It’s All About The Effort – My Awful Singing Video

erics girlfriend
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Today, I am going to give you an unusual blog post. It’s not to be the normal marketing, making money online, or starting a blog article.

Instead, I’d like to provide you with some encouragement. 

Besides working on my blog as I do on a daily basis. I decided to take a break from the usual busy work and spend some time to enjoy life.

In the following video, I covered a song that my girlfriend loves. In fact, it’s one of the many songs that made her fall in love with me. Or at least I hope that was the case…

I’m nowhere near being a good singer. In fact, I find myself to be pretty horrible at it. However, if I never pulled in the courage to try. I wouldn’t have met my beautiful girlfriend.

This is true for anything you do in life. You never know what can happen until you make the first move. The same applies to make money online.

Nobody knows where it will take you, but you’ll certainly fail if you never made the attempt.

Whether it is to become a professional singer, a blogger, or an entrepreneur. Don’t worry about failure at first. Don’t worry about how horrible you are in the beginning. Just do it.


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erics girlfriend
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