Learn Everything About Google AdSense – Part 2

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Google AdSense plays favoritism. Just kidding, they don’t! The difference between a publisher who earns thousands of dollars per month and a publisher who earns a few dollars is more than just TRAFFIC.

Don’t be mistaken, traffic is a HUGE part of making money with Google AdSense, but the quality is always better than quantity.

Let’s say both publishers have 1000 visitors per day, but one makes $5.00 and the other makes $50.00. That’s because Google AdSense pays more for keywords from a competitive niche.

For Example, A keyword for Skin Care (competitive) is going to better than a free game.

One click with high cost per click is worth more than hundreds of clicks with a low cost per click. However, you can make money with both few clicks and high cost per click or lots of clicks and low cost per click.

You can utilize Google AdSense as a YouTuber or as a blogger/website owner.

Check out the article from Google explaining how to set up your YouTube account to monetize with Google AdSense by Clicking Here.

Learn How To Build A Website For Google AdSense

(If you have a website already, you can skip this, but keep reading if you don’t have one)

I’ve talked about how to build a website many times, so I will go briefly on this topic and provide direct links to some of those topics (:

Don’t be intimidated by building a website! Unlike in the past, building websites can be done in as little as 30 seconds with the help of platforms. The one I personally use is Wealthy Affiliate, it is a platform that allows you to build 2 free websites including hosting.

Step #1: Choosing your niche topic! This should be something you have interest and passion in. It makes it easier when it comes to researching and you will actually enjoy writing about it. You can learn how to find your niche idea by Clicking Here.

Example: My Niche is How To Make Money Online – Yours Can Be Anything Like How To Gain Six Pack

Step #2: Use a FREE or buy a domain for your website! This can be done on Wealthy Affiliate through their SiteRubix platform. You can learn how to choose your domain by Clicking Here.

Step #3: Signing up for a web host. This step can be skipped if you are a FREE member of Wealthy Affiliate or you can purchase a website host such as Blue Host for $3.95 per month.

Step #4: Building your websites pages, contents, etc. This is my personal favorite because this is where you transform your BLANK website into something you can proudly call your own.

Step #5: Once you have a website, you are technically able to apply for Google AdSense, but you shouldn’t apply just yet! Keep reading to find out why(:

Build with WordPress

As a beginner, I highly recommend using WordPress as your website building platform. It is currently the most popular content management system making it extremely simple to produce contents.

WordPress allows most web-hosts to install and create your WordPress website in seconds.

It’s so simple to use, my 12-year-old cousin made one himself, but he’s too lazy to add content.

Signing Up For Google AdSense

The moment of truth is here! You’ve set up your website and ready to monetize your website. However, I don’t recommend signing up right away because you don’t have the content or traffic to get approved or make money anyways!

I recommend you to take this time to create content for your website as well as updating its appearance. Your first 4 pages should consist of about me, privacy policy, disclaimer, and a form of contact.

This shows Google that you are a serious website and not just another spam website that wouldn’t benefit the advertisers.

Once your website has all the elements above including HIGH-quality contents, you are free to sign up for Google AdSense. You should check out the Google AdSense program policy by Clicking Here.

I don’t like to sugar coat anything and try to offer you realistic and honest information. You will NOT see any amazing results until you further establish your website.

I was earning an average of $0.07 per day for the first week!

Okay, if you are ready to sign up for Google AdSense, head over to their website by Clicking Here. There are 2 steps to getting fully approved for Google AdSense.

The first initial application should be accepted with NO problems at all. Once you have been approved, you will be given an HTML code from Google AdSense that you need to place on the header.php of your website. This will allow Google to verify your website and review for the final approval.

The final approval can take 3 or more days before you receive an answer. During this time, I would recommend that you continue to add new content to your website because this not only provides more information for your visitors but also shows Google that you are actively working on your website.

Google will send a specialist to your website to analyze your entire website, so that’s why I emphasize the importance of making sure the website is ready before applying.

If you get rejected the first time, don’t be discouraged. Google will usually include an email with the reason for denial and you can use this information to fix the problem before applying again.

Once you have been fully approved, you should receive an email that the advertisements should be active and working. However, you have to first customize the advertisements by adjusting the size, color scheme, styles, etc. You should keep in mind that it will be part of your website, so customize it to blend in.

You will then receive an HTML code and all you have to do is place it on your website where you want the advertisements to show.

You Need Visitors For Google AdSense To Make Money

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If you want to earn money with Google AdSense, you must generate traffic to your website. There are probably hundreds of thousands of websites similar to yours. Why should someone come to your website?

There are many bloggers and website owners who don’t understand this concept. This is why I emphasize frequent HIGH-quality content.

You want to give your visitors a reason to check out your website. You want them to share your website and talk about it. How come Google gets so much attention? Why do people talk about Google when it comes to having a question?

That’s because Google provides solutions to your questions or problems!

Your niche website is more specific compared to Google, so you cater to specific audiences. If you want to generate traffic, you can mimic what Google does, but on a smaller scale.

Your Website Should Contain:

  • Solutions to your visitor’s problems or questions
  • High-Quality Unique Content that is interesting for your visitors
  • Social Media Icons to direct your visitors to your Social Media pages
  • Posts that promote a conversation/engagement



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