Is The Commission Machine A Scam? An Honest Review.

the commission machine review
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The Commission Machine claims that you can earn up to $2,642.00 a day by copying their little-known super affiliate secret weapon. I’m glad you’re here with us today because you want to find out if The Commission Machine is a scam or a legitimate money making gold mine.

In this article, I will present to you, everything that I know to help you make an informative decision. I’ve done countless product reviews in the past and I will give The Commission Machine the benefit of the doubt.

Before you continue, I’d like to offer you my Ultimate Passive Income Model. It’s a free eBook that I wrote on how I started with zero experience. It’s going to show you how to make a passive income online. Simply click on the banner below to download your copy today!

The Commission Machine Review

Name: The Commission Machine
Price: $47.00
Owners: Michael Cheney
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The Commission Machine – Product Overview

michael cheney
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Michael Cheney is an internet marketer that’s been in the marketing space for quite some time now. I’ve connected with many successful internet marketers myself, so I was curious to see the system that he uses. A system that doesn’t require an email list, experience, or money.

From experience, you can get started with no money (YouTube) and experiences can be gained through time. However, an email list is a crucial part of becoming a successful internet marketer.

However, if you look closely, the part where he mentioned that you don’t need any money is a flat out lie. To get his system, you’ll have to spend $47.00 and chances are, you’ll have to spend even more money once you’ve taken the bait.

In reality, The Commission Machine is a short training program that teaches you how to build an email list and make money through email marketing. Okay, so not requiring an email list is just another flat out lie.

Also, in order to make money consistently online, you’ll need to have an audience. In order to obtain a loyal audience base, you’ll need time and experience. Again, another flat out lie.

The truth is, email marketing (building an email list) is crucial because it enables you to build a brand, relationship, and more importantly trust. People don’t buy from strangers, they buy from people they trust. That’s why it’s so much easier to sell chocolate to your family and friends compared to random strangers on the streets. (My personal experience when I was a kid).

The training video makes it seem like you can make money fast by simply putting his system together. Let’s dive deeper and see how The Commission Machine really works.

How The Commission Machine Really Works

The $47.00 access charge is just a trip wire product to acquire a customer. Once you take the bait and gain access to his training. You’ll have to purchase additional tools in order to continue on with his system (he will earn money from additional purchases as well).

So far, it is 100% legitimate because it’s the exact same business model that I use on Smart Affiliate Hub called affiliate marketing. To quickly sum up what affiliate marketing is about, it’s where you earn a commission when a user purchases a product or service that you are an affiliate for.

For example, let’s say I am an affiliate for Mc Donalds. If I am able to successfully send them a customer using my referral code/affiliate link, they will pay me a commission (usually only if they buy something).

What You Will Be Doing With The Commission Machine

With The Commission Machine, you will start off by creating a landing page (similar to The Commission Machine), but designed to collect emails. The landing page will contain information on how much money you can with this so-called secret system. The purpose is not to make money, but to acquire their email address.

Once you’ve acquired their email address, a thank you page will be automatically forwarded to the subscriber with products and services that you want to promote.

In the perfect world, if they buy right away, you’ll earn a quick commission. The amount of money you can make will depend on what you’re promoting and how much they pay out (percentage or a flat fee).

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. So if your subscribers don’t buy from you right away. You’ll have to dispatch automated emails using an autoresponder system. It will continue to send them emails on a regular basis to promote products and services.

Keep in mind though, only promote products and services that make sense. If your landing page is about how to make money online, don’t send out emails that talk about how to lose weight. Otherwise, you will see your unsubscription rate go sky high.

Additional Expenses To Consider

Spending $47.00 for the system is not enough. There are additional expenses to consider to put his system to work. Here’s a list of additional expenses to consider:

  • An Email Marketing Service Provider (I use AWeber): The cost can vary because as your list grows, the cost increases as well. Typically, it can cost anywhere from FREE to $15.00 per month to get started.
  • Landing Page Creation Software: For an awesome landing page, you’ll have to spend a shiny penny. For example, ClickFunnels can cost $97.00 per month.
  • Link Tracking Software: An important tool to use to see if your approach is working. This tool will enable you to see the number of clicks you are getting to help you with split testing. The cost can start as low as $10.00 per month.

