Is User Testing A Scam? Can You Really Make $10 Per Test?

user testing review
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My Honest Review On User Testing

Similar to getting paid for surveys, there are services that pay you for visiting websites and completing specific tasks. Today, we will be reviewing one known as User Testing. Before you check it out, I want to inform you that it’s not going to make you rich! Its supplemental income and in my case, sandwich money. At the end of this article, you should be fully informed of whether User Testing is a scam or not.

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User Testing – How It Works!

As a tester, you are required to visit websites or apps to complete specific tasks. This will be done through an online screen recorder which is provided to you after you sign up.

The purpose of the screen recorder is to record behaviors from links that you click, mouse movements, etc. This gives the website owner a good idea of how their website is performing.

During the recording process, you are asked to speak your thoughts in regard to your experience of the website. This is extra helpful to the website owner and they are happy to pay for it.—For every 20-minute video, you will receive $10.00 via PayPal.

There is a short screening process!

Similar to survey sites, some of these tests will require you to complete a 2 to 5 question survey to see if you qualify for the test. Fortunately, the screening process is quick, so you’re not wasting a lot of time even if you don’t qualify.

user testing review
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Once you’ve completed your tests, money will be deposited into your PayPal account exactly 7 days after. (They seem to be really good at paying you, so you have nothing to worry about).

Note: PayPal is their only form of payment.

This sounds fairly easy and exciting, but like I said before. You will not get rich from doing this, but it’s definitely enough to cover small monthly expenses. In my case, it’s enough to cover a cellphone bill.—Results may vary depending on how much time you would like to put into this.

How To Get Started As A Paid Tester At User Testing

First, make sure you check out the image above to ensure that you meet the qualifications (if you’re reading this article, you should have no problem qualifying).

Next, you need to sign up to become a website tester by clicking here.

The application process is fairly simple! You’ll be given a short sample test and you’ll also be asked to provide your demographic location and other basic information.

Once you’re accepted, you can start testing websites! Simple yeah?

How Often Do You Get To Test Websites?

You see, the money you can make per test is not bad at all, but it all depends on how frequent you get to complete these tests. It doesn’t matter if they pay you $100.00 per test if you have to be lucky to get one test per month.

There are days when you won’t receive any test invitations, so it all depends. From my understanding, your demographic location makes an impact on how frequent you receive invitations.—If you do get an invitation though, it’s definitely a quick and easy $10.00 added to your wealth(:

Is User Testing Legitimate Or A Scam?

It’s quite obvious at this point that User Testing is completely legitimate. That’s why it deserves an astonishing 4-star rating! I would’ve given User Testing a 5-star rating if they could guarantee a test every single time. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible considering the fact that they are looking for people who are compatible with each tests.—It’s like niche marketing, you don’t want people searching for how to lose weight on your how to make money online website.


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Is User Testing A Scam?
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