How To Never Run Out Of Content For Your Blog!

Are you running out of content to publish? Or are you having trouble generating a new blog post for your blog consistently? Consistency is very important in the eyes of Google as well as your readership. Your loyal readers are following you as you develop your website. Over time, they know the frequency of your content being published, so you can’t fool them.

Unfortunately, there will be days when you just can’t produce anything new. For example, when you’re sick. That’s why it’s so important to batch your content and sandbag it for another day.

Learning how to never run out of content for your blog will help you stay consistent with your publishing schedule. Over time, Google will recognize that and index your pages faster. And your readers will appreciate it.

What Is Batch Content

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By Editorial Calendar

The definition for batch is producing (quantity) of something all at once. Now if you include content to the text, it means producing a certain amount of content all at once.

Personally, when I have an idea in mind, I have to either write it down, type it up on my iPhone notepad, or just complete it right away. Otherwise, I will forget it.

The benefit of batching your work: You will reduce the stress that you would normally get if you have to come up with new ideas regularly. Plan it out, so you don’t have to think or worry about it.

Batch content can be used in many ways when it comes to making money online. You can consistently publish blog posts or YouTube videos.

Talking about YouTube videos, there are challenges hosted occasionally for those who are up for it. Usually, you are asked to post 1 video per day for 90 days.— This type of event usually carries a pot of cash prizes distributed to the winners who successfully complete the 90-day video challenge.

How To Batch Content

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Like most successful people, you can’t hope to succeed without a plan, so here’s what you need to do if you want to successfully batch your content.

Step #1. Write Down Your Ideas (Brainstorm)

  • Every time I’m on the road, I would listen to YouTube videos and other audio sources that relate to my niche. This gives me an idea of what I want to talk about next. Trust me, you’ll be surprised by how much you don’t know about your niche while doing this.
  • When you receive a question via the comment section of your articles, make sure you write it down because others are likely to ask the exact same question. You can now use this question to create another blog post.
  • Use social media to not only promote your latest blog posts but also search for inspirations to create your own content.
  • Constantly update your note of ideas, so you never run out of something to talk about.

Step #2. Research Keywords Related To Your Ideas (Use Jaxxy Keyword & Niche Research Tool)

  • After coming up with content ideas, the next step I like to take is researching keywords that would help me rank better on Google. To accomplish this, I choose to use what was given to me as a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate; Jaaxy Keyword & Niche Research Tool.

Step #3. Writing 7 Blog Posts All At Once (The Amount Is Up To You)

  • I try to publish bi-daily, so that’s why I would create so many articles in one day. It’s not that bad because each article will take me around 1 hour to finish the rough draft. The editing takes a bit more time, but that’s usually the finishing touch such as grammar/spell check and adding images.
  • You can adjust how many blog posts to batch in one sitting depending on your publishing frequency.— Don’t overwhelm yourself and burn yourself out.
  • It sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. What’s the average work hours for a regular job? 8 Hours per day? Basically, you’re spending a regular day of work plus less than an hour per day to publish and market your content.

Step #4. Publish And Market Your Content Like Usual

  • If you followed all the above steps, you can now enjoy waking up in the morning, not having to think about what to write. That’s because you’ve already finished content production and all you have to do for an hour or less today is to make sure it gets published and marketed properly.
  • When you market your content via Social Media, you can do it manually or have it on auto-pilot via social media sharing tools. — I don’t use this myself because I like to personally interact with my readers on social media…. after all.. it is a place for you to socialize right?

In Conclusion

If you don’t have the luxury of hiring content creators. You must strategize your approach to avoid burning yourself out. Trust me, spending 1 single day to produce a week’s worth of content is far easier than trying to come up with a new blog post each day.

That’s why many content creators batch their work for example YouTubers. Batching your work enables you to focus on other areas of your blog such as marketing.

I hope this article was helpful! If you need more assistance on how to never run out of content for your blog. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you out.

How To Batch Content
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CT Brown
2 years ago

Eric, once again I found direction and motivation from your article. It’s bed time here and after reading your blog that’s the least thing I want to to do.
Great advice. Thanks again!

Reply to  CT Brown
2 years ago

Hello CT,

Have a good night(: Sorry for the late response. I was actually finishing up two more articles that I am planning to publish within the next a few days.


Priya Doshi
2 years ago

Hi Eric
I really liked your post. It is very helpful to me as this point I am really stressed with blogging. It just looks like a ton of work. But your tips make it look very easy. I will definitely try batching!

Reply to  Priya Doshi
2 years ago

Hi Priya,

I’m glad you see the value in this article! Blogging should be fun and shouldn’t feel like a job. Definitely look into batching your content and I can guarantee that you will have more time to do what you want.