Is Visual Marketing Important? Why You Need It!

Is Visual Marketing Important Why You Need It!
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Nobody likes to read a blog of text and that’s why it’s important to incorporate visuals into your blog posts. For example,  infographics, data charts, images, or videos can be worth more than a thousand words.—Let’s use memes, for example, it wouldn’t be as funny if it didn’t include a picture.

A blog is accessible to people from different parts of the world. Some are native in English and some are foreign. They might not comprehend what your blog posts are saying. Even if you have a quality blog post that consists of 1000+ words, it means absolutely nothing.—This is why it’s so important to apply visual marketing to your blog to help those who hate reading engage with your content.

Now that you are aware of the importance of visual marketing, I would like to go over visual marketing methods that you can implement to your content marketing strategy. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Create and Use Infographics

Is Visual Marketing Important Why You Need It!
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Infographics are widely used because it provides a summary of your content without the need to read the entire article. It is also more engaging because you can customize it through charts, call-to-action buttons, and provides all of the data.

Before you go ahead and create your own infographics, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your infographics should be attractive and easy to understand
  • Your infographics should be relevant to your content topic
  • Your infographics should load quickly

The popularity of infographics is off the charts and most people are taking advantage of creating them through tools that you can find on Google.—You don’t need to be a genius to create infographics. The infographics you create can be shared easily with codes that you can simply copy and paste into your blog. 

Create and Use Pictures

Is Visual Marketing Important Why You Need It!
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Pictures are one of the most common and effective visual marketing strategies because you don’t need to collect data. All you really need is to find or create a picture that is relevant to your content. Especially in the modern days when Social Media is a huge part of our life. It allows for easy sharing and it’s much easier to keeps your readers on your blog.

Here’s a question for you: You have 2 blog posts, one with only text and the other one with a mixture of text and pictures. Which one would you actually read?

Don’t believe me? Check out other blogs in your niche and I can almost guarantee that the majority of those bloggers are utilizing images in their blog posts.

Tip: I use Canva for most of my pictures! You can check it out by clicking here.

Optimize Your Pictures

After you’ve selected your pictures, it is important to ensure that they are attractive and nothing less than high quality. If you use unattractive pictures, it will make you appear unprofessional and degrades the value of your content.

Here are some tips to optimize your pictures:

  • Use attractive colors that are easy on the eyes
  • Compress them using the EWWW image optimizer
  • Add short lines of text such as quotes
  • Ask yourself if your pictures are easy to share
  • Tweak the picture if needed. Most pictures are not perfect

The first impression is very important. When a new visitor visits your blog, you want to ensure that you deliver a positive experience. It’s almost like dress to impress! If you’re attending an important party to meet leaders of your industry. You wouldn’t want to wear regular street clothes like cut up jeans.

In the case of internet marketing, you are not alone. You are competing with thousands of other blogs just like yours. Optimizing your pictures will give you an edge and a reason for them to visit your blog instead of others.

Create and Use Videos

use youtube marketing
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Did you know YouTube is a search engine as well? When people search for product review(s) or how to guides. YouTube is one of the best sources to use.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using videos in your content marketing strategy:

  • Make sure you add descriptions to your videos (optimized with keywords)
  • Make sure you remind your viewers to share, like, and comment (I know it’s annoying, but you need to ask for the sale)
  • Similar to a blog post, you want to make sure it is informative
  • Don’t take vertical videos! (this is one of the biggest reasons why most videos don’t do well)

In the past, the internet wasn’t nearly as fast, so text guides and reviews were more efficient. However, now and days, most people have high-speed internet making it more ideal to just watch a video rather than reading the text. It’s also a reason why we have audible books on top of eBooks. Most people don’t like to read… I know I hated reading…

That’s why it’s common to see people transitioning to YouTube for marketing. However, successful internet marketers are not only leverage YouTube, but they are also incorporating videos into their blog posts.

My Final Thoughts

If you incorporate visual marketing into your content, you will see much greater conversion compared to text alone. Do you agree with this? If you don’t, please state your reasons below!

Kind Regards,

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Is Visual Marketing Important? Why You Need It!
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2 thoughts on “Is Visual Marketing Important? Why You Need It!”

  1. An awesome post, Eric,, and yes, I believe, as you say, that visual marketing is VERY important indeed. It accompanies great content without a shadow of a doubt. Well said

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