Is Profiteer A Scam? Can You Effortlessly Earn $150 Per Day?

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Can you effortlessly earn $150.00 per day with Profiteer? Sounds great on paper, but is it another system designed to waste your time and money? Is Profiteer a scam? I know you have a lot of questions in regards to Profiteer. Well, you’ve come to the right place because I will provide you with an honest review.

It’s true you can make money online, but saying that you can effortlessly earn $150.00 per day is definitely an overstatement. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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The Profiteer Review

Name: Profiteer
Price: $12.94 + Upsells
Owners: Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari
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The Profiteer – Product Overview

Profiteer is a training course/system that claims to help you make $150.00 per day starting in as little as 24 hours of taking action. What intrigued me the most is their claim on making money without paid traffic or any experience.

Being an internet marketer myself, I can agree that you can make money online without paid traffic or experience, but earning $150.00 per day in as little as 24 hours sounds sketchy to me… but let’s continue to find out if it lives up to its statement.

profiteer claim
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a reliable 3 figures per day – starting in as little as 24 hours from now – that takes just 30 minutes of your time? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

Why would you work a regular day job if you can really achieve this? Unfortunately, most of these so-called income potentials are just hyped up to get you to buy their product.

Being in the make money online space for quite some time now. I can personally vouch that making $150.00 is not easy for beginners, how the heck you can do it within your first 24 hours?— When reviewing products like profiteer, income claims like this usually triggers a red flag.

Unfortunately, many people fall for these products because they’re seeking for the easy way out. Nobody wants to get stuck working a 9 to 5 job. As a matter of fact, I’ve personally fallen for get-rich-quick schemes in the past.

To me, it’s like eating raw fish (sashimi) for the first time. If you eat the ones that are not fresh, you’re probably never going to try it again. The same applies to make money online. If you’ve been scammed in the past, you’re less likely to try new opportunities, even if it’s actually legitimate.

What To Expect When You Pay For Profiteer?

Besides the initial decrease in your bank balance by $12.94, you’ll start getting offers (upsells). I’m not totally against upsells as long as it can really benefit me. However, if you are completely new to make money online, you’ll get confused because their training is not that great.

Here’s a list of upsells (might change over time):

Upsell #1: $37.00 – Done For You Profiteer Campaigns

A comprehensive training tutorial shows you how to increase sales and leads. There, you can also get done for your (DFY) campaigns from their vendors.

Upsell #2: $47.00 – Advanced Profiteer Tactics

In addition to the provided training, the advanced profiteer tactics will show you advanced methods to scale your income and get results at a faster rate.

Upsell #3: $67.00 – Set This Up On Autopilot

Do you want to set it up and forget about it? With the purchase of this product, they will show you how to 100% automate the process by outsourcing. This is so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Upsell #3: $97.00 – Complete License Right To Profiteer

With the complete license right, you can promote profiteer as your own product and keep 100% of your profit.

If you purchased everything, your initial investment of $12.94 will shoot up to $260.94! That’s enough to pay for 3 years of web hosting on Hostgator! With that kind of money, you can invest in your own website.

Why would you spend that much money on a system that can go away at any time?— When your business is dependent on a specific system, you can lose everything at any time. Check out my blog post on what you can learn from MOBE shutting down.

The Profiteer Revolves Around Flipping Websites

The profiteer revolves around flipping websites. Basically, you are to create niche websites and selling them off to auction. According to their program, it’s supposed to be easy because you can create niche websites easily using the software.

Unless you have a popular domain name, I can’t imagine a brand new website bringing in much money. You can simply sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and create a website in 30 seconds or have me install WordPress for free.

I don’t care how fast it is, a brand new website is not going to bring in much money, so how is it worth your time? If it was this simple, nobody would waste time creating content like this one. When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Why I Don’t Like Profiteer

The following are reasons why I don’t like profiteer:

  • A website is only worth money when it generates a lot of visitors and is already making money. A brand new website created by Profiteer does not fit the description.
  • Why would someone pay money for a website that can be created in minutes?
  • Why would someone pay for a website that generates no traffic?
  • A website with no content is like a blank page Worth nothing.
  • Profiteer does not provide you with proper training to get traffic to your website.
  • Profiteer does not provide you with proper training on how to make money online with your created niche sites.
  • I’m sorry, I just can’t see how you can make $150.00 per day within your first 24 hours of getting started.

Overall, I don’t see the value here. Let’s say someone does buy your website. How much would they pay you? I just can’t imagine someone paying you any substantial amounts of money.

Is Profiteer A Scam?

Even though they do provide you with something for your money. I am still going to consider this product a scam because there’s no excuse for them to be totally misleading.

It’s false advertising their products to get people to buy in. That’s just totally unacceptable! And that’s why I don’t usually recommend done-for-you products.

Done-for-your products are done for you for a reason. It takes you out of the equation to generate money (unfortunately most don’t work). Also, when you rely on done-for-you products, you actually don’t learn anything.

Also, relying on such products will not get you very far because it will leave you absolutely clueless on how to actually make money online if you need to diversify your income. Therefore, I am going to conclude yet again, that I will not recommend this product to my readers.

Learn How To Make Money Online The Right Way

Being in the make money online industry, I have learned from many legitimate internet marketers who are truly living the dot com lifestyle. Hence why my blog generates blog posts on a regular basis.

If you can really make money fast like what profiteer claims, I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing blog posts. Instead, I would be creating websites and selling it on websites like Flippa.

Like any business, you’ll have to start from the ground up. That’s why I’m offering a free WordPress installation service to help you get started at no additional cost. You’ll just have to get web hosting plus a domain name.

I’ve also created a free eBook that details exactly what I did to create my ultimate passive income. It’s absolutely free for you. Simply click on the banner below and fill in the form. After confirming your email address, you should receive the eBook almost immediately.

If you have additional questions! Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. Also, feel free to inform me of other make money online products, so I can provide a detailed review on it. Other than that, let me know if you need help with anything and I’ll try my best to assist.

Kind Regards,

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Is Profiteer A Scam
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4 thoughts on “Is Profiteer A Scam? Can You Effortlessly Earn $150 Per Day?”

  1. A very detailed profiteer review Eric. I’m glad I found your website. I came from reading your laptop entrepreneurs review and i see that you have awesome resources here.

  2. Hello Cara,

    Glad you're here! I have lots of free resources to help you get started. I also batch my work and it seems that the majority of my blog posts are going to be product reviews for at least a month haha.


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