Leverage Or Be Leveraged

leverage or be leveraged
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We all understand the importance of money. Money feeds our lifestyle, our family, and ultimately runs the world. You can’t put food on the table or cover the cost of shelter without money. Go ahead and ask anyone how to make money and the response will usually include getting a job.

When someone tells me to get a job, it sounds more like, go get leveraged by someone else and build their empire. Do you remember the saying that was once popular, “YOLO”?

Since I only live once, I don’t want to get leveraged and build someone else’s empire. If I’m capable of building their empire, why can’t I build my own? That’s why today, I want to talk about leverage or be leveraged.

You Can’t Get Rich When You’re Being Leveraged

Nobody will ever pay you the way you’ll pay yourself. If you look at companies like Walmart, the people who own Walmart are the ones who are rich. Not the millions of workers who are being leveraged.

You are being leveraged by the company, you are the one spending your time, putting in your effort to maintain the business doesn’t belong to you.

That’s just the perfect example of why you should work smart, not hard. Working hard for someone else’s business will only get you a mediocre paycheck. Working smart for yourself will land you a life-changing opportunity.

There’s a reason why the majority of the world are not rich while only a small percentage of filthy rich. Leverage, don’t be one that gets leveraged.

It’s Okay To Get Leveraged If You’re Able To Leverage Them As Well

When you work a regular job, you can’t really leverage your employer. Chances are, you’re expendable. If you don’t want to work, they can just replace you instantly. That’s why they can afford to pay you dirt cheap.

Now if you transition to making money online, it’s okay to get leveraged. You see, as an affiliate marketer, I leverage products and services created by other companies. That means I don’t have to deal with customer service or manufacturer anything.

However, those companies are leveraging off of my traffic which is okay. If my readers end up buying from those companies, I earn a commission. It’s a win for the companies that I promote and it’s a win for myself.

Build Your Own Empire By Leveraging The Internet

As I mentioned earlier, making money online is a way to escape the rat race. No longer are you at the bottom of the pyramid (a regular 9 to 5 job is basically a pyramid structure). You control your own income and you’re basically your own boss. Nobody can leverage your time except for yourself, so you’re basically building your own empire.

Anyone can do it… but not everyone has a strong enough desire to do it.

(Here comes the rambling)

Most of us complain about our job on a regular basis and how it sucks to go to work. Well, guess what, we all have choices. You don’t have to work for someone else if you don’t want to.

Many people are leveraging the internet to create an online business with super low startup cost. For example, my blog was started at the cost of a domain name and website hosting service. If you check out my #1 recommended platform, you can get started for free with an optional premium upgrade for $49/month.

At $49/month, that’s less than $2.00 per day! If you can’t even invest $2.00 per day in yourself, how do you expect to escape the rat race?

I’m not rich, but I can certainly find ways to put aside $2.00 per day to fund my online business venture. Instead of complaining about your job? Ask yourself, are you willing to invest in yourself, so you can eventually quit that job of yours!

To leverage or to be leveraged again is up to you! Please provide your thoughts down below.

Kind Regards,

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Leverage Or Be Leveraged
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