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My Home Job Connection Review 2020: Is It A Scam? It Certainly Seems Like It!

my home job connection, is my home job connection a scam, my home job connection review
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Welcome to my Home Job Connection review! My Home Job Connection poses as a job finding website. They claim to help you find work from home opportunities. 

From past experience, I am skeptical about this type of service. Because they usually lead you to another service that is apparently a scam.

Is This A Real Opportunity?


My Home Job Connection receives an astonishing ZERO stars out of 5. I don’t like the business model whoever the owner is. It’s very deceiving and only intended to waste your time to help him or her make money. There are many opportunities out there and this one truly is an opportunity… an opportunity to waste your time and maybe even your money.


About: What is My Home Job Connection? A website that claims to help match you with work from home opportunities.

Price: Free, but does have hidden charges down the line.

Pros: Honestly, I tried really hard to think of what’s good about My Home Job Connection. But I just can’t think of any.

Cons: They refer you to other scam websites. 

Verdict: I would stay away from My Home Job Connection if you really want to make money working from home.

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In a nutshell, My Home Job Connection is a job matching website that claims to help you find real work from home opportunities in your area based on your zip code. The attractive aspect of this claim is being able to make money while working at home.— Unfortunately, My Home Job Connection is only trying to refer you to sketchy websites that are most likely trying to scam you.

The jobs they refer are online businesses that require you to pay a fee to become a member. This can cost you anywhere from $100.00 or more. That means before you can check to see if it’s worth it… you’re already $100.00 in the hole.

This concept doesn’t make any sense to me. When you go to apply for a job, do you have to pay a fee? I’m going to assume the answer is no… so why should you pay a fee here?

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The Sales Pitch

First of all, you are asked to input your zip code, but here’s the funny part! No matter what zip code you enter, you will always receive the same results. (Great! We have 27 employers who want to hire home workers near your location).

Secondly, the questionnaires that follow are absolutely pointless. It is only used to make it sound more legit, but no matter what answers you give them. You will still get directed to the exact same member’s page.

sleazy salesperson
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What Happens After Signing Up

Note: I recommend that you give them fake information, so you don’t get spammed in your emails…

In the member’s page, you are given 3 steps (The list below sums up the 3 steps):

is my home job connection a scam, my home job connection review, my home job connection
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A similar product that I reviewed recently and is a complete scam. Check out my review on Internet Experts which is identical to Automated Daily Income.

The 3 Steps Provided By My Home Job Connection is designed to make them money, not you!

They are all affiliate products that pay a commission if you as the readers take action.

To make matters worse, the recommended tasks leads to products that are only designed to scam you.

Their Job Board Is Not A Scam, But...

Surprisingly, the job board is actually legitimate and it does feature job openings in your area. However, I don’t like their first approach by making you go through scam programs before giving you real results.

My Home Job Connection preys on innocent people who are searching for a way to make money. They attempt to make money by referring you to scam websites. Just so you don’t feel like you wasted your time… here are some legitimate job openings in your area to compensate on the money that you got scammed out of.

my home job connection, my home job connection review, is my home job connection a scam
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As you can see, the entire sidebar serves the purpose of misleading you back to scam products except for a few such as Swagbucks.

Although, as legitimate as Swagbucks is… good luck making any substantial amounts of money.

My Home Job Connection Pros

#1. It’s Free To Get Started

The Home Job Connection is absolutely free to start. But it does cost money as you progress.

My Home Job Connection Cons

#1. It’s Very Deceptive 

The truth is, My Home Job Connection is a scam. There is nothing good about it.


How Much Does Auto Home Job Connection Cost?

Free Membership

Hidden Fees
$ 0
  • Job board to help you find work in your area
  • Paid survey opportunities
  • Surf the web and get paid for it

In Conclusion

The entire website is designed to get you to sign up for affiliated products such as Automated Daily Income. It’s a scam product and I can’t stress enough about avoiding it at all cost!

The only legitimate thing about this website is the Job Board, but it’s not designed readily available. You will need to navigate through scam after scam before actually finding it.

Did you enjoy this review? Have you tried this program yourself? If yes, what was your experience with My Home Job Connection?

If you enjoyed this review, please do me a favor and share this article on your social media platforms to inform your peers to not waste their time with My Home Job Connection and risk getting scammed out of their hard-earned money.

I also welcome you to send me products that are potential scams, so I can do a proper review to inform all of my readers. Nobody likes getting scammed out of their hard-earned money and you can be the person to make a difference.

If you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.

my home job connection, is my home job connection a scam, my home job connection review
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