Karen Johnson Internet Experts – Stop The Madness Of This Scam

The Brutally Honest Review

  • Website: https://www.internet-experts.us/gm6/
  • Name: Internet Experts
  • Price: $97.00 with a down sell of $67.00 with the potential of up-sells if you make a purchase.
  • Claims: Make money from home within 5 minutes of purchasing her program.
  • Rating: 0 out of 5 stars
  • Founder: Karen Johnson

Before we start, I want to say the logo on her website looks strangely familiar…. okay, I figured it out! It’s the same logo made by the same person on multiple websites.

Internet Experts Scam
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This looks to me like a duplicated program that was sold through numerous names. If it was legitimate, I don’t see why she had to change the name each time. I’m assuming people caught on to the scam, so she had to change the name in order to continue scamming people. — Unfortunately for her, we will always catch on and continue exposing her crap.

Internet Experts In A Nutshell

Internet Experts is a work at home opportunity that is claimed to have been featured on the news! At first glance, this looks very legitimate and quite tempting.

It claims to be able to help you make $397 per day by simply posting links with only 60 minutes of work each day. Okay, let’s pause right there! Does that sound too good to be true?

Internet Experts is just another example of link posting scam. They tempt you with the potential income for the cost of only $97.00 which gets reduced to $67.00 whenever you try to exit the page.

Is there such thing as link posting to make money online?

Absolutely, but not how Internet Experts describes it to be. It’s called an affiliate link when you post a link on your website that refers a customer to the retailer. You earn a commission when the customer makes a purchase on the retailer’s website.

However, the claim that Internet Experts make is not true at all. If you’ve been in this business long enough, there is no easy way to make money fast.

You have to first build a readership which takes time and that’s not something Internet Expert is going to teach you. They claim that you can start making money minutes after signing up for their program.

The truth is, it takes a real system, mentor, work, and determination to really make money online. If you are interested in a legitimate way to make money online. Click on my eBook below(:

What To Expect From Internet Experts

First, you have to pay $97.00 or $67.00 before you can get started. Once you receive your link to access your so-called, “home income program”. — Don’t get too excited because you won’t find what you need to start making money.

Soon after, you will receive a call from your so-called coach or in my case… a salesperson. Basically, he or she will try to convince you to spend more money. I don’t oppose to high ticket items, but not from a scam system like Internet Experts.

Basically, you are offered a low ticket item which cost you less than $100.00. Once you’ve taken the bait, you will then receive an up-sell of over a thousand dollars hoping you would take that as well.

In a sense, you are the fish… they give you a little to nibble on… once you’re hooked. They will figure out a way to filet you.

you are on the hook, internet expert scam, computer expert online scam, karen johnson scam
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This Program is Full of Red Flags!

  • Karen Johnson is NOT her real name. It is absolutely ridiculous how many times I have seen this picture. They always come up with the same story about how a mom is in a financial crisis and how she found an opportunity to make money online. — I’m starting to wonder if the creator of this software is actually a girl. I guess the founder figured. It’s easier to make a sale as a girl. That’s how it generally works in car sales.

karen johnson is not real
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  • If this program is as good as it claims. Why did they change the name so many times? If you search up the previous names you will find that they no longer exist.
  • This program claims to get you rich fast, but if you’ve been doing this long enough. You should know that there is no way to make money fast. I understand we all want to get rich fast… trust me… I feel the same way, but we just have to face reality. Would I be blogging regularly trying to provide great content if I could make money fast like what Internet Experts claim? — They should call themselves Internet Scam Experts instead…
  • The whole thing was a lie, to begin with. As seen on TV, CNN, ABC, etc is a lie. They were never on those shows and if they were… It would be about how much of a scam they are. — They use those names to give you the impression that Internet Experts is legitimate.

My Final Thoughts On Internet Experts

After reviewing Internet Experts, I have concluded that I will not recommend this product. Is it a scam? Absolutely! They are not the internet experts… what they are is an internet scam experts group. Their specialty is making money, but not helping you make money. They are specialized in making money for themselves by preying on innocent folks who are searching for a way out.

I’m sure this will not be the last time I will be reviewing a product by the same group who made Internet Expert. As a matter of fact… I found another one just as I was writing this article. It’s called Automated Daily Income. Don’t believe me? Go see it for yourself. Just enter some fake information and it will land you on a page very similar to the one you see from Internet Expert.

automated daily income, internet expert scam, automated daily income scam
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Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding me… New Name, Same Scam! It’s almost completely identical.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to thank my readers for bringing this product to my attention. This gives me the opportunity to help everyone by revealing yet another scam that will only drain your wallet.

If you are interested in making some serious money in the long run. Download my free eBook by clicking the banner below:


Did you enjoy this review? Have you heard of this system before? Inform your peers by sharing this article on your social media, so they don’t waste money on a product that will not benefit them in the long run. If they are okay with gambling their money, please do me a favor and tell them to NOT sign up for my eBook and just go to the casino.

If you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment in the comment section below(:

Kind Regards,

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