This is a great use of affiliate marketing since Michael will not only earn from the trip magnet of $47.00. He will also earn additional commissions for email marketing service provider, landing page creation software, and link tracking software.

It’s absolutely okay as long as he’s teaching you how to build a sustainable business. Unfortunately, he teaches one of the most expensive ways to obtain traffic. It’s also not beginner-friendly and can cost you a ton of money.

Paid traffic is near instant and highly effective if you have a good source. Also, what happens if you stop spending money? Well, your traffic stops and so does your income.

If you go to the casino and not put down any money. You won’t see any returns. However, if you put down money, it’s not guaranteed profits either. A business is not gambling and shouldn’t be treated like a casino. If your business is dependent on paid traffic, then you’re in a world of trouble!

Can You Make Money With The Commission Machine?

You can absolutely make money with The Commission Machine. However, it will take quite some time before you start seeing $2,642.00 per day. Also, there are ways to generate free organic traffic. For example, you can create content via blog posts or YouTube videos.

A landing page is crucial, but it’s not going to convert very well if you’re posting direct links on Social Media. And if you use paid traffic, you’ll have to earn more than what you’re spending on advertising costs to stay sustainable.

The problem with The Commission Machine is the training quality. With only 7 videos (total of a few hours long), you will not get much value. In fact, there are much to learn about affiliate marketing. I am learning something new every single day.

The problem with short training is that you won’t get everything in detail. It’s basically taking shortcuts! Imagine going to school and only learning short versions of everything. You’ll miss out on the things that happen in between.

Is The Commission Machine A Scam?

I’ve concluded that The Commission Machine is NOT a scam because you are still getting something for your money. The quality of the training is questionable.

The internet is filled with great information. Products like The Commission Machine are everywhere and it’s definitely no secret. There are far better platforms out there that teaches you everything from finding your niche audience, building a foundation, creating content, marketing, building an email list, and much more.

Even though The Commission Machine is not a scam, I just can’t recommend it to you. The quality of the training is not great and in my opinion, not complete.

The Commission Machine based heavily on spending money. Sure, a business requires investments. But when I was a complete newbie, I didn’t have much money to invest. I have a recommendation that requires less money plus you can learn how to generate traffic for free.

How To Build A Real Sustainable Business

An online business is still a business. The right mindset is extremely important if you want to create a real sustainable business. The Commission Machine is based on the gambling mentality. And we all know what happens to gamblers.

How I built my online business is based on providing value to my readers. If they have a question, I provide an answer. You can do the same in the vast world of niches.

My friend is into fitness, so he can create a website based on fitness. Let’s say someone has a question about the best home gym equipment. He can write an article with the recommended equipment. Traffic gets driven by Google because Google loves written content.

If someone searches for the best home gym equipment and finds his article. He’ll earn a commission as long as the reader makes a purchase. Obviously, it’s not that simple because you have to get indexed and ranked on the first few pages.

The point is, instead of spending money on paid advertisements. He can create a blog on YouTube channel. With quality content that targets the right people, he can gain traffic plus generate sales for free.

Diving deeper, if you want to build a customer base, you can incorporate email marketing into your blog. If you look at any of blog posts, you’ll notice that I offer a free eBook, just like the banner below. It’s designed to capture your email and help me build an email list.

Once I have your email address, I can reach out to you whenever I have information or recommend products. That’s how I built my online business and it’s something I learned from an awesome platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

In my eBook, I have detailed the exact process of how I started. Even if you can’t afford to spend a single dime right now, you can still sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. It’s absolutely free with a great deal of information and training even if you don’t upgrade to the premium membership.

If you do sign up, I don’t want you to upgrade to premium membership until you’ve tried out all of the training plus created your own website first. I want you to be sure that this is what you want to do before you spend your money.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave a message down below and I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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the commission machine review
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