Is The Freedom Shortcut A Scam? A Hoax Or An Opportunity?

What would you do if you could generate an additional $20k – $50k per month? This question came up after watching a sales video by The Freedom Shortcut.

However, being a skeptic that I am, I wanted to see if this is the real deal or if The Freedom Shortcut is just another scam system.

Since you’re here, you’re probably just as skeptical as I was. Before you go ahead and spend money on their discounted step-by-step guide for $49.00. I want to give you a full overview of what you’ll be getting, so you don’t have to waste time calling your bank to file a dispute if it turns out to be a hoax.

If you want to jump through the sections of this review, please use the table of content:

The Freedom Shortcut In A Nutshell

the freedom shortcut
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The Freedom Shortcut starts off by telling you a story about how he went from rags-to-riches. It talks about how he met Jeff Lerner, a digital entrepreneur at a coffee shop. After getting invited to Jeff’s home, Jeff revealed to him the shortcuts to making money online, hence the name, The Freedom Shortcut.

Sounds good right? Well, the Freedom Short is not exactly a system. In reality, it’s a sales funnel to Jeff Lerner’s 6 Steps to Freedom System where you’ll be pitched products up to $10,000 (upsells).

Do I Recommend The Freedom Shortcut: Nope.

First, you are asked to pay $49.00 as an application fee. Which includes the following:

  • 6 Steps To Freedom
  • Access To 1-on-1 Business Advisor/Coach/Salesperson
  • Access To Private Community
  • Premium Member Support
  • BONUS: New Money Playbook – Shipped to your door

How The Freedom Shortcut Really Works

In the beginning, you are given some training, but you will eventually get stuck and in order to continue. You’ll have to talk to your business advisor/coach/salesperson. There, you will be pitched into buying thousands of dollars worth of products. Sounds similar to MOBE, that was recently shut down by the FTC, right?

You’re basically pitched into buying these so-called high ticket products for reselling or licensing rights. This will then enable you to promote these high ticket products to others to earn heavy commissions.

High Ticket Products: These products generally cost thousands of dollars and near impossible to sell up front. Hence, why most companies use sales coaches to sell them in the back via phone calls.

I’m not against high ticket products, because I promote high ticket products myself. As long as it benefits who you are promoting to. Not just for the purpose of getting someone to buy just to earn a high commission.

Thanks, For Lying To Us, The Freedom Shortcut

the freedom shortcut lies
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No time, no money, no technical skills? Lies. First, you do need to spend a great deal of money to get started. Secondly, even after you’ve spent thousands of dollars. You’ll find it difficult to recruit people, let alone those who are willing to spend thousands of dollars as well.

The truth to the matter is, getting traffic is one of the most difficult things to do for any internet marketer. You can either generate traffic organically through SEO, Social Media, etc. Or you’ll have to spend money on advertisement.

I found out about The Freedom Shortcut through a paid Google Ad. Without that Google Ad, I wouldn’t have known the existence of The Freedom Shortcut.

After doing research, it’s obvious that people are not promoting The Freedom Shortcut through content marketing. Instead, most are promoting it via paid advertisements which can cost you LOTS of money.

Key to making money online, traffic + conversion = money. So in order to make money with The Freedom Shortcut, you’ll need a way to generate traffic.

For this to work, you’ll need to either spend time creating content to rank organically or spend money on paid advertisement, so what’s up with the lie, The Freedom Shortcut?

Is The Freedom Shortcut A Scam?

Is The Freedom Shortcut A Scam
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Well, here comes the moment of truth… In my opinion, The Freedom Shortcut is indeed a scam. The reason why I think it is a scam is because of how often they mislead you into thinking that you don’t have to spend money or time.

At the end of the sales video, they lied about how this is a limited time offer for a limited amount of people. When in reality, anyone can join at any time. They’re not going to say no to more money for them… After all, how can it be limited when you’re going to be promoting them afterward?

I am not going to include upselling as a scam tactic because it’s not. If an upsell is not designed to simply generate more money, but actually delivers real value. I have no problem with it.

For example, ClickFunnels is my recommended sales funnel creation software. Besides the regular memberships, they do have upsells for semi-annual plans to save you money. In my opinion, if you’re going to use ClickFunnels to create all of your sales funnels, what’s wrong with an upsell to save you money?— ClickFunnels will then keep you longer as a customer and you’ll benefit the savings.

Again, I am NOT going to recommend The Freedom Shortcut and that you should stay away from Jeff Lerner’s 6 Steps to Freedom.

Possibility: What Happens If The Freedom Shortcut Shuts Down?

Remember how I mentioned MOBE earlier? Systems like this can go away at any moment. After investing thousands of dollars into this system. What happens if it gets shut down?

Well, basically, you can kiss your money goodbye and that’s why I recommend to all of my readers to build your own brand and never put all of your eggs in one basket.

Here’s what you can learn from MOBE shutting down, which can also happen to The Freedom Shortcut.

Here’s An Alternative If You Are Serious About Making Money Online

If you really want to learn how to make money online, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get started. As a matter of fact, I do recommend that you learn the fundamentals before thinking about generating thousands of dollars. Learn to walk first before you try to run!

You too can run your own online business and promote whatever your heart desires by signing up for my recommended platform. There you will learn how to build your own website, understand the fundamentals of making money online, how to generate organic visitors, etc.— The very platform that I used to operate Smart Affiliate Hub.

By having your own online business, you have the ability to build your own brand and make a name for yourself. For example, if you’re running an online business on how to lose weight. You want people to talk about you when they talk about how to lose weight.

Quick Note:

Not everybody is fit to make money online. That’s why my recommended platform is free to join without obligations to pay for anything. Unless you do see the value and would like to upgrade to their premium membership.

If you have any questions or feedback in regard to The Freedom Shortcut, please leave a comment below! I do answer every reader’s comment.

Kind Regards,

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Is The Freedom Shortcut A Scam
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