Review – An Alternative To Google AdSense

Is a good alternative to Google AdSense? There are many advertising networks available, but many carry strict requirements.

Many new online business owners are only aware of Google AdSense.

And that’s why today, I’d like to talk about a comparable alternative to Google AdSense known as

If you’re currently an active publisher using Google AdSense, it might make little sense to give a try.

However, you should always have a backup plan just in case you get disapproved, suspended, disabled, or permanently banned from Google AdSense.

Here are 12 ways to prevent your Google AdSense account from getting banned. is an ad network that powers Yahoo & Bing. Therefore, you are going to be working with another search engine giant!—This is good news because you want to make sure that you get paid.

Let’s continue with my review!

Reasons Why You Should Consider

Reason #1. Ad Specialists Available To Help Optimize Your Earnings

Unlike Google AdSense, you are assigned a dedicated account manager to address any issues, questions, or concerns.

It provides support at a more personal level compared to Google AdSense.

You can rest easy knowing that your responses are coming from an actual person rather than a computer.

Furthermore, your specialist is there to optimize your earnings to make sure you’re taken care of.—This benefits you,, as well as the advertisers because they don’t want you to quit. Without publishers, the advertisers wouldn’t stick around.

Reason #2. Massive User Base Filled With High-Quality Advertisers

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to work with Google AdSense is that they have a massive user base of high-quality advertisers who are actively bidding.

This leads to better ad rates for publishers (more money). is no underdog because it’s also a network of two major search engines. Yahoo & Bing holds 30% of all searches conducted on the internet.

This makes them one of the most profitable ad networks to work with besides Google AdSense.

Reason #3. Learns Your Audience Behavior To Select Relevant Ads

What’s the point of displaying ads if your audience is not going to click it?

Did you notice that after you search for a specific topic on the search engines, you start seeing ads that are relevant to it? uses information based on your history with to strategically select ads that perform best on your website.—This process is done automatically, so it performs better over time.

Better Targeted Ads = More Clicks = More Money!

Reason #4. Customizable Style and Design

Would you rely on an automated content generator to produce content for you? I hope not!

That’s why gives you a certain level of control over how the ads look on your website.

If you look around, you will notice every website has its own unique theme.

An effective ad needs to blend in with your content. You don’t want it to be too disruptive, otherwise, your readers will be deterred from your website entirely.

This is why allows you to customize the ads to match your color scheme or style.—The ads will look like it belongs with your content.

Similar to how pictures are supposed to blend in with the words in your blog posts.

The ads are also optimized to work with desktops as well as mobile devices. That means no matter what device your audience uses, you can be sure that the ads are equally effective.

Reason #5. Understands Your Content To Select Relevant Ads

Having high-quality advertisers is important, but it won’t do you any good if your website is displaying the wrong ads. People who visit your website have a degree of interest in your niche.

Let’s say your website is about making money online, an ad displays a picture of goldfishes.

Do you think your visitor will click that?—Besides optimizing the ads to match your audience behavior, also matches with your content.

My Final Thoughts

Similar to Google AdSense, I recommend keeping the ads to a minimal. If you want to make serious money online, you want your visitors to focus on your offers.

The ads that pay you a few dollars here and there are actually driving people away from your website.

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6 thoughts on “ Review – An Alternative To Google AdSense”

  1. Hi, I was thinking of adding AdSense to my website but got denied an account.

    Do you think applying to media net is easier?

    I'm aware of the fact that these adds are not paying the monthly check but sometimes I think having them looks more professional.

    The idea of being able to customize the adds, looking more like my website overall, is a good thing too.

  2. Hello Stefan,

    I believe the approval process is easier than Google AdSense, but it still requires you to go through a verification process. I have never heard of any complaints regarding the payout of Since they are networks of 2 major search engines, I wouldn't worry too much about it.


  3. Hello Eric Chen ,
    I have a blog with attractive views but I have only 8 posts on my blog and I want to apply google adsense , Do you think my blog will be approved by google adsense?
    Is is right time to apply for google adsense?

    Please provide me a better solution , I am waiting for your best reply.

  4. Hello Bipin,

    I checked out your blog and it looks very promising. My website was Google AdSense Approved after 14 days with approximately 14 articles. I would definitely give it a shot, but don't get discouraged if you don't get approved for the first time. They do describe what needs to be done before you re-apply. Good luck!


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