect the same results. Outdated jobs that are no longer available.

Red Flag #3. Automated Daily Income (Advertisement)

automated daily income scam
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When checking their job offerings, you’ll discover advertisements listed in green. The one I saw, in particular, is called Automated Daily Income. A low-quality offer with hyped up earning potentials.

Also, once you click the link, it sends you to what I would consider a fake news page with direct links to Cash Website Success. I will be sure to do a separate review article on this.

If Next Job At Home is a legitimate website, why would they promote scam products like Automated Daily Income/Cash Website Success? With this red flag alone, I wouldn’t register for their newsletter or take on any offers.

Red Flag #4. Email Spam

next job at home comments
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If you ask me what I dread the most when giving up my email address am receiving spam. According to people who have previously used Next Job At Home, they’ve been spammed ever since they signed up for their newsletter.

This also applies to when you give away your phone number on any of their offers. I wanted to see for myself, so I opt-in on a throwaway email address just to see what happens.

Red Flag #5. Member Feedback Is Probably Fake

Next Job At Home has a member feedback section on the side of their website. One of the most basic ones I’ve seen thus far. Also, they don’t actually have a membership, so where are these members coming from? All you’re really doing is subscribing to their newsletter for updates on job offers.

Having testimonials and feedback definitely makes the website look more legitimate, but you can tell if one a fake if you’ve been in the make money online industry long enough.

Red Flag #6. Website Is Not Secure

next job at home not secured
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Most official or legitimate sources secures their website to protect their visitor’s information. It seems that Next Job At Home doesn’t care for it and that’s why their website is not secure.

I don’t recommend giving up any of your personal information to websites like Next Job At Home. That is if you don’t want to get spammed or annoyed.

Is Next Job At Home A Scam?

Next Job At Home is not a scam since they don’t require payment from you. However, they are funneling you to outdated offers plus scam products, so I can’t recommend them to anyone.

If you’re seeking a job, I would steer clear from Next Job At Home. You’re better off checking your local unemployment department.

Or if you’re searching for work at home opportunities, you can check out websites like Fiverr if you okay with becoming a freelancer. There you can provide products or services to make money online.

Also, if you want to build your own online business and passively make money online. I recommend that you continue reading to learn more.

A Legitimate Passive Income Online Method

Whether it is working online or offline, I always recommend that you create a system that works for you. The idea of trading hours for dollars is what drives me toward earning a passive income online.

Sure, it still takes time to write my blog posts, but once they’re indexed and live on the internet. It will continue to help me generate traffic and potential sales even when I’m sleeping.

This enables me to travel, spend time with my family, and do what I love while still making money.

If money is a problem and it’s preventing you from getting started. I do offer a Free WordPress Installation Service to all of my readers. The starting cost is not free, but you can get started f03or as low as $2.75 per month. That’s less than $0.10 per day.

Regardless of the method you choose. You can always reach out to me for support. I will personally respond back and do whatever I can to help you out.

If you have any additional questions, please leave a message down below and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

next job at home review
